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Best Hunting Chair Review

When we go for hunting, we sit for long hours and thus, we need a very comfortable chair. Recently I bought one hunting chair. I searched for various hunting chairs on internet and at the end, I had five best options and I picked one. Firstly, I will mention all the options I had and then I will write which one I chose and why?

Best Hunting Chair available on Amazon

Here is a list of the Best Hunting Chair

My Recommended Product

 1.  Dead Ringer Camping Chair

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

Dead Ringer is very easy to carry, very comfortable chair. Made up of high quality military material, this chair is very strong. You don’t have to worry about the surface that its plain or uneven. Just find a tree and open your chair. Fix it and enjoy your hunting chair and you will feel very comfortable with Dead Ringer hunting chair.

My Experience

I went for hunting last week and used my hunting chair for the first time. I was very happy because I did not have to carry so big or heavy chair with me. I packed that chair in my bag and started my journey. When I reached at my destination, that surface was little bit uneven. One of my friend was carrying hunting chair same as Browning type. It was quite difficult for him to set his hunting chair on a particular location, but somehow he did.

Then, I opened by chair and it just took me less than 30 seconds to unfold my chair and fix it on its position. Its seat is so comfortable; I was very much relaxed. Its seat is bucket type and my feet were touching ground, I had back support of tree.

One thing more I liked was its seat which is waterproof and material used is high quality military cloth. Its seat is even washable, so when I came back from hunting, I washed it properly.

While I was hunting, I had to look back. It was also very easier because my chair provides me 360-degree rotation option as well which is one of the must-have feature in a hunting chair. I was not bound or tied in between arms of chair or fixed back seat. It was amazing.

In the end, when we were packing things, it took me again only 20 seconds to fold my chair and keep it in my bag.

Dead Ringer Camping Chair Demo

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of any product depends on customer’s requirements. But on the basis of customer’s common reviews, here are the some good and bad things about my chosen hunting chair.


  • Very portable
  • ​Easy set up
  • ​Light weight
  • ​Comfortable chair
  • ​Folding chair
  • ​360-degree rotation
  • ​Durable
  • ​Water proof
  • Washable


  • Noisy seat
  • No availability in every country

Other Recommended Products

 2.  Browning Camping Strutter Folding Chair

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

This chair is folding one and comes in two sizes: Strutter and Strutter MC- more comfort. Its extra padding and quality of MC strutter makes it more demanding as you get wider chair. You can fold it to smallest and can keep it in your bag pack. Some customers want hunting chair with arms as well so that they can relax That time, it’s best option.

 3.  ALPS Outdoor 8433014 Stealth Hunter Blind Chair

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0

This chair is best option for hunters when they go for hunting where there is uneven terrain and legs can be adjusted according to surface. It’s four large footpads helps to prevent sinking of chair in soft ground. Also, it has feature of 360-degree rotation which makes it much more liked by its customers.

 4.  TravelChair Ultimate Wingshooter Cmo Folding Tripod Hunting

Rating: 3.4 / 5.0

This chair is available in 3 adjustable seat heights with 18 inch, 20 inch and 22-inch option. It has grab and go carry strap which makes it very easy to carry anywhere. It’s somewhere similar to ALPS Outdoor 8433014 Stealth Hunter Blind Chair but the difference is it has 3 legs and latter one has four.

 5.  Millennium Treestands G101 Blind Chair Shooting Mount

Rating: 3.9 / 5.0

This chair has best comfort and suitable for both left and right handed shooters. It has a place to fix shooting stick as well. But you don’t have to buy a new shooting stick because any stick can be fixed on this chair and can be used for shooting. Most important factors to consider The best hunting chair should be: · Portable · Reliable · Easy to carry · 360-degree rotation Which one I chose?

I read different reviews of each chair and concluded that I go for Dead Ringer Camping Chair. All the above mentioned chairs were good, but according to my comfort, I found Dead Ringer best among all.

Overall Review

I read reviews on eBay, amazon and Walmart. 95% people gave pros only. And I could not find more cons than these. This hunting chair is affordable and best; both at one time. So, if you can’t spend hundreds of bucks on a chair and want all features as well, this Dead Ringer is best option according to me. But I have mentioned most of the features, so you can see if you want any of the other recommended chairs according to your requirement.

Other Suggestions