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Best Hunting Gloves Touch Screen

The last time I was out in the great outdoors hunting for buck I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I took it out while wearing my hunting gloves and as I tried to type on my phone’s touch screen none of the letters would type because of the bulkiness of the gloves and in my frustration I dropped my phone which made an unfortunate amount of noise and I’m sure it scared off all of the buck that we were hoping to find and shoot that day. I’m tired of dealing with hunting gloves that aren’t the best hunting gloves.

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Here is a list of the Best Hunting Gloves Touch Screen

In this day and age of technology I need the best hunting gloves I can get my hands on, one’s that work for the purposes that they have always been needed for but one’s that also are going to let me type on and work a touch screen that’s on a phone. This is why I’ve done some research and compiled a list of the five best hunting gloves.

Top Five Best Hunting Gloves Touch Screen

 1.  Glacier Glove Premium Waterproof Glove

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

These gloves are lined with Yamamoto neoprene. What that means is that the gloves are lined with fleece. This allows the gloves to keep all of the heat inside and keep your hands from chilling. For me during the winter hunting season I want my hands to be nice and warm so that I’m not fidgeting at all so that my trigger finger is nice, calm, still, and ready to pull the trigger when the right moment comes such as when a young buck comes strolling by.

What’s great about this glove is that it has precurved knuckles which are great at preventing your hand and fingers from getting too tired and you end up fatiguing. So if you’re looking for a full day out hunting, which I know I am, then the precurved knuckles feature is a great point to this glove. They also do well in the area that originated my search; they aren’t so bulky that I can’t work the touch screen on my phone.

Premium Waterproof Glove are some of the best hunting glove when it comes to keeping your hands warm if you’re in a non-cold environment. As long a s you live in a warmer climate that won’t be major problem though.

 2.  Carhartt Men’s W.P. Waterproof Insulated Work Glove

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0

To start with I’ll first tell you all of the stats for what this glove is made out of. The shell and the lining is 100% polyester. The palm is 100% polyurethane.

This glove is waterproof which if you’re doing any hunting near rivers and creeks then having a pair of gloves that can tolerate water is a requirement.

Another positive attribute comes in the name, work glove. When I’m out in my shed tinkering during the winter month I need to be wearing a pair of gloves and if my hunting gloves can be used for both hunting and working then that’s a two for one deal. Being a work glove they also need to do a good job with touch screens.

 3.  Tenn Unisex Cold Weather Waterproof/Windproof Plus Gloves

Rating: 3.8 / 5.0

These gloves are made out of nylon. The wrist is also padded and has Velcro fastening.

I have to talk about that this pair of gloves is unisex. Meaning regardless of if you are a man or a woman these gloves can fit you and work. I had my wife try these gloves on and they worked for her like a charm. She and I both were also able to use our phone’s touch screen while wearing these gloves that truly are on the best hunting gloves. Being designed to be windproof is of course great for a windy day of hunting.

 4.  Showa Atlas 460 Vinylove Cold Resistant Insulated Gloves

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

These gloves were made with 100% acrylic pile lining. It’s also been double dipped in PVC to make it waterproof and resistant to chemicals.

Let me start off by saying that these are some of the best hunting gloves for a simple reason; the grip on these gloves is top notch. They have the most outstanding grip of the gloves that I tried. The grip allows them to be used for touch screen typing. They also work for as work gloves and can resist oil so if your vehicle was to have a problem when you’re out hunting you can keep on wearing the same pair of gloves.

 5.  Ergodyne ProFlex 817WP Thermal Waterproof Utility Gloves

Rating: 3.9 / 5.0

The back end of the glove is padded with spandex. For the knuckle pad it is made out of neoprene.

I immediately noticed that this glove has a breathable liner which tells me that your hands aren’t going to overheat and start sweating when you’re wearing them. I cranked up the heat in my house while wearing them and was free of sweat in my warm toasty home. The palm on the gloves is also double reinforced with leather.

There you have it folks. I hope I was able to help you find the best pair of hunting gloves that you are available for you to buy.

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