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Best Insoles For Military Boots

A good pair of boots is made of innumerable parts. Of these parts, one of the most important is the insole. The insole is the part of the boot that your foot comes in contact with and that separates your feet from the midsole and outsoles of the boots. You put significant pressure and stress on your feet when you walk or run so a strong, comfortable insole that can absorb the shocks of your movement will turn a good pair of boots into a great pair. 

If you are looking for the Best Insoles for Military Boots then be sure to follow these tips:

The Importance of Insoles

Spending extended periods of time walking, running, or standing on hard surfaces can lead to a number of medical issues, including over pronation, swelling feet, or joint damage. It is estimated that more than 60% of the population experiences foot ailments directly caused by extending standing, walking, or running on hard, artificial surfaces.

The insole is the most important part of the boots because it will be in constant contact with your feet. It provides the support for your feet and absorbs shock. A good insole can make boots incredibly comfortable while a bad insole can cause friction, rubbing, or blistering, making your boots miserable to wear. This is why the best boots on the market let you swap out the included insoles for one of your own, allowing you to customize the boot to your own feet.

Types of Insoles

The right pair of insoles can provide numerous benefits and the different materials add different features. Insoles can be made of breathable material, making it easier to keep your feet dry and healthy. Anti-microbial insoles can help reduce foot odors that linger on footwear. With a little bit of searching you can find the right insole for any need.

Sport Insoles

Sport insoles are made of hard, sturdy materials. These provide increased stability to your feet and leg as you walk or run. While they are not as comfortable as other types of insoles, sport insoles come with a number of benefits.

Sport insoles help to regulate how your feet hit the ground, reducing any tendency towards over-pronation or supination. Both of these actions increase your risk of injured ankles or leg and joint pain. These insoles force you to contact the ground more flatly, reducing these risks. Sport insoles also greatly reduce any tendency towards poor posture which often results in leg and back pain.

Sport insoles are also effective at reducing Plantar Fasciitis, a condition also known as jogger’s heel that manifests itself as an inflammation of connective tissue between your heel and the ball of your foot. This condition can be incredibly painful and is caused over exercising or extended periods of standing on hard surfaces.

If you are experiencing foot pain or feel that you have posture problems that are caused by your footwear, a set of sport insoles may be the solution.

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Comfort Insoles

If you do not have any medical issues stemming from poor foot support but still feel dead on your feet when you take off your boots, a pair of comfort insoles can be a big help. This type of insole is made of gel or foam and is designed to provide a softer surface for your foot to rest on and to dissipate the shocks caused by your movement.

Comfort insoles come in many shapes and sizes, including full inserts, half-foot inserts, and heel inserts. They can be flat or specially shaped to better fit your foot. This makes it important to keep track of what parts of your feet experience the most discomfort and can benefit from more padding. Try a few different inserts to help find the most comfortable option.

One thing to be aware of with comfort insoles is that, in a few cases, they may aggravate problems of over pronation and poor posture. Their soft material means that they provide somewhat less support than sport insoles and give your feet more leeway. If comfort insoles don’t help your problems, try a pair of sport insoles.

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Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic insoles are specially designed by doctors to fit your feet and treat specific problems. If you have serious problems stemming from your feet a trip to the doctor to get a customized pair of inserts is good step to take. Depending on the problems you are experiencing, orthotic inserts can be made of cork, rubber, leather, or synthetics.

The main advantage of this type of insert is that they have been designed by a doctor specifically for your feet, meaning that you won’t have to worry about finding the proper insert or making sure that it fits your feet. They can also be altered over time as your condition changes, making them versatile.

The major downsides of customized orthotic insoles are the price and the lead time. Most shoe stores sell insoles, so if you want a basic comfort or sport insole you could buy one today. By contrast, it can take weeks for an orthotics lab to create your insert. This of course is after you have found time to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Similarly, basic insoles can be relatively inexpensive but customized ones come at a premium. The silver lining is that some medical insurance plans will cover some of the cost.

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A good pair of boots can still cause pain and health issues if you spend a lot of time standing or moving around on hard surfaces. Insoles can make boots much more comfortable and provide your feet with more support, improving your overall health by a surprising amount. If you find yourself experiencing foot, leg, or back pain purchasing a set of insoles is a good first step to take. These tips are sure to help you find the best insoles for military boots.