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Best Laptop Backpacks for Travel

If you travel a lot and own a laptop, then you need a laptop backpack to keep it safe. But finding the best laptop backpack for travel is no mean task. Personally I prefer to spend a few hundreds to get that perfect backpack which would protect my gadget even during traveling. There are tons of great options in the market and it is really difficult to choose one from so many. When I was shopping for my laptop backpack, I found that task quite difficult as the backpacks come in different sizes, shapes, styles and prices. A lot of criteria must be kept in mind at the time of purchasing the laptop backpack.

Here is a list of the Best Laptop Backpacks for Travel

Thankfully, to make the task easier for others, I have managed to compile a list of 5 best laptop backpacks for travel that are available in the market and online shopping sites like Amazon. So simply read through the article and have your pick!

1. Everki Titan Checkpoint

This is probably the best laptop backpack to hit the market in a long time. It has been made by using very high quality material which keeps the gadget safe inside without compromising on the looks. Believe it or not, this backpack can easily store even an 18.4” laptop and allows easy access by opening a full 180 degrees. The laptop compartment is softly padded so that the laptop gets the best protection and there is enough space inside to tuck in a few laptop accessories too.

This laptop backpack is ideal for traveling purposes as it helps to keep your back and shoulders fully comfortable with its superior soft padding and the 5-point balance strap system keeps you light on your feet. There is a separate audio device pocket that comes with a zip and a cable outlet which provides a comfortable access to headphones and cables. The water resistant weather cover fully covers up the exposed area of the bag and thereby helps to provide 100% protection to all its contents. The large zips and the mammoth storage area are just about perfect to fit in other small gadgets apart from your precious laptop. I have used this laptop backpack personally and I feel that it has a great value for money.

I have done extensive research on laptop backpacks and I can safely recommend Everki as it is an established and dependable company. The bag has a life-time warranty and at around USD 160, it is a real steal! Lest I forget there are innumerable pockets (more than 20) and it has a non-black interior which makes it easy to look for stuff even on a plane.

Everki Titan Checkpoint Video Review

2. Amazon Basics Laptop Backpack

The Amazon Basics Laptop Backpack is perfect for those who love traveling on short durations. The bag comes at a very low price (USD 29) but it should deter you from buying it as I find this bag to be very stylish and has ample storage space for a laptop (15”), a tablet and even some light books. This bag actually gets the job done for you when you are on a tight budget. However, this may not appeal to people who are always looking for a backpack that has an expensive’ feel to it. The best part about this backpack is that even at this low price, it boasts of a huge number of pockets and there is a handle on the top too in case you do not want to carry it on back.

There are a couple of mesh pockets on the exterior part which is meant to carry water bottles and there is one interior pocket that looks large enough to fit in a small umbrella. There is also a side cinch-latch system that makes the depth of the laptop bag smaller or bigger. The backrest has soft pads which make you feel comfortable even when you are carrying it on the back. The compartments are separated from each other by nylon which is of great quality. Although I have many backpacks in my home, I wish to add this one too as I will never get such a great laptop backpack for travel at this dirt cheap price!

Amazon Basics Laptop Backpack Video Review

3. Victoria Tourist V6002

I have been personally using this laptop backpack for 6 – 8 weeks now and till now I am 100% satisfied. I have even used this as an airline carry-on for international trips too. The bag has been made from very high-quality materials and it does look great. There is a sewn cell phone label on one of the shoulder straps that can easily carry a clamshell phone or a candy bar phone and even a small sized smartphone. I use that pocket to carry lip balm tubes, an energy bar, a mini flashlight or a packet of energy gel. There is a handle on top of the bag that makes it easy for you to take the thing in and out of the car in case you are going for road trips. You can comfortably carry this backpack on your back and it will rest fine just above the hip bones. The compression straps work great to reduce the bulk. The inside storage is good and can easily accommodate even a Lenovo Thinkpad R500 and there is a strap to restrain the laptop though you may never use it for daily purposes. However, the strap comes in handy when you put it in the conveyor belt at the airports.

Victoria Tourist V6002 Video Review

4. Kipling Seoul One Size

At USD 67 this is one huge laptop backpack that can carry a lot of accessories, knick knacks and, of course, your laptop. It has a padded laptop compartment and padded shoulder strap that keeps the gadget safe and makes it easier for you to carry it on your shoulders. It is a light-weight backpack but has lots and lots of space inside. You need to see and feel this backpack in your hands to actually believe it! The build quality of the material is very good; the zippers are great and are very easy to clean too. You can keep all your chargers in the expanding folder and a Macbook or any other 15” laptop in the main compartment. There is no mention of it being waterproof but I have kept in the rain for an hour or so after buying it and the inside was still dry and the exterior too dried up pretty quickly. So I do not find any reason why you should not consider this item when you are looming for laptop backpacks for travel.

5. SwissGear Blue Ibex

The Blue Ibex laptop backpack from SwissGear is one of the few bags that can actually fit in a 17” laptop comfortably. In fact, it is so good that Dell sells it on their website as it easily fits their 17” laptops. The bag has a unique feature that is absent in all other laptop backpacks – a plastic waterproof base which allows you to place it on a wet or a messy floor. There are zipper flaps beneath zippers which prevents the rain from getting in as it is made from high-quality water proof material that closes together like curtains when the bag is zippered shut. The main handle looks very gorgeous as it is very from very soft plastic and the fabric handles surrounds a steel wire handle which is also coated in plastic. Needless to say, this is the best handle on a laptop backpack I have ever come across in any market or site. There are loads of auxiliary storage spaces in the bag and the main compartment is so large that you can easily fit in a Dell XPS comfortably. I would highly recommend this laptop backpack if you are looking to buy one for your 17 inch machine.

SwissGear Blue Ibex Laptop Backpack Video Review

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