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Best Lightweight Hiking Knife

Hiking knife is a need for anybody going on a hike. However, you should ensure that you have the best lightweight hiking knife before setting out on your hike. The best lightweight hiking knife is the knife that works consummately in any condition and can do even the hardest assignments with incredible outcomes. It can mean the difference between life and demise, exposure and shelter, food and hunger.

Here is a list of the Best Lightweight Hiking Knife

Picking the best lightweight hiking knife can be challenging, with such a large number of different blades accessible. Below is a guide on how to choose the best lightweight hiking knife and top 5 recommendations.

Things You Should Consider When Choosing the Best Lightweight Hiking Knife


Above all else, you need a sharp, tough blade. It ought to have a locking system to shield it from closing on your fingers when being used. A serrated or half-serrated sharp blade gives you greater flexibility in cutting different sorts of materials.


The Best lightweight hiking knife ought to have the best handle. The handle ought to be the correct size for your hand and be made of a material that doesn't slip, notwithstanding when it's wet.

The finish of the handle ought to have a knob on it, and the top ought to have a blade guard. Both will keep your hand in place when you're utilizing the knife and a strong knob is useful if you have to pound the knife into anything.

Something else, even with an incredible blade and all other extraordinary components, it will be useless if the user is not comfortable using it.


A decent sheath will fit your knife nearly, holding it safely with the goal that you don't lose it. It ought to secure both you and the knife. A decent adaptable sheath will permit you to place it on your belt, pack, leg, vest, or wherever you think that it’s most agreeable and helpful.

Sharp point

The best point for your blade will be a sharp, pointed tip. Keep away from exceptionally breathtaking tips, as they impede the knife's blade capacity. This is a critical component to consider if there should be an occurrence of the need to utilize this knife for self-protection against a creature, as a chasing weapon, or in a battle circumstance.

Blade material

All blades are not made equivalent with regards to the materials utilized as a part of making them. There are different sorts of steel out there for you to browse when settling on the best lightweight hiking knife, and the one you pick will have a significant effect on the way you look after and sharpen your knife.

Carbon steel is by and large more grounded, making it more appropriate for cutting wood. Additionally, it's less demanding to sharpen, and can be made to a great degree sharp. Be that as it may, it rusts reasonably effortlessly, so it should be wiped down with mineral oil to keep away from rust.

Stainless steel, then again, is a great deal more rust proof, but at the same time it's more difficult to hone and for the most part less intense than carbon steel. Due to stainless steel's resistance to rust, if you are in a wet condition, then you'll likely need a stainless steel sharp blade.

Taking all things into account a carbon steel hiking knife is good compared to a stainless steel hiking knife for quality and simplicity of sharpening in nature.


The tang of a knife is the metal that structures the handle of the knife. In a decent knife the tang is as extensive as the handle itself; however, in a less expensive knife, the tang is littler than, even not as much as half of the width of the blade.

There are two reasons that a full tang matter. To begin with, this gives the knife more quality and soundness. With a solid handle, you show signs of improvement adjust and also the affirmation that the knife wouldn't snap into a half. Second, if the handle were to break you could without much of stretch wrap material, leather, or Paracord around the tang to make another handle. On a limited tang knife, it is difficult.


Gone are the days when costs were utilized to decide the quality of the item. Less expensive blades may be vastly improved that most overrated ones and the other way around.

Top 5 Best Lightweight Hiking Knife

 1.  Adventure Medical Kits SOL Core Lite Knife

Rating: 3.6 / 5.0

The SOL Knife is an incredible conservative knife that is intended for hiking. The blade might be short however the knife is sharp. Regardless of whether you require the item to cut cheddar or cut up sticks, you can rely on upon the knife.

While this knife cannot replace a full estimated knife, the components are creative. The lightweight knife has a bigger number of elements than the cutting edge. You can enlighten your work and furthermore be heard for miles with the appended 1000decibel whistle. Numerous people who have bought it say that the knife maintains being sharp and simple to utilize.

Adventure Medical Kits SOL Core Lite Knife Overview

However, the light appended won't be the brightest. If you are going on a light knapsack trip, make a point to take your SOL Core Lite knife, yet if you require some additional light; bring your own particular electric lamp if some unforeseen issues arise.

Regardless of the dim light, the bundle of 3 things is not very cumbersome or wrong for a knife alone. Just tipping the scales at 1.4 oz., you can easily store this in your rucksack or pocket for any crisis that may happen.

 2.  Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Knife

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

The Cold Steel Recon 1 Spear Point Knife is in a perfect world suited to perform only any undertaking because of its sharp edge length. This length of the edge empowers one to perform genuine assignments, and in the meantime, you can flawlessly utilize it for fine carvings.

It is smooth, light and has a much more grounded bolt to guarantee no fingers get trapped inadvertently while keeping up a really reasonable cost. Having a 4-inch sharp blade and a general length of 9 inches, the Recon 1 is not what a great many people would convey in their pocket.

Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Knife Video Review

This is an exceptionally strong knife which comes in either a clasp point or an American tanto shape. The scales are intended to fit effortlessly in your grasp and give an essential non-slip hold. The sharp edge is unequivocally held and is extremely tough just like whatever is left of the knife.

The fundamental downside with this knife is that the dark covering on the edge falls off effectively with utilize. When it is all off, the knife tidies up well and it doesn't make use issues. If you are searching for a showcase knife you might need to get two, one to use and one to show and at the value, it is not a difficulty.

 3.  Benchmade Griptilian Combo Edge

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

The Benchmade Griptilian Combo Edge is a full-sized collapsing strategic edge which, regardless of having an empty ground edge with a profound midsection, uses the 154CM stainless steel's quality to keep an edge which is extremely sharp and wears well.

These blades convey a similar cautioning any Benchmade knife has in that they come pre-sharpened and are prepared to use from the minute you unwrap the case.

Benchmade Griptilian Combo Edge Video Review

This is a bigger knife with a 3.5-inch edge, is light and spry. Not everybody would be alright with the Griptilian in their pocket. The scales are a lightweight yet tough plastic over a stainless steel liner which includes the interest of this knife as it is so light yet the sharp edge does not come into contact with the plastic, and the liner considers included security during utilizing.

 4.  Victorinox Swiss Army Cadet Knife

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

When hiking light, this item is versatile with 9 different elements. The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife includes a substantial cutting edge, key ring for accommodation, bottle opener, huge screwdriver, wire stripper, can opener, a little screwdriver, nail document, and nail cleaner.

This knife is incredible for the individuals who needn't bother with much help, yet want to be ready. For more youthful explorers and apprentices, this can fit splendidly on your key ring for accommodation and ordinary utilize.

Victorinox Swiss Army Cadet Knife Video Review

Regardless of whether you just utilize the knife when you require it in edgy measures, or for day by day exercises. It proves to be useful for opening letters, bundles, and aiding your desperate hour. Also, the blade is known to sharpen effortlessly and oppose recolors so you can keep an impeccable knife wherever you go.

 5.  ESEE Knives Black CANDIRU Fixed Blade Knife

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0

The short yet thick knife is more solid than one may expect. While it can't supplant a full body knife, the edge can do a lot of harm. The thickness of the ESEE Knives Black CANDIRU Fixed Blade Knife helps in the quality angle. The Candiru has a perfect appearance with insignificant lines and appearance.

The little size makes it speaking to individuals who esteem the feel of a knife and individuals who regard a knife for its execution. With a solid visual and performing offer, anybody can value the smaller knife.

Since the handle is bigger in contrast with the cutting edge, you have more control on the knife and can deal with it as you see fit. Also, the handle is agreeable to grasp too. The meticulousness in the cutting edge and in the handle is the thing that makes the knife an incredible item.

ESEE Knives Black CANDIRU Fixed Blade Knife Video Review

When managing straining exercises and fragile cuts, the Candiru is ideal for taking care of business. It is best for field dressing and woodwork, for example, cutting and gnawing into wood.


Being ready when on hiking trips can never hurt you. The best lightweight hiking knife can give you genuine feelings of serenity and help you perform exercises you haven't considered yet. You never know what you will experience on your hiking trip, however, it is essential to be prepared for the (un)predictable. By using the above guide, you can never go wrong

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