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Best Lightweight Waterproof Cycling Jacket

Riding in wet climate is nobody's idea of fun, however if you need to make it somewhat more endurable then a decent cycling jacket that is waterproof is a key speculation. Such a jacket will make you stay dry through the foulest climate, making you more likely to take off of the front door whatever the climate, avoiding the feared turbo mentor.

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Here is a list of the Best Lightweight Waterproof Cycling Jacket

Things to Consider When Picking the Right Lightweight Waterproof Cycling Jacket:


Fit is vital for an apparel, and a waterproof jacket is the same. A few things to search for:

  • Jacket should be sufficiently expansive to fit a midlayer and base layer underneath.
  • ​The jacket shouldn't be too short that it rides up when moving and uncovered your back.
  • ​The jacket shouldn't be too long that it confines movement.
  • ​All waist draw cords ought to be at the right position on your body; these are there to alter the fit of longer jackets.
  • ​Cuffs can be affixed at the wrist.
  • The zip goes as far as possible up to your chin.


The fit of your hood is vital; in poor conditions you lose the majority of your body warm through your head. The size and fit of the hood can be balanced on most jackets, to ensure the hood covers your head and moves with it, without limiting your view. Stiffened hoods frequently offer more insurance from terrible climate. Mountain dwellers need to ensure their hoods are protective cap perfect.


Zips can be underestimated, yet the exact opposite thing you require when you're gotten in terrible climate is to have a jacket that you can't affix. Zips ought to be smooth running and, if they're not waterproof, covered up with tempest folds to keep water from getting in. Zips are additionally an awesome wellspring of ventilation for when the body gets excessively hot, search for pit zips on higher end jackets; these control your body warmth and move dampness all the more effectively.


The quantity of pockets you need is reliant on your expected use for the jacket. Jackets that offer an extensive mid-section stash or inside pocket are for the most part for the reason and size of an OS Map and compass. Pockets ought to have storm folds covering the zips to ensure what goes inside, remains dry.

Draw cords

Everyone is different, and draw cords are an extremely helpful method for ensuring that the fit of the jacket can be made to fit you flawlessly. These draw cords can be found at the base of the jacket, and some of the time on the back of the hood and on the midsection of the jacket. Change these ropes and ensure the jacket fits you as consummately as could be allowed.

Mesh lining

The reason you get sweat-soaked inside a jacket is on the grounds that your sweat rate surpasses the capacity of the jacket to pass the dampness out. Hence a few jackets have a work coating that evacuates the dampness and makes it significantly more agreeable and less clingy on uncovered arms, yet all that work includes weight and mass.


Indeed, even the best fabrics are not sufficiently breathable to adapt to the measure of sweat put out by a cyclist buckling down, for instance while climbing a slope. A full-length zip clearly gives great ventilation, however if it's sprinkling intensely you would prefer not to open it up and giving the water access.

A few jackets along these lines have different ventilation choices — zips on the sleeves or in the arm pits, for instance — to give a portion of the damp air a chance to get away. Additional zips and elements like stashes cost more cash however and will push the cost up, in addition they weight.

Pack ability

If you're riding in alterable conditions, then packability is a critical thing to search for in another waterproof cycling jacket. If the sun turns out after it's hurled it down for the initial two hours of your ride, then you're going to need something that will stuff down sufficiently little to fit in a back pocket. Pack ability is imperative if will take the jacket off mid-ride.

Top 5 Best Lightweight Waterproof Cycling Jacket

 1.  Altura Night Vision Evo Jacket

Rating: N/A / 5.0

If you are searching for something somewhat more reflective than the Altura Night Vision Evo waterproof Jacket comes very much explored. The jacket is exceptionally intelligent, awesome quality and genuinely warm. This implies it is somewhat less packable and more suited to harvest time, spring and winter utilize. There is a discretionary hood you can purchase to run with it if you wish.

One of the best elements is the delicate material inside the neckline making it additional agreeable. Also the jacket is very much planned on all fronts. The zips are intended to be opened regardless of the possibility that wearing gloves, there are vent hurdles under the arms and there is somewhat light on the back. With plentiful pocket space sideways and back there is very little more to request.

 2.  Endura FS260-Pro SL Shell

Rating: N/A / 5.0

The Endura FS260-Pro SL Shell is an outstandingly breathable, completely fledged hopeless climate jacket with a large group of elements yet no abundance faff. It's a wafer.

Endura has utilized a three-layer Exoshell40 texture (in dark or fluoro green) of astounding slimness and just 70g for each square meter (for reference, even a thin merino base layer is twice that). The texture can obviously inhale 60 liters of dampness for each square meter every day, and has a waterproofness measure of 18,000mm (which means a container of water 18m tall with a fix of the texture over the base wouldn't leak through). The entire thing is completely tape-fixed – even around the little square stretchy boards close to the hip. It's a master class in enumerating.

 3.  Pearl Izumi Women's Elite WxB

Rating: N/A / 5.0

The Pearl Izumi Women's Elite WXB jacket is on the costly side, yet it will keep you warm and dry on loathsome days. Absence of capacity could be an issue; however there is space for that in your pullover. It is justified regardless of the sacrifice just to remain this dry.

The principal thing you see about Pearl Izumi Women's Elite WxB is the high visibility shading plan – in the brilliant yellow and pink you truly shouldn't be missed. Adore it or abhor it, it's ideal for day time riding visibility, and there are sufficient intelligent accents on the back and the arms to ensure you emerge come evening as well.

 4.  Altura Podium Night Vision

Rating: N/A / 5.0

The Altura Podium Night Vision Waterproof Jacket is somewhat of a jewel: a thin fitting jacket that gives great waterproofing and packs down sufficiently little to stow effectively in a back pocket.

Altura says the textures it utilizes (for the most part nylon with stretchy polyester boards) have a waterproof rating of 7,000mm. That implies this jacket ought to have the capacity to withstand direct rain, and that has been our experience. Water doesn't get past in these conditions. The zip isn't waterproof however it has a tempest fold behind it that makes a truly decent showing with regards to of halting water leaking through.

 5.  Proviz Reflect 360 Jacket

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

The Proviz Reflect 360's one of a kind component is that it's completely produced using intelligent material. If you invest a considerable measure of energy in the streets oblivious it'll unquestionably get you took note. The cut of the jacket is more worker style than race so it's protected to accept that a street lit urban environment is the place the fashioners anticipate that it will be utilized most.

The Reflect 360 is water resistant as opposed to Proviz asserting any waterproofing evaluations yet the material keeps out direct rain for a fair measure of time moved down by taped creases and a tempest zip. The back drops somewhat to which additionally includes security if you aren't utilizing curved guards.


That is it, a complete guide– all that you have to think about how to purchase a truly awesome waterproof jacket for cycling that is lightweight. Settle on your decision in light of the weather where you stay, and your cycling prerequisites.

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