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Best Lightweight Waterproof Hunting Gloves

Each hunter needs the best hunting gloves, regardless of the outside temperature. Most hunting gloves are not simply intended to keep hands warm in cool temperatures; however they can likewise shield you from wounds out in the hunting field.

There are different materials utilized in making hunting gloves so you can without much of a stretch get the one that is truly made appropriate for you. Below is a complete guide on the best lightweight waterproof hunting gloves to help you make an informed choice when going to buy one.

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Here is the list of the Best Lightweight Waterproof Hunting Gloves for Hunting

What Should You Consider When Buying the Best Lightweight Waterproof Hunting Gloves?


This is the basic variable that is frequently neglected. As a glove turns out to be more insulated, and particularly as it turns out to be more waterproof, dexterity can be affected adversely. Searching for gloves that are 'form fitting' is an awesome approach to guarantee you keep your fine motor capacities in place, despite the fact that you wouldn't remain as warm. Once more, there is dependably a tradeoff.


It is all fine and well having a glove that is waterproof yet you can arrive up with sweat-soaked wet delivers within. The glove needs to breathe and in addition protect and keep you warm and dry


The best length for a glove to come up the lower arm again relies on upon your individual hunting needs. If you are hunting in warm climate, you likely won't need a glove that comes up too far, as permitting more air to flow over your skin will cool you.

If, nonetheless you are hunting waterfowl in icy conditions, having a glove that comes up nearly to your elbows may be the difference in dry warm hands, and icy wet hands.


The span of your glove is an imperative element to consider before buying your gloves. A too tight glove will make your hands feel icy and uncomfortable, and a too expansive glove will make it difficult to do anything.


Similarly as with all your apparatus when out hunting, you ought to be covered from go to toe, and this incorporates your gloves. They are for the most part, other than your head and shoulders, unmistakable over your hideout when hunting.

To qualify as a major aspect of the best frosty climate hunting gloves they should have a camo pattern to them. Camo designs, these days, come in all assortments, from your common colors of brown, green and khaki, to lifelike versions of leaves, twigs and encompassing wildlife.


Cost and reputation are likewise contemplations you should consider. There are a huge amount of modest gloves out there, a large number of which have notorieties for coming apart rapidly. You should not trade off the quality by taking the least expensive.


Lightweight gloves are for the most part produced using cotton, wool or neoprene. The attention here is on a less thick and substantial glove, yet as a rule with the exchange off of being less defensive and less warm. These by and large don't have protection and won't be appropriate to taking care of the bodily liquids of game, unless they are completely made of neoprene.

Gore-Tex is water proof, enormously strong and impenetrable to tears and tears, and hunting gloves made with this material are constantly less expensive, not at all like fleece or leather. This material is breathable so your hands stay comfortable and cool.

The material can be possibly uncomfortable against the tricky skin, and it is similarly enormous making it difficult to complete complex assignments.

Touch Capability

With the prominence of smart phones and tablets, having a glove that permits you to utilize a touchscreen while wearing it is something that numerous seekers find helpful. Remember that there is an exchange off with these sorts of gloves as there is frequently less insulation quality on the fingertips where the touchscreen material is.

Top 5 Best Lightweight Waterproof Hunting Gloves

 1.  Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Camo Waterproof Insulated Glove

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

With 60g of Thinsulate, these hunting gloves will keep you warm. In addition to the fact that it is super lightweight it gives most extreme adaptability so that your movements are agile and not limited. An augmented length along the arm gives you a chance to tuck in your coat to keep water from getting into them also.

The palms are produced using cowhide for better grasping, yet the dark stands out a little when contrasted with the camo external shell on the backs of the hand. These gloves are quite breathable, so hand sweat doesn't get over the top, and their lightweight style gives you a chance to keep up your usefulness.

 2.  Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

A lightweight glove ought to offer a cozy fit, fabulous finger adroitness and palm responsiveness, and great security from cuts and scraped areas. The Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves do this and they do it at an extremely reasonable cost.

The Inchdot framework offers unparalleled grasp, and there is a get back to take on the of every glove for included usefulness. Extend fit gives you an extremely cozy fit and an expanded sleeve of five inches secures the wrist. These are especially breathable gloves, yet that likewise implies they aren't appropriate for the frosty.

You'll need these essentially to spring and summer chases, and bow seekers will truly like them amid the early chases of the year. Obviously, given that these are cozy, a bigger and hotter glove or set of gloves are a suitable choice to just put over them while not shooting or generally locked in.

The nylon gives some insurance from abrasion; however despite everything you must be cautious with overwhelming contact. One thing you won't have an issue with is hold, as the palm outline wicks away sweat. Rifle clients will likewise likely not have to take them off to shoot.

 3.  Drake Double Gore Tex Gloves

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

For those that like the more drawn out length gloves these Drake's come in exceptionally helpful. You can dive into more profound water and realize that your lower arms will remain dry too. On that note, they are super waterproof and fixed with DWR (Durable Water Repellant) and their unique Gore-Tex layer which is ideal for waterfowl hunting.

Furthermore, they have Refuge HS Shell texture which seals in the glow too. No stresses here over fitting them over a thick coat sleeve – they have a more extensive wrist and arm region and a draw tight strap to seal in the glow and dryness.

For an extraordinary hold, the goat skin leather palm and finger zones will help with taking care of the rifle and shooting mechanisms. Flexibility has been considered too, permitting you the advantage of opportunity of development with the pre-bended fingers.

For a choice of camo patterns, Drake doesn't baffle – take your pick of three alternatives. The lightweight fixing will help with breathability also permitting you to utilize these gloves in hotter climate conditions. Take note of that as this is a men's glove, the sizes just range from medium to additional extensive.

 4.  Under Armor ColdGear Infrared Scent Control 2.0 Primer Gloves

Rating: 3.70 / 5.0

These fantastic hunting gloves from Under Armor genuinely have everything, including the organization's GoldGear Infrared coating. This extraordinary printed lining utilizes a remarkable inward covering that traps your body warm. The palm of the gloves is shrouded in a printed silicone design for a sans slip grasp that guarantees you generally keep hold of your firearm.

To ensure your scent doesn't give you away, the gloves additionally include Under Armor's Scent Control 2.0 innovation to contain and conceal your odor. Six ounces of water-safe PrimaLoft protection line the gloves, offering breathable, lightweight warmth for the duration of the day. Accessible in five different Mossy Oak, Ridge Reaper and RealTree camo designs, these gloves can't be beat.

 5.  ScentBlocker Trinity Glove with Text Touch

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

Made of Polyester and spandex French terry texture these gloves fit snuggly and are light weight. It has both a long 3" sleeve furthermore a honeycomb design silicon hold treatment and is touchscreen good on both the thumb and the index finger. The trinity scent control innovation keeps your gloves from getting excessively gross after the main utilize.

The scent blocker works even after a couple of machine washes, so the human scent is blocked. Making your gloves ideal for concealing the scent from deer and from turning into excessively gross to wear around other individuals.

ScentBlocker Trinity Glove with Text Touch Video Review


Picking the correct pair of best lightweight waterproof hunting gloves can mean the difference between a fun and effective hunting experience and one that is hopeless and frosty. Since you don't know what conditions you'll be confronting, it is best to search for best lightweight waterproof hunting gloves that have a synthetic exterior first.

Frequently produced using nylon, this sort of hunting glove will be waterproof, yet at the same time breathable, and have enough protection to keep your fingers warm. Most protection is of an engineered material too, yet there are some best lightweight waterproof hunting gloves for to great degree cool situations, which are still made with down insulation.