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Best Long Range Scope for Beginners at 1000 yards

In most cases, scopes for long ranges tend to become misleading or try to lead your focus and attention on single features that would differentiate from other competitors – even when those minor features aren’t exactly important. This guide will help you learn about the most important features in a scope as well as what trade-offs you will have to deal with when choosing different features – that is if you’re not willing to spend over $4,000+ of course. This guide should guide you into getting a grasp of all of the different specifics to help you on your next purchase.

Here is a list of the Best Long Range Scope for Beginners at 1000 yards

Important Features of a Long Range Scope:

Quality of Glass

For a long-range scope, a high-quality glass will never be overvalued. When you compare a $100 and $5000 scope, you will notice the glass being the largest difference as the sharp, clear glass will make it clear to see at lower magnifications – especially when reading mirage where you can determine in what direction wind is going near the certain target. For a long-rage shoot, the wind might be different than the target of your location. Which unfortunately isn’t a good feature that will help quantifies just how clear the quality the glass is.

Manufacturers with the best quality of glass:

  1. Swarovski
  2. ​Night force
  3. ​Premier Reticles
  4. ​Higher-end Zeiss models
  5. Higher-end Leupold model

Best Long Range Scope Reticle

The best long range scope, ideally you will want a reticle to provide hash marks or dots that are evenly spaced along the horizontal and vertical axis. For a long range scope, most users hold for winds. This means that you will measure or estimate the distance towards the target, then calculate where the aim would be and rotate the turrents to set the drop which will help you target the cross hairs dead centre just the same as at 100-200 yards. However, most users hold for winds due to fast wind changes that happen quickly before you can fully turn the turrents for adjustments and get the gun to shoot the fire in time before any chance of the winds changing, especially if you live in the western side of Texas.

The “hold for wind” calculates how much the shooter needs to adjust the distance. The compensation of a bullet drop reticle doesn’t help you “hold for win” but does have the vertical axis. The vertical axis just makes you hold for measures of elevation which those shooting with a long range don’t do.

Zoom Power and Range

For a long range shoot you will need around 18-20x. For those who are planning to use a long range scope for hunting, another important feature is the lower end ranged zoom. For example: Once an animal immediately appears at 60 yards, you may definitely find it hard to find a scope that can only zoom out to 10x, though the best spot is around 5-25x.

Elevation Adjustment of Range

The elevation adjustment range is simple just how much of an adjustment you will need to allow the scope internally as the more the better is for a shooting long range. One future that will help adjust the elevation amount is to use a large tube diameter as the common tube of the scope is about 1” 30mm-35mm in diameter. Remember that the main tubes that are larger are useful for a wider range though not great for light transmissions. Although most 30-35mm scopes carry lenses on the same size as the tubes are tubes at the size of 1 inch.

Size of the Objective for Long Range Scope

When it comes to scopes, the more light the better. Using a large objective lens would allow more light rather than a small size. For hunting, little to low conditions is just as critical. Without offering an adjustable rest for the cheek, it will be hard to arrange a stable alignment with larger sizes of objective lenses.

Matching Turrents & Reticle

For mildot reticles, make sure that the adjustment of turrents that are most likely 1/10th mils. For a MOA type reticle, the adjustments of the turret are usually 1/4. Most low to middle-range scopes offer a mildot reticle that includes MOA adjustments actually won’t make much sense and makes the process more difficult. While there is not much of an advantage of inherent between the MOA system and MIL, always be sure to pick the turrent and reticle adjustments that match as either mil/mil or MOA/MOA.

Frontal Focal Plane

As some may find this to be debatable, it is an excellent feature on most scopes that are long-range as the reticles are either found on the front focal plane or on the second. This means that it is either located behind or on the front of the zoom. Adjusting the zoom will change its size as zooming in will result in larger views and vice versa for the front focal plane scopes. If the reticle has a sort of thickness when completely zoomed in, the targets may appear to be thin when they are zoomed out – making it harder to see for quick and closer shots.

For a mildot type scope, the focal dots will always be at least 1-2 mills apart in any zoom range, settings, as it gets rid of one less thing to consider before making a shot long range. The second focal scope will position the zoom as the reticle will remain the original size.

Extra Features

The extra features that brands try to sell you on are 1/8 of MOA adjustments, Locking Turrets, Zero Stop Illuminated reticles, plus many more. While some are pretty useful, none of these features are related to the same category as the features mentioned above. Be sure to double check if you really need these features as you may purchase the scope yet never use these features.

Here are the Best Long Range Scope for Beginners at 1000 yards researched and selected for you to review:

This list is the latest on our current recommendations as we ensure to find a great scope for every hunter’s price range. Here are the best scopes for long ranges:

Bushnell Elite Tactical 3.5-21x50 G2DMR

This scope has become very popular during the recent seasons due to its incredibly large range of the lower end having a 3.5x on and 21x on top. The reticle is a fast Horus-style with a GAP design. It has become a favourite among many in the series when compared with a Night force NXS, as this scope offers great features for the price.

>>>View Bushnell Elite Tactical 3.5-21x50 G2DMR here<<<

Night force NXS MOAR

If you’re got the funds to splurge, this is the scope that is highly recommended as it brings such a great value for its price. Along with Zero Stop, the model will add an extra $200 though it will only be worth it depending on how you want to use it. The clarity of the image is quite outstanding all through the right of the complete zoom. The Night force has turrets of high-speed of revolution has 20 MOA of adjustment. For the same price a 56mm is also available though, most may prefer the slim size of the 50mm.

While the MLR is the most popular, the NXS is a great option too as there is many shooters that ensure the quality of Night force scopes.

>>>View Night force NXS MOAR here<<<

Nikon Buckmasters 6-18x40mm Mildot

Without a doubt, the Nikon Bucketmasters scope is a huge value as the mildot recticle model is only sold through the glass isn’t exactly the best, but it is durable and does its job. It comes with mildot reticle with MOA turret adjustments with a 1”scope tube as the objective is 40mm – meaning you will definitely get more bang for your buck with this scope.

>>>View Nikon Buckmasters 6-18x40mm Mildot here<<<

Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 6.5-20x50mm Mildot

This is a great scope that offers improved glass, 50 mm objective, 30mm, with more range in elevation adjustment. Many have sworn by these scopes, especially competitive shooters as it has an (ER) which is an extended range model that has less features and improvements over this model.

>>>View Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 6.5-20x50mm Mildot here<<<

Vortex Razor HD Gen II

Although the Vortex is still quite new, it is becoming the one of the largest companies in the optics word as their series of scopes are designed specifically for tactical long range shooting. Although the Vortex Razor HD model was only released back in 2014, it is already among the top leading shooters in its series. Overall, the Vortex has great recticle selection as well as easy to use and easy to read turrents – which has features that you would want in a scope.

>>>View Vortex Razor HD Gen II here<<<


Whether you’re a beginner or simply looking for the best and latest scope model, remember that nothing is more frustration that being at such a close range to a trophy animal and find yourself struggling with the zooming feature to find them in your scope. The problem with most long ranged scopes is how impossible is it to set targets that are unexpectedly so up close, so be sure to find a scope that will fit your every tactical need.

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