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Best Mechanical Survival Watch

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

In the current scenario, mobile has replaces the place of watch. However, still there is a huge demand of watches as they are not only used for the purpose of watching the time whereas it is used as a style & status symbol. Moreover, Survival watches are the gadgets which are quite helpful while spending time in wood. It works as mini-computer.

Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch is the best survival watch, which has various unique features that make it different from other watches.

Here is a list of the Best Mechanical Survival Watch

Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch with Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and Depth Measurement - Review

  • ​Availability of color option
  • ​Free Shipping on eligible orders
  • ​$149.99 - $299.00 Prime
  • ​Mechanical Power Type
  • ​Time Accuracy
  • ​Weather Survival Feature
  • Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and Depth Measurement feature

Detailed Review of this watch is as follow:

Power Type

Suunto Core Mechanical survival watches are powered by mechanical power. The best part of these watches is that it does not require any battery to get charge. These batteries keep going for years & these watches never put you in the wrong moment. If a user takes take good care of the watch, then it remains useful for many years.

Outdoor Feature

Suunto Core mechanical survival watch combines modern design which has all the essential functions related to outdoor. Its premium product is designed by using rigid natural stainless steel & has sapphire crystal glass which supports to not only add durability but also offer elegant look. At the same time, aluminum cases supports to offer stylish look with less weight. The feature of Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and Depth Measurement creates it’s distinguish identity & increases its worth & usability.

Time Accuracy

Whenever we go for a journey in a wood &lost in a forest we need to know the time. We want to know how long time we have been in the forest. In that situation, if there is no equipment with us, we become unable to know the exact time. Reading the sun and guessing the correct time is a difficult task. So, in that situation, Suunto Core survival watch is the best thing as it is capable to tell accurate time at any point of time.

Survive Weather

In woods, climatic change takes place frequently & due to less facility in the forest, weather change can create an extreme situation. Whether it may be heavy rainfall, high humidity or tornadoes, climatic change can create the worst condition. But with Suunto Core mechanical survival watch, you need not worry as this watch will remain assistive to tell you whatsoever the weather condition. So, you become able to pre-plan & can become ready for bearing the situation as per the climatic change.

Multiple Features

Its multiple features related to sunrise/sunset, storm alarm, thermometer, compass, etc. makes it a valuable gadget, especially at the time of journey. Moreover, its high quality makes it perfectly usable for the survival. Suunto products are basically designed for sports personalities. That is why it is designed while giving consideration towards divers, mountaineers, hikes, skiers, etc. SuuntoCore combines all the features &functionality related to aesthetics. Its wrist top computer feature makes it a perfect option for the survivals.

Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch Video Review


  • ​High potential & great quality make it more usable.
  • ​Cosmetic design & graphical display of Suunto Core mechanical survival watch is better than other survival watches.
  • ​Watch head is highly durable.
  • ​All the features of the watch work in like the same manner as the company has shown in the advertisements.
  • Different color options available, so the customer can choose as per their preferences.
  • It has a feature of high visibility with comfortable straps.


  • ​Its strap is not so stylish.
  • ​There is a need of regularly calibrate the height & compass.
  • ​Small battery life is one of the big constraints of this watch.

Price of Suunto Core Mechanical Survival Watch

The price of this watch is very reasonable. At the same time, it is available at the best price at Amazon. At the same time, free shipping on eligible orders makes it more economic. Purchasing can be done on it by doing just a few clicks & the product will deliver within seven working days. As compare to other survival watches, Suunto Core is cheaper as well as it has more feature with the superior quality.

Customer Experience

As per the customer reviews, it can be stated that they have good experience & they are satisfied with Suunto mechanical survival watch. There are lots of customers who are using it for so many years & are happy with its quality & features. However, there are few cons also found while reviewing the customers but the cons are negligible as compared to its pros.

Some customer experiences are as follow:

I have a very good experience of buying mechanical survival watch as I bought it from Amazon website. Here I became able to buy a watch from so many options available. At the same time, due to discount offer, I bought it at a very cheap price. There are multiple listings of the product at Amazon. I selected the option of regular shipping so it was in my mind that I will receive the watch in a week. However, I was surprised as it delivered to my home within two working days. So, my experience was remained excellent while online shopping on Amazon. Moreover, this excellent watch has increased the excitement level of the shopping. Its simple design with mechanical movement has made me fall in love with the watch.However, I found that the strap is not so stylish so I recommend it to change it with latest designs.

I personally prefer to use Suunto Core as it has a compass which supports me to navigate the area whenever I have to go for a journey. This watch remains assistive when I get lost at any place. I am adventure loving personality & frequently go for a journey. Having Suunto Core survival watch at the wrist offers confidence & gives the feeling of invaluable. This mechanical watch remains helpful in bad conditions and supports me to accomplish the journey successfully.

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