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Best Military Hiking Boots

To say that I enjoy hiking would not be telling the truth. I love it. All that wonderful country to explore, just me and my dog - what bliss. However, finding the right type of hiking boot is paramount to enjoying myself totally. When I first started out hiking, I knew nothing about having the proper boots nor the equipment I needed.

Best Military Hiking Boots available on Amazon

Here is a list of the Best Military Hiking Boots

These days, I look back at my naivety and thank God that I didn’t suffer more then a few falls, bad blisters and twisted ankles because I thought I didn’t need to prepare at all for a simple hike of 10 kilometers into a forest, or any other hike.

  • Mistake No. 1. I thought ordinary sneakers would do. I didn’t take into consideration that they would slip around on my feet and were not made to take standing on sharp rocks that slid under my feet. The result of that first hike was large blisters on my toes and heels, despite wearing socks, holes in my sneakers and a sudden dislike for something which I had thought I would love.
  • Mistake No. 2. I thought a size bigger would take care of all the discomfort of wearing socks and having some problems with my feet, like bunions. Not so. Because I had the extra space, my bunions rubbed raw, as did my heels. However I was learning by these mistakes. I started looking for hiking boots online in shops. I found myself an online shoe shop that sold what they said were hiking boots.
  • Mistake No. 3. Many shoe shops which sell what are described as hiking boots do not actually sell good hiking boots. These boots are quite simply a jazzed-up version of sneakers or shoes. The first hike I made in these so-called hiking boots resulted in a badly sprained ankle because the boot top was very soft and allowed my ankle to roll with no support at all.
  • Mistake No. 4. Thinking that cheaper will do just as well and there is no difference between cheap hiking boots and expensive ones. With this type of footwear, cheaper gave me problems costing more than if I had bought the more expensive ones in the first place.
  • Mistake No. 5. is one I make often and not only with hiking boots. I don’t take the time out to break them in’. Even a boot or a shoe which fits you perfectly in the shop needs to be broken in. This simply means that you should wear the boots regularly for ever-increasing periods of time until they are comfortable. If it is at all possible wear the boots to areas which resemble where you plan to actually hike so you can discover any problems the boots have with your feet or vice versa.

These are just a few mistakes I have made. No doubt you will find some more if you research the subject further, but these are personal experiences. Below I have listed some of the things anyone needs to take into consideration when they go to choose hiking boots.

Measurements of feet

This is vital. If you measure your feet at the hottest part of the day you will not get a good average as they will have some swelling, some more fluid than usual and even be sweating. You should measure your feet when you first get out of the shower. Or, even easier, take a favorite pair of shoes which fit perfectly and are comfortable. Draw a line around the shoes’ soles. Cut this line out carefully and take it with you when you go to buy your hiking boots.

When you choose a pair of boots, slip the piece of paper into them then remove it. Wherever the paper folds on itself or wrinkles is where you are going to have problems with the boots. If you can find a perfect fit with paper, you will probably find the boots will also be a perfect fit on your feet.

Structure of the boot

Study the stitching carefully. Is it flush with the material the boot is made of or does it stick out a little? This can make pressure areas on your feet after a long walk which can quickly turn into blisters or worse if your circulation is not good.Is the sole flexible but not easy to push a finger into so it dents? If it is easy to dent, then sticks, stones and other things which are normal on a hike will bruise your feet or even punch a hole through the sole.

Is the tongue well-fitting and doesn’t work into a bunch? If it won’t lie flat then it may rub and again cause you problems. Is it too tight when you lace up your boots? Then forget it and find another brand.

Are the lacing holes easy to release? If they are too easy, the boot lacing may work loose and trip you up.

Does the boot go far enough up over your ankle in order to help prevent giving yourself a nasty twisted ankle? Boots that come underneath the ankle make accidents very easy as there is no support at all for that part of the foot. If this part of the boot goes too low it may also encourage rubbing under the ankle bone.

Do you know what type of territory you are going to be hiking on? Mountain country requires a different type of hiking boot to flat country or stony territory. Maybe you will be walking through a lot of water. All of this needs to be considered before buying boots.

Some selections of Hiking Boots available from Amazon

 1.  Timberland White Ridge Hiking Boot

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

​These boots tick all the boxes. The only problem with them is they are not very attractive if that is what you want. But against that their price range is within nearly everyone’s reach. $67.96 to $159.00. 41/2 stars by consumers.

 2.  Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0

Has a high clearance at the arch of the foot which might become tiring if you plan on walking a long distance. A little more expensive than the Timberland at between $177.99 and $230.00.

 3.  Hi-Tec Women’s WN Logan Mid WP Hiking Boot

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0

Like the Timberlake this hiking boot appears to tick all the boxes. From $56.84.

 4.  Coshare Women’s Combat Hiking Military Boots

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

These have what appears to be extra padding over the ankle. They also appeal as quite fashionable. Prices starting from $25.45.

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