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Best Military Jungle Boots

Whether you are stateside or deployed, you need to make certain that you have a suitable arrangement of boots on your feet while serving in the Army. Keeping your feet upheld and agreeable while permitting them to inhale must be your need while choosing for the best military jungle boots. You additionally need to ensure you find approved best military jungle boots that will not only serve you well, additionally will be up to the guidelines of your positioning officer or NCO.

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Here is a list of the Best Military Jungle Boots

My Findings for the Best Military Jungle Boots

There is has a full determination of AR670 consistent Army boots in the most prominent brands. We stock flight boots and also alternatives for protected, lightweight, security toe, and waterproof boots. You can pick which classification best fits your requirements, from a lightweight boot for mobility in the infantry to something more fortified for tankers. You can make sure that you are getting footwear that is suitable for the occupation since we offer AR670-1 agreeable boots in many assortments for wear with OCP Scorpion uniforms.

Top Five Best Military Jungle Boots

 1.  Rocky S2V Boots AR 670-1 Compliant

Rating: 3.9 / 5.0

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As for now, this is one of the most famous combat till date and no doubts further; the boot has been set in the place it deserves.The plans have been worked on to redesign the sole, which is already a good one. It seems that the inclusion of a more well-defined heel for air assault and climbing operations can be seen with this S2V.


  • Remarkably comfortable
  • ​Affordable and one of the best military jungle boots
  • Contains excellent stability and breathing


  • The size of the insole makes it much comfortable
  • ​The upper area and the lace part works in sync providing the best experience
  • ​Performs well in varying environments
  • Dries within 10 minutes after getting wet


  • This is said to be less comfortable than its original counterpart

 2.  Garmont T8 NFS Boots

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0

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As any individual who has ever served can let you know there is a great deal of working in the Army. You keep running for safety and discipline. There might even be times when you're running for your life. So your decision of boot is vital. While adherence to the new AR 670-1 standards and directions is compulsory, you additionally need a boot that gives you a chance to move as quickly as possible.

After a proper assessment throughout the boots, and I've likewise worn more than a couple of various sorts of boots in real circumstances. So I attempt to approach my audit in light of both the specialized determinations of the boot and their viability in different certifiable conditions.


  • Perfectly constructed with polyester webbing and a 250g nylon mesh
  • ​Presence of 1.6 mm suede leather
  • ​Double stitches can be seen
  • Zero optical refraction hardware


  • Spongy outsole is best for climbing
  • ​The boot fits in perfect and has excellent breathability
  • ​Suits up with any environment
  • Mobility is the major point


  • Not so well insulated to face harsh times in the winter
  • ​Not the absolute strongest in the market
  • The small lugs doesn’t go well with flat and slick surfaces

 3.  Danner Tachyon Boots AR 670-1 Compliant

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0

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These are like my yard boots, and this could be one of your favorites too. The original version was revolutionary, and it all began with the Danner boot, the typical one. This release has its fat all removed. I mean these boots are fabulous. They're agreeable and to a significant degree high caliber, particularly for a transported in the boot. So evidently Danner retreated to the planning phase to overhaul the Tachyon.

View Danner Tachyon Boots AR 670-1 Compliant here

Presently upgraded to meet the stringent benchmarks of AR 670-1, the new Tachyon's is one of the lightest armed force boots at present available. The quick drying upper is presently 100% calfskin, making the boot approved for wear with the ACU. The boot has a 3-layer comfort framework and speed bands that give a comfortable, agreeable fit. The Danner Tachyon highlights a consistent elastic outsole for enhanced footing and scraped area resistance.


  • One of the lightest armed force boots
  • ​Quick Drying upper
  • ​100% calfskin
  • ​Abrasion resistance
  • EVA midsole is present for shock absorption


  • 3-layer comfort framework
  • ​Consistent elastic outsole
  • ​Resistance from the scraped area


  • Not Barry Compliant

 4.  Nike SFB Field Leather Boots AR 670-1 Compliant

Rating: N/A

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So as to shed weight on your feet, you will give up some strength and dependability; however, if speed is your amusement, these boots will get you there. The SFB Field likewise dries to a significant degree quickly, and the individual plan takes into consideration brisk shedding of mud and dust. The ribbon framework has additionally been overhauled to be a more precise boot, and the new field demonstrates a heel circle to secure the bands around the back of the boot.


  • The arch of the sole is seen with teeth
  • ​Well-performing sole with high and normal arches
  • ​This is a lightweight tactical boot
  • Design is flexible

Nike SFB Field Leather Boots Video Review


  • Better ankle protection
  • ​Grips wet surfaces
  • ​Best for training
  • Reliable and Comfortable


  • Relatively new boot so consistency is a question

 5.  BLACKHAWK Warrior Wear AR 670-1 Compliant

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

BLACKHAWK has been assembling strategic rigging since the mid-2000's yet appeared their first decisive boot not long after outsider boots got to be permitted in the US Army. Their first line of the strategic boot, the Warrior Wear, highlights a full grain leather upper, delicate elastic sole, and an expertly created insole.

The boot is lightweight and still intended for a field domain. The leather secures the whole foot of the wearer and ensures awesome solidness. The two boots shared a great deal of likenesses like weight and solace; however, the Blackhawks just wore better and held together with a considerable measure better.


  • True to size
  • ​First line of strategic boot
  • ​Full-grain upper leather
  • Elastic sole


  • Lightweight boot
  • ​Best for patrols and sucking
  • ​Keeps feet from being sore
  • No time required for the break-in process


  • Not water resistant
  • ​Best only for summer seasons
  • Durable socks required as a pair to keep the chill

However, comfort is the factor, and the boots we will be fielding must contain it. At least, that is what I consider. There are many other options as some winners swear by the rising trend. However, make sure you got an authorized one.

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