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Best Military Watch in the World

Years ago a military watch was meant only for military people and police so that they could do their task and synchronize with their troops. Those watches have extreme accuracy and precision along with great durability and functions such as altimeter to serve their purpose. However, the contemporary versions of military watches are even more packed with helpful and convenient functions, together with sleek and stylish designs so much that they are desired by people all over the world. Best military watch in the world are suitable for diverse variety of consumers and add a touch of sophisticated look to their wardrobe.

Here is a list of the Best Military Watch in the World

Aspects of the Best Military Watch

Some of the amazing aspects of a military watch are:

Night vision

Military watches have amazing H3 tritium technology which allows the user to have a look at their watch even in complete dimness. This astonishing state of the art technology empowers the watch to glow for 25 years minus any battery.


These watches are the most durable ones in the market. They are made of titanium, one of the hardest elements which can endure tough physical contacts. Their straps are made of leather or nylon making it very sturdy.

It has precise Chronograph Movement and at least 3 to 4 sundials. They not only have tremendous precision and accuracy, but also add to the sporty and high-tech charm that most guys love.

Military watches can be powered by solar power and can run up to 5 months without additional charge. Thus, there is unrestricted battery life and their users don't have to worry about changing batteries at all. Triple sensor. It's quite a common feature among military watches. It comprises of a barometer, altimeter, and compass, showing that the generation of single functioned watches are gone.

Luminox Blackout has numerous high-tech technological strides and defines Swiss standards. Its illumination aspect is absolutely exceptional and multipurpose. They can light up a specific source and are motorized by minute glass lights which are called as borosilicate glass capsules. They can offer great radiance even without a particular need for solar battery or power oriented versions and it lasts up to 25 years. In addition, their brilliance as compared to preceding watches is just simply amazing.

Luminox blackout looks very fashionable and can be worn by both older and younger people. They have stylish chronograph and round dials which express panache and elegance at its best. They are well-known for their sophistication and excellent and efficient functions.

What to Look for While Buying Military Watch

Different Era

There are many types of military watches you can buy. You can purchase military watches from various different eras, including Pre World War I, World War II, Vietnam, Korea, or Post Vietnam. In addition to this, there are also watches available in connection with different branches of the military service, including the navy, the air force, the army, the marines, the special services, and the Foreign Service.


When looking for military watches, there are a few things to consider. A popular feature is a watch that has 3 symbols on the 24 hour dial. These represent the strength of the military over sea, land, and air, and make the watch highly desirable. These sorts of timepieces are quality watches whose hands go around the dial only once a day.

You should also look for a watch that has a durable design, as military watches are made to be worn. Chronograph functions are always useful, as are built in timers, in addition to a watch with a long lasting backlight.

There are many companies specializing in military watches, but you need to be selective when choosing a military watch. A good watch will hold its value fairly well such as the Pieria watches, whereas a poorer quality one could depreciate in value rapidly.

Best Military Watch in the World

1. Casio

There are a number of watches that work well in any given situation, and the Casio military is one of these timepieces. There are a number of features that make it the perfect watch for any diver, military personnel, or athlete, and it is a reliable timepiece that will last a long time.

Why Casio?

Casio is one of those brands in the world that is known for its quality, precision of time, high craftsmanship and designs that set it apart from the rest of watches in the world.

Casio is a Japanese company that has been around since 1946, and is renowned for its quality designs for calculators, cameras, musical instruments and watches. Casio released its first watch, the Cosmotron, in 1974. It released the first G-Shock watch nine years later in 1983, and had sold 19 million units before 1998.

Casio G-Shock is known to last for many years and they are as rugged and durable and affordable.

The Watch:

The Casio military watch has been designed to withstand shock, water, mud, and extreme conditions. The design guarantees the best performance in rough conditions of any kind. The watch itself was inspired by the military, and it has been selling for many years, proving that they can take the heat.


The functions of the piece are many, and all of them truly come in handy when you are using your watch in extreme conditions.

  • The band is itself made of tough rubber that can withstand a lot of pressure, and acts as cushion to absorb shock to the wrist.
  • ​The glass on the face is durable quartz that is scratch and crack resistant. It is reliable up to 200 meters of depth.
  • The alarm, stopwatch, and clock are all made with precision timekeeping capacity, and like all Casio watches are known to be as reliable as an atomic clock.

Who is it for?

The Casio G-Shock is the perfect one for anyone in high-contact or extreme sports. Alpinists, snowboarders, and skiers have found the Casio to be a perfect sports watch, which holds up as well in high altitudes and cold temperatures as it does under normal conditions.

Many rock climbers and hikers also find it to be a good choice for them, as the rubber wristband is comfortable and provides extra support for the wrists.

Many divers have chosen the Casio G-Shock as their number one choice. The special backlight illuminates in the darkness of the ocean while not shining too brightly to scare away marine life. The watch has also proved to be reliable and durable, easily reaching 200 meters of depth with no problems.

While the Casio Military G-Shock Watch is not perfect for everyone, it is the perfect one for those who are interested in a timepiece that will tell accurate time while still being durable, rugged, and stylish.


Whichever model of military watches you decide to buy, you should take the time to speak to an experienced collector. Get advice on who the best dealers are to speak to and whether it would be worth your while buying your timepiece privately.

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