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Best Nightforce Scopes

Anyone who has purchased a nightforce scopes has one question that troubles them. What’s the best product to purchase from the many varieties in the market? There are different types of nightforce scopes with varied specifications. It is therefore important to understand the various products and how there specifications will aid you in meeting your expectations. Regardless of your hunting needs, you have to purchase a high-quality product that will offer high resolution and clarity for your targets.

Here is a list of the Best Nightforce Scopes

This article about the Best nightforce scopes identifies the most effective and user friendly riflescopes in the market. Most the available riflescopes are characterized with high quality material, clarity of targets and high resolution lens. However, it is important to know the different type of nightforce scopes and identify the one that meet all your needs accordingly. Whether you need to hunt big animals at long range or small animals at a short range you will need to find the perfect tool that make your hunting endeavor enjoyable. The articles seeks to analyze the top 5 nightforce scopes, their features, how customers say about them and their pros and cons.

1. Nightforce The BEAST 5-25x56mm F1 Rifle Scope

This is one of the most effective and convenient riflescopes that I have come across in the market. It is referred to be the beast because of its advanced features and full form. It’s known to be durable, high grade optics quality and advanced grade material.

>>>View Nightforce The BEAST 5-25x56mm F1 Rifle Scope here<<<


Light weight

This product weighs about 1134 grams. Hunting requires a light weight riffle that will enable you to have easy time while carrying it around. The lightweight will also enable to make shots more effectively. This feature will allow you to travel at far locations without any indication of being exhausted.

Eye relief

This product has an eye relief of 3.54 inches. After purchasing this product, I found this feature to offer a high precision shooting capability and to make the perfect aiming for targets.

Internal Adjustments

The nightforce scope comes with Wind-80MOA/ 23.7MIL and Elev- 120MOA/34.9 MIL for configurations. These two options provides the best clarity and high resolution, extreme adjustment speed and about 90% light transmission.

Customer reviews

Different customers have expressed their impression about the product and how it has helped them in their hunting activities. Customers also praised the product for its durability and ease of use.


  • High resolution
  • ​Easy to use
  • Its light weight


  • Relatively costly

2. Nightforce ATACR 4-16x42mm F1 ZeroHold .1 Mil-Radian PTL H59 C550

The full form nightforce ATACR is an advanced riflescope with excellent features to offer impressive shooting results. This is a compact and powerful nightforce scope that is specially designed with multi coated glass lenses.

>>>View Nightforce ATACR 4-16x42mm F1 ZeroHold Mil-Radian here<<<


Internal adjustments

It is now easy to make adjustments through the nightforce low profile Zero hold feature which is available in 1-Mrad offering 12 Mils per revolution. It can also offer .25 MOA or .30 MOA per revolution increments. The product also provides a capped windagge adjustment that helps to prevent additional adjustment in the field. Parallax adjustments is indicated with approximate listed distances and it is also coupled with DigIllum digital reticle illumination. The machine’s eye piece has an enhanced engraving that has integrated power throw lever and a high sped thread for making a faster diopter adjustment.

All the features are coupled with intelligent, nightforce F1 reticles that offer first holds adjustments and accurate ranging calculations. The ATACR stets a new standard in the class of mid-powered optics. The various specifications of the device include 50mm exit pupil diameter, 1 Mil-rad of parallax adjustment, 26 Mil/w and 18 mil click value.

3.53” eye relief

This eye relief enables the shooter to have a clear view of the target and also give them higher resolution for shooting.

Light weight

The nightforce scope weighs approximately 850 grams providing a convenience for carrying it for long distances. The light weight also enables shooters to have a better aim at their targets as there is no weight disturbance. In addition, the product has a mounting length of 150 mm. this is appropriate for making both short and long shots.

Customer reviews

Most customers who have bought this item have expressed their happiness about the effectiveness of using the product. It does not need an experienced person to install the addition, it making hunting exercise a fun because of its high resolution and clarity of targets.


  • Easy to use
  • ​It is of lightweight
  • ​Cost effective
  • Excellent for short range targets


  • Not the best option for long range shooting

3. NightForce COMPETITION 15-55x52mm Rifle Scope for Target Shooting, Black, 30 mm, .125 MOA - FCR-1

This is yet another high quality nightforce scope that deliver excellent results for its users. It is an industry standard equipment that has extremely high speed adjustment, zero stop failure and exemplary windage caps. In addition to providing color contrast correction and high resolution it also offers 92% light transmission. It gives 22-24% light enhancement than other products in the market making it a good hunting riflescope. It has unprecedented optical clarity that is generated due to the presence of ED glass at night force competition riflescopes.

>>>View NightForce COMPETITION 15-55x52mm Rifle Scope here<<<


ED glass

The exceptional resolving power of the ED glass, coupled with the powerful lens coatings and the good construction techniques ensures the products offers an extremely clear view of your targets. My diverse experience with riflescopes proofs this to be one of those products I can use over and over again without getting bored. The lens ensures that the object you need to choose whether in short range or long range is brought into the right focus for u to make a shot.

Light weight

There is nothing as good as travelling to different places with a light luggage. Hunting is an event that will involve things like squatting and assuming different sitting or lying positions for you to make a shot. This is the reason the product is made with a light weight material to ensure you will not tire while in your hunting exercise.

High quality

The riflescope is made with the best materials and advanced technology that can guarantee up to 100 yard shooting distance. Again, durability of the equipment is assured.


It offers 125MOA parallax adjustment, a 300 tube diameter and 162 mm mounting length. This features make the product a good nightforce scope for hunting.

Customer review

This is one of the riflescopes that have received wide range acceptance in the market. It comes with nice features that offer optimal performance and the best hunting experience to many. The manageable adjustments ensures users can shoot at nearby or distance targets without any difficulties.


  • Excellent adjustments
  • ​Easy to assemble and use
  • ​It’s cost effective
  • Offers clarity of targets.

4. Nightforce NXS - 1-4X24mm - .250 MOA - IHR - NVD - PTL, Black, 30 mm C452

My interaction with this riflescope found it to be a perfect product for hunting down all types of targets both at short range and long range. The product’s lower mounting is excellent for target acquisition at all ranges. Everyone desires to have a perfect piece of equipment with them. This riflescope offers high resolution and clarity of object regardless of their distance from the gun.

>>>View Nightforce NXS - 1-4X24mm - .250 MOA here<<<



The reticles in these scopes are positioned at first focal plane. This ensures you to shoot at targets at 1000 yards from your position. If you are good enough at shooting, you can be assured of getting much fun from this riflescope.

Perfect eye relief

The device has a 4-inch eye relief which is the perfect distance for making extreme long range shooting quite easy. So far, this is the only product that I have come across having such an impressive eye relief. You no longer need to crawl to your targets since this feature allows you to take them down at longer distances than ever. In addition, the availability of zeroStop either optional or compulsory makes the product way forward of its counterparts.

Night vision

The riflescope has night vision capability that ensures hunting can be done any anytime. This offers convenience to people with tight day schedules or places where hunting targets are available at night. This product is ideal for hunting in dangerous games and excellent for 3-gun competitions.

Powerful lens

The riflescope comes with one of the best lens offering high magnification for small objects. Hunting is therefore made simpler by this device since location targets is not as hard as with other devices. Once you’ve identified your target, the gun offers high accuracy to ensure perfect shooting.

Light weight

Weight of hunting equipment is always an issue for every hunter. No one needs to carry a heavy riflescope while they go around hunting. This is why the riflescope is made with light weight material to ensure effectiveness of use.

Customer reviews

Research from different sources indicates customers have accepted the importance and effectiveness of this nightforce scope in their hunting activities. All the features are nicely built together to offer the most stunning hunting gadget in the market.


  • Easy to use
  • ​High resolution and clarity of targets
  • Offered at a cost effective price

5. Nightforce Benchrest

We close our top 5 best riflescopes by examining the benchrest hunting devices. The bechrest high-precision riflescopes represent the high level of performance in the industry today. These brand of hunting guns comes in 2 models. The first model is the 8-32x56 and the second is the 12-42x56. The two models are designed with excellent features to offer exceptional ease of usage. In both guns, shooters can quickly adjust parallax from 25 yards to infinity. Also, the accuracy of tracking can be maximized by these models as they come with a system for coils spring plunger. It is equipped with a glass-etched illuminated reticle and a fast reticle focusing.


Powerful lens

Each of the two models have a 56mm multi-coated lenses. These provide a superior resolution to offer fine details at long range targets. The adjustable objective also provide extra detailed focus for parallax adjustment to infinity. The target turrets are fitted in true .125 MOA values that can be re-indexed to zero after spotting in.

Excellent eye piece

The eye piece provides a fast reticle focusing which combined with the glass-etched illuminated reticle provides visibility for almost every lighting conditions. These products provides 2 choices of magnification ranges but only a single choice in the illuminate bechrest nightforce scope.


The nightforce 12-42x56 and 8-32x56 are both long range NBX brands that incorporate all the research and development advantages nightforce has learnt in 1000 yard benchrest contests. The two models from benchrest are made with high quality materials that ensure high-performance and durability. You need not to worry about travelling to certain locations as the products are made to endure in all hunting zones.


As with the case with all the other riflescopes, this product is made with light weight material to ensure shooters have an easy hunting exercise. The light weight also ensures that aiming and shooting is done with a lot of ease and accuracy.

Customer reviews

A lot of customers have written so much about the effectiveness of the model benchrest hunting guns. As experience is the best teacher, the two models have satisfied the expectations of many hunters in their activities.


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • ​High accuracy
  • The two models are light weight


  • They have limited elevation adjustment


Every hunter has the desire of having the best experience after a hunting exercise. This can only be achieved by having the best riflescope for the hunting endeavor. Different nightforce scopes are made with different specifications. It is therefore of great importance to know the different specifications and how they are of benefit to you. The customer reviews also offer useful information in determining the type of equipment to purchase. Conducting a small survey is crucial to identify the product that best meets your needs before making any purchase. Different products will offer different specifications and you should only go for the product with the right and favorable specifications. In addition, the market has been flooded with counterfeit products and it important to know the look and feel of genuine products before you make any purchase. I’m deeply convinced that after reading this article about the Best nightforce scopes, you will get the necessary insight about different nightforce scopes.

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