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Best Nikon Scope for .30 06

The .30-60 is one of the rifles that every hunter feels proud of. It is one of the few popular rifles that has been used by people across decades and still remains a desired and reliable equipment. With the right scope, you have sufficient reason and confidence to go out for a hunt ready for a swift kill. Only the Winchester .308 can stand on its way. It has a hard hitting capability compounded with a handy design that desires a good scope to ensure the potential is harnessed to the targeted aim.

Here is a list of the Best Nikon Scope for .30 06


Nikon Scope for .30 06


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Nikon ProStaff 7

Nikon Monarch 3

Nikon Inline XR

Best Nikon scope for .30 06

There are a number of scopes for this rifle. However, Nikon has been known for its optical advantage and clarity of view. Having a Nikon scope brings a number of advantages that always follow the brand. Here are some of the best Nikon scope for .30 06 rifle that will never disappoint.

Nikon ProStaff 7

>>>View Nikon ProStaff 4-12x40 Black Matte Riflescope here<<

This scope perfectly meets the demands of the rifle as if it is an extended part of the equipment. It completes the performance of the rifle to make a formidable team. The scope comes with a 4-12 power magnification ability with a 40mm objective lens that maintains the clarity of the targeted with every magnification. With this view, you are able to select the item of target amidst a number of items. The scope has a nitrogen filled tube with o-ring sealing. The optics of the scope are all fully coated but they have advanced adjustment system that gives the user the flexibility to have the view as desired.

The scope looks good within the rifle. Its small size and well balanced design can perfectly fit within the bod of the rifle. The parts of the scope are well built and firmly attached. The ultimate look and feel brings out a solid equipment that will not let you down when in an expedition. The ProStaff 7 series comes in various functional abilities that vary with magnification. You may opt for the 3-12 or 4-12 magnification for short range hunting or the 4-16 for the long range hunting expedition.

Nikon Monarch 3

>>>View Nikon Monarch 3 2.5-10x42 Mildot Riflescope here<<<

The Monarch 3 Matte Mildot has been defined by many hunters to be the scope that is needed when accuracy counts. It is ideal for mid-size hunting making it the scope for your rifle when you are going to hunt targets that are not far from you. It comes with a magnification of 2.5-10. The scope comes with an enhanced ring spacing that fits mounting in any rifle including the .30-06. The makers of the scope selected a great reticle which is its mildot reticle. With this reticle you can aim at targets of varying distance without necessarily having to adjust the scope.

The spot on ballistic match technology is a modern feature that works well with the old rifle. This feature allows you as the shooter to discover the aiming points that for your ammunition and load. With the windage and elevation adjustments the scope, your shooting is complete. The unnecessary movement that you would have to make that in most cases scares the target are avoided. You can maintain your setting and keep clam. The look of the scope is perfect and professional. It fits perfectly anywhere within the body of the rifle to match the hunting posture of the shooter.

Nikon Inline XR

>>>View Nikon Inline XR 3-9x40 Matte BDC 300 here<<<

Among the best Nikon scopes for the rife is the Nikon Inline XR 3-9x40 Matte BDC 300. You will pay less for this long range scope. The unique feature of this scope is the patented BDC 300 reticle. You get to enjoy a trajectory compensated reticle. It also has an easy to see ballistic circles that makes aiming much easier. While it comes with a unique circle design, it does not obscure the target view from the scope.

It also comes with the spot on ballistic match technology that makes targeting long range easier. This technology makes you discover the exact aiming point that is valuable for the .30-06 rifle. Other than its technological fit, the rifle matches perfectly to the design of the rifle. It completes the look derivable from the combination of the rifle and scope.

The beauty of Nikon is that these three types of scopes come in a variety of series. You get a chance to get your specific needs for the .30-06 rifle.

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