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Best Pellet Gun Pistols

For a beginner, choosing your first pellet gun can be a bit tricky. This is because the type of gun you want is mostly due to its functionality. This means you should know whether you want the gun for self-defense, long range shooting or competitions and which type of weather you will be using it in. In today market, most firearms are utilizing a replant charge. However, when you are using an air pistol, you use compressed air or gas. Therefore, most of them are either called airguns or pellet guns.

Here is a list of the Best Pellet Gun Pistols

If you need to be helped in selecting the right gun, here is a review of some of the best guns in this range.

1. Crosman American Classic Pump Air Pistol

This is a stunning air pistol that is designed for quick, uncomplicated loading. It weighs up to 32 ounces, therefore, can be easily used by anyone and used to improve aim quickly.

Features Fast trigger pull

The trigger of this gun weighs about 4.5 ounces. This might seem to be a very light weight but when combined with this gun, it is a bit heavy. The trigger breaks reliably and in a neat way with no over travel and no killjoy. It essentially feels like the best trigger yet.

Ergonomic design

This gun has the very nice shooting ergonomics featuring a short and fresh trigger. The stock and grip can be adjusted. Even with all that, it is still a multi-stroke pneumatic. Therefore, you will have to use more energy pumping than pointing and pulling the trigger.


  • Usable by both right and left handed people.
  • ​Rate of accuracy improved by long barrel and long slight radius.
  • ​This product has many upgrades available.
  • One of the most powerful pellet gun.


  • Heavy trigger that forces someone to shoot using both hands.
  • ​The pistol needs to be pumped after each shot.
  • Limited stock sights with a narrow vision.

Crosman American Classic Pump Air Pistol Video Review

2. Winchester Model 11K

This gun has the look and feel of a classic gun. It is made of a nickel body and black checked grip plates. It can carry two CO2 cartridges each of 12 grams. This is a mobile and compact choice for an air gun.

Features Very safe

The grip feels funky for a bit but works perfectly well. The gun disengages when you pull the trigger without disturbing the safety hold. It features a slight lag between drawing the gun and doing the actual shooting which is a brilliant safety structure.


This gun uses .177 calibre bullets in a semi-automatic manner. The clip has 16 shots which reach a velocity of 410 fps. However it only shoots BB rounds and not any other kind of pellets e.g. lead or other alloys.


  • Can be used by inexperienced users and promotes learning how to shoot.
  • ​The co2 cartridges are easy to install.
  • ​The blowback is very realistic.
  • Comes in a brilliant case.


  • Sight cannot be adjusted thus bringing a disadvantage in accuracy.
  • ​The handle feels like a toy therefore discouraging professionals from using it.
  • Speed of the bullets seems to decrease as magazines empty.

Winchester Model 11K CO2 Pistol Kit Video Review

3. Gamo P-25 Blowback

This is one of the many hunting pellet guns in the market. It weighs very little at about 1.7 pounds. It also has a riffled barrel and a textured. It also features incredible blowback action with a 450fps maximum velocity.

Features Trigger pull

The trigger pull is moderate and pulling the trigger prompts the next bullet into place thus reducing the average wait time before the next shot. Because of this, there is a slight resistance and click. This means that after you are done with the first stage, the trigger becomes lighter and easier to pull.


This is a very respectable gun in terms of accuracy and is used by many as a target practice gun. This means you can use it to hit something that is a bit far with high accuracy.


  • Has a good weight and feel.
  • ​Heavy blowback action.
  • ​Easy to use sights by utilizing white dots.
  • More realism with recessed barrel.


  • Slights are not adjustable.
  • ​It does not feature any catch release.
  • Uses up the co2 cartridge fast.

Gamo P-25 Blowback Pellet Pistol Clampack Video Review

4. Crosman Bolt Action

This is an affordable, bold looking gun with .22 calibre. This gun is simply one of the very best in the market.

Features Fast shooting

This is a very good pistol with fast velocities for a pistol. The speeds clock in at about 460 fps. Although from a long range, the gun cannot cause much damage, it certainly can do a number on some pests.

Incredible build

This gun is very customizable. This means you can use the gun as a base to construct a further deadlier weapon. It is however recommended to use the same brand of parts so as to maintain the quality.


  • The gun is very powerful and sustains substantial damage making it a perfect gun to use in both pest control and target practice.
  • Upgrading the gun is easy with no hassles as it is compatible with a wide array of add-ons.
  • Both right and left handed people can use this gun with ease.


  • The thumb rest is a bit higher than normal therefore making it hard for some people to use this gun.
  • The gun’s rear is made of plastic therefore could be quite flimsy. This means you can easily knock it out by a slight bump.

Crosman 2240 Bolt Action CO2 Pellet Pistol Video Review

5. Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante Revolver

This is a perfectly balanced co2 pistol that features dual ammunitions. It is a very professional gun with a full metal frame and a tactical rail system. It is about 2 pounds heavy and about 11.38 inches long. It’s also very durable and feels very powerful and compact in hand.

Features Well balanced

This gun has co2 cylinders that can handle .177 pellets and BBs. It can accommodate 10 rounds of pellets and about 6 of BBs. The gun also has a good shots per co2 test results especially in warm environments.

Accurate shots

This gun is breathtakingly accurate with a velocity of 435fps when using pellets and 465 fps with BBs. The revolver also boasts of a side cock that makes the gun different from typical guns. This gives an extra boost when shooting.

Adjustments in optics.

You can add other incredibly helpful elements that can be used to increase efficiency and optics. You can add a 10-shot pellet cut or a 6-shot bb cut. This allows both rehashing and single shooting.


  • Manual safety makes the gun much safer when a newbie is using it.
  • ​The gun shoots as far as the trigger is pulled thus showing 0 lag in the shooting mechanism.
  • One can add lasers and spotlights to add accuracy and style.


  • The BBs can sometimes ricochet thus one is advised to have safety goggles.
  • The .117 pellets can be in effective when killing larger animals.

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