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Best Pickup Bed Extenders

Pickup bed extenders are among the vehicle accessories that any pickup truck owner cannot miss in his/ her truck. Bed extenders are used to-extend the loading space of a truck so as to fit a bigger load. As a truck owner, I came to use these vehicle accessories as we were going on a family vacation. This increased the load carrying capacity and long items such as kayak and a sports bike fit it without any problems or fear that they might fall off during the trip.

Here is a list of the Best Pickup Bed Extenders

There are a number of items you can choose from depending on the use or load that is being carried. There are a variety of bed extenders and they have different lengths and specs. When carrying some items that cannot fit inside the pickup bed and you has the fear of losing it on the road, these are some of the tools that you should consider having in the truck. Due to my experience using a variety of these tools recently, I felt the need to come up with this list of the best pickup bed extenders there is on the market today.

Before coming to a conclusion on the best pickup extender there are a few things you should consider checking. First which metal material suits you and your load best? For me, aluminum works best as it is light in terms of weight, very strong and does not rust. This makes it durable, long lasting and apparently it is easy to clean. This made aluminum my choice. Secondly, while picking the bed extender of your choice, consider the load you are carrying. If the load is too-long, consider long and strong extenders to ensure your load is safe. For a small load like the bike, you only need a small extender. For long items such as wood that will extend for a long distance one should purchase a long bed extended with the proper design of holding the load. Finally, look for the best pickup bed for your car model. They differ depending on the vehicle model. Here are some of the top bed extenders in the market.

Top 5 Best Pickup Bed Extenders

 1.  Best Choice Products Pick-Up Truck Bed Hitch-Extender Steel Extension-Rack For Boat-Lumber Long Loads

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0

This is a best choice product item that is made of steel. It can be adjusted to fit the user requirement as in terms of width, it can be adjusted to fit 28.25 to 48.75 inches. In terms of height, it can be adjusted from17 to 24 inches. It comes with reflectors on all sides and a red flag for better visibility on the road. It is quick to assemble and disassemble as it has only four quick releases.

It is made out of high-grade tubular steel which makes it strong and durable. It gives room for long payloads like lumber, pipes, canoes and many other extra long cargos. It can carry up to approximately 750 pounds of well-distributed weight capacity. It comes in black color and has also had a number of customers claiming that the product gets rust very quickly.

 2.  Darby Extend A Truck 944 4-feet Truck Bed Extender

Rating: 4.9 / 5.0

This is a product by 4wheel online with dimensions of 53.5 by 14.3 by 2.8 in terms of length, width and height respectively. They are adjustable and fit easily into the truck. It can be minimized and disassembled to fit behind the seat of the truck.

It has four reflectors and comes with a red flag to make it visible on the road. It can also be adjusted to fit in for roof-top hauling. The item though it is strong and durable, many people have experienced some problems with rusting. Some people have claimed that the item comes with rust even after shipping.

 3.  AMP-Research 74813-01A BedXTender MAX, Black

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

This is an item from AMP Research that is strong and has a powder coating to prevent it from rusting. The item is made from aluminum tubes, super strong and is light weight. It gives you up to 2 feet extra cargo space with the rear gate open. It has rugged glass-reinforced nylon composite to keep it upright and strong. It fits for cargo goods like sports bikes.

It gives its users a 5 year or 60000mile warranty as the company is certain that the item is well built. Having used it, it gives is prone to rust due to the black or silver powder coating and once bought you are assured that the product will lust for over five years without any complications.

 4.  Lund 601021 Hitch-Rack Truck Bed Extender

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

This is an item from Lund Company with dimensions of 39.5 by 21 by 3.5 in terms of length, width and height respectively. The bed extender provides an additional ground clearance of up to 7 inches comes with reflectors on all sides and a red flag at the other end to make it visible on the road.

It can hold up to 750 pounds of well-distributed weight and if fit with a standard two-inch receiver hitch, it allows an extended length of the cargo. The item weighs 46.2 pounds and is strong and durable. There are few who complained that the bed extender formed rusts even beneath the paint. It does not work on the roof top hauling.

 5.  Ready Ramp I-Beam Full Sized Bed-Extender or Ramp Black 100” open 60” on Truck

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

The Patent ReadyRamp Company is one of the bed extenders that can turn into a motorcycle-ramp and still work as a bed extender. It gives ample space on the rear gate as well as prevents items from falling off. It comes in different sizes and is majorly used by people with tough businesses such as hardware or gas stores, professional racers and motorcycle industry testers.

This product is made from aluminum which is strong, lightweight and is prone to rust. It can hold loads up to 600lbs. once it is set up, it can be fixed and removed in a very short time. It can be used in most car models. It has dimensions of 54 by 3 by 9 inches in terms of length, width, and height respectively. It is among the best pickup bed extenders you will come across in the market.

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