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Best Pocket Knife under 30

Pocket knives come in handy in the activities that we do every day. When you go camping or even in the simple tasks in the home or in your garage, a pocket knife becomes a very important companion. Having a collection of various antique pocket knives is also really cool thing. Without a doubt, regardless of one’s reasons for acquiring one, we all need to have one close to us. These days, there are many high quality pocket knives on the market that are worth considering; however, you may be pushed away by the steep prices of some of them. But this should not worry you. Here, I have sampled some of the best pocket knives under 30 dollars.

Here is a list of the Best Pocket Knife under 30

Top 5 Best Pocket Knife under 30

1 x Mtech Ballistic Bowie Black Red Skull Camo Assisted Pocket Knife

This particular pocket knife is a spring assisted knife with a 3mm thick blade 3.5” blade and another serrated 4.5” blade made of tough stainless steel. This knife can handle almost any task. The handle, as its name suggests, is a Red Crack Skull handle that is inclusive of a pocket clip and a skull trinket lanyard. This handle and the entire look of the blade makes it attractive and appealing. Holding it makes you look cool. It sells the notion that it is a couple hundred dollars while in reality, you can find it on the Amazon store for just about $5.06.


This pocket knife is beautiful and I love it. The handle has that bright red color that makes the entire knife very attractive. It also has an assisted opening.


The blade sharpening is not impressive and the knife gets blunt quite fast. Also the coat it just paint and can wear off.

Kershaw 1605CKTST Clash Folding Knife

To me, I think the Kershaw Clash Folding Pocket Knife brings the right fight in the field of black blades. The knife comes with a sharp drop-point blade that has a serrated section to assist in tearing down materials. The blade has gone through a thorough heat treatment giving it that toughness and durability. The handle is made of nylon filled with textured glass. Trust me, the feel and the grip is just on another level.


The knife opens smooth and easy with its locking liner ensuring it is safe when closed. It is also cost friendly going for $23.75 on the Amazon store.


The location of the opening tab is quite awkward. I feel like it make one sacrifice a solid grip of the handle when opening the blade.

Kershaw 1605CKTST Clash Folding Knife Video Review

Opinel No.6 Carbon Steel Folding Knife

When talking about cool and style of pocket knives, you talk about Opines No.6 Carbon Steel Folding Knife. At just $11, you get a pocket knife with a beautifully crafted Beech wood wooden handle that gives it a natural feel. The blade is made of carbon steel with a 2 14/16” length. Looking at the knife when closed, I see a sleek look that I would love to hold in my hands all the time.


The look is sleek and the design just epic. The natural feel of the handle also makes it unique. The carbon steel blade is also sharp and lethal, cutting through objects easily. The carbon blade also as compared to stainless steel blades holds an edge better.


The carbon blade is not favorable for moist environments and could rust easily if not well taken care of. It also lacks the serrated section or second blade which could make it more effective in handling tougher materials.

Opinel No.6 Carbon Steel Folding Knife Video Review

Vantage Multi-Purpose Folding Pocket Knife

From the look of it, this pocket knife would be very ideal for those who love camping and hiking. It has it all. Its features include a steel blade that has a 2.5” straight and 1” serrated edges, a recessed blade, glass breaker, a fire starter that is detachable and also a mini LED flashlight. The handle comes in either blue of black depending on your preference. The Vantage Multi-Purpose Folding Pocket Knife does not have the fancy designs that come with other types of pocket knives. Its performance, however, cannot be compared to any other. For just $26.25, you can get this. It is truly a worthwhile multi-purpose knife.


It comes with several features that enable handling of a wider scope of tasks. It comes in handy in almost all situations. The size is also right. I can easily fit in the pocket of pouch comfortably.


I have had complaints from some people that the blade is not that sharp, and opening with one hand is also somehow difficult. I guess that you have to judge for yourself.

The Patriot Folding Pocket Knife

The Patriot Folding Pocket Knife is a product of the Banner Knives. It is a knife that you can depend at all times. The knife boasts of having the strongest steel that is sufficiently sharp. It has a length of 7.7” when open, which is okay. It is one of those knives that can take on the toughest punishments and still stand strong. The handle is made of carbon fiber print that is attractive and cool. The looks and the feel are also at par.


The Patriot Folding Pocket Knife has a sleek design that is lovely to the eyes. The blade is strong and sharp enough to conquer any tasks put forward for it. It is also easy to open, requiring a one-handed quick flick only. I also find the $22.58 price at the Amazon store to be quite affordable.


The 7.7” length might be a bit larger and less convenient to some people. Closing is not also as smooth as you would expect it to be. It also happens to have more weight that is not convenient.

Pocket knives are cool and helpful. You can get one that is way too expensive or like me, opt for those with lower prices but equally effective. Saving some extra money is important and could help in something else. The above are just but a few of the best in the market. Before getting one, I would suggest that you do some research and pick out the one that works best for you.

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