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Best Pocket Knife under 50

Picking the perfect pocket knife may present a daunting task to many individuals. Pocket knives have been with us for centuries, evolving and branching out into many diverse styles, leaving us more than a handful of models and designs to choose from, overwhelming is an understatement.

Here is a list of the Best Pocket Knife under 50

Pocket knives can be grouped in various categories which I will expound on widely in the presiding chapter. There are Tanto blades, Clip-point blades and Drop-point blades, Serrated and Non-serrated blades, Stainless-steel and Carbon-steel blades, or the famous Swiss Army knives with enough tools and attachments to aid in all kinds of outdoor and indoor activities.

The best approach to finding the perfect pocket knife to get the job done is to research about the various kinds available. Since this may take you awhile, I hope this review will provide the much needed help.

The best pocket knife for me usually depends upon what my intended use for it. If I’m are planning on using it for hunting, I will definitely require a different kind of knife than if I’m were planning on using it for opening an envelope.

When it comes to pocket knives, the number of blades offered is very important depending on the user’s preference. The three basic kinds of pocket knives with reference to number of blades are single-blade knives, multi-blade knives and multi-tools.

Single-blade pocket knives come in several shapes and sizes, but their greatest qualities are their simplicity and mass. As I have learned, mono-blade pocket knives emphasize exclusively on the design of one blade. I have found that these knives customarily have locking mechanisms that make them tougher and sturdier for more demanding tasks. The only drawback of using a single blade is its lack of variety.

Multiple-blade pocket knives enables me to carry a single pocket knife that can perform the job of two or more. These pocket knives usually have two, three or four blades. Although multi-blade models provides variety, it does not offer as much strength or durability as a single-blade pocket knife.

Swiss Army Knives & Multi-tools offer more than just blades. Tweezers, nail files, saws, toothpicks, can openers, scissors, corkscrews and even memory sticks are all common features of these categories of knives. The Swiss Army knife was initially fashioned to meet the needs of soldiers in the ground who would be required to execute numerous tasks of which a single blade couldn't always handle. These knives come in many sizes and shapes and are best fit for the jack-of-all-trades who needs a whole assortment of tools within arm's reach at any period of time.

Being a knife enthusiast, I believe a knife’s brand is a very important factor to consider. Although name brand knives priced higher that cheap knives they will provide you less problems as well as offer better utility in terms of durability.

Benchmade is one example of a brand I have come to love. This is because the company allowed me to send in a pocket knife I had purchased from them for restoration. They sharpened the blade to the correct angle, replaced worn out parts, adjusted all screws, and shipped it back to me with that new factory shine. Non-name brands on the other side do not offer such customer aftersales service. Although I’m yet to use this service, name brands also assist there customers with toll free call lines and one can actually call in and get assisted in how best to sharpen and look after your knife at home.

Well known big brand names also provide lifespan guarantees with their knives. Although such knives have cost me more, an investment in a good quality pocket knife is definitely worth it. Look at it this way, if I bought a knife for say $10 and, after 2 years, it breaks, after 10 years, I’ll spent $100 By forfeiting a little more I will have saved myself cash in the long run. Cheap is definitely expensive!

Popular Brands

Various brands have built up concrete reputations over the decades by creating superior knives and maintaining contented customers. Some of the most popular knife brands we trust include; Victorinox, Buck, Kershaw, Schrade, Boker, Gerber, Spyderco, SOG, Case, Cold Steel, CRKT, Benchmade, Fallkniven, Al Mar Knives, Emerson Knives, Chris Reeve Knives.

All these brands can be purchased in all major online trade sites of their own respective online stores.

Price range for Pocket knives is usually anything between $1 and upwards of $250 in respect to the materials used, mechanism employed, design and size and number of blades.

It should be noted that great steel makes the best pocket knives. My love for knives is of no surprise therefore every time I make a purchase I have to dig up a little about the materials employed in its assembly. proves great customer feedback and reviews for arguably most if not all brands and the quality of steel it’s made of.

Blade Types & Ideal Uses

All blades are fashioned differently, it's important that you know the blade types in your knife and what they should best be used for, I have been able to group pocket knives in the following categories:

  • Clip Point are great for daily routine needs, their narrow point make it better for piercing and the deep belly makes it ideal for slicing.
  • ​Drop Point is a great multipurpose blade ideal for skinning and piercing, due to their large belly and a controllable point that makes it easier to elude nicking interior organs.
  • Straight-Back Blade also referred to as a normal blade is an all-purpose knife perfect for slicing and chopping, often found on kitchen knives.
  • ​Needle Point is symmetrical and sharply tapers into a point which is perfect for piercing objects, it is a great asset for self-defence.
  • Tanto Point sometimes referred to as the chisel point because of its resemblance to a chisel has a high point with a flat grind but no belly making it great for push cuts and piercing harder materials.
  • Pen Blade is a tiny blade mainly found on Swiss Army knives great to have in your pocket and is perfect for small tasks.

Since I’m a kind of a jack of all trades I most often than not carry my pocket knife along with me everywhere I go. Therefore, I always get a knife that has a perfect handle. Low-cost plastic handles usually hurt my hands and give me blisters after long use. Avoid these kinds of handled pocket knives if you’re a handy individual like I am. A good locking mechanism is definitely recommended since pocket knives are usually placed in the pocket. A quality lock and secure clip will prevent the blade from closing or opening when in use or when placed in the pocket respectively.

In concluding it would only be fair if I gave my 5 top picks in pocket knives. It should be noted that my list comprise of only some of the brands I have owned or used before and not the whole variety.

1. Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Folding Knife

The Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Folding Knife is one of the most widely held pocket knife choices on the market currently, and also among the finest EDC knife in my opinion. It’s hands-on design and extra safety measures make it a perfect choice. It comprises a closed length of 4 1/2 inches. It’s crafted from 6061-T6 Anondized Aluminum and comes with a quick safe opener for extra safety.

Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Folding Knife Video Review

2. Schrade Imperial Stainless Steel 3 Blade Knife

The Schrade Imperial Stainless Steel 3 Blade Knife is the most cost friendly knife on my list made by Schrade. It’s a smaller compact stockman knife in but it still gets the work done for most basic tasks. It consists of three stainless steel blades and is in the traditional Stockman format. It’s great for recreational use, fishing, and minor daily tasks.

3. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Flash II Knife

The Flash II knife comes furnished with a 3 1/2 inch blade and the SOG mechanism makes it easy to open the blade with one hand. The grip is made of nylon that’s been glass reinforced.

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Flash II Knife Video Review

4. Buck Knives 110BRS Hunter Folding Knife

5. Buck Knives have been with us for quite some time. The 110BRS Hunter is one of their more popular EDC knives for the cost of less than $50 on The blade is a 3 3/4 inches 420HC steel clip blade. It also comes with an additional leather sheath.

Buck Knives 110BRS Hunter Folding Knife Video Review

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