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Best Police Boots Review 2018

The best police boots (review) are strongly believed to have a firm grip while walking on various kinds of surfaces and weather conditions. Some feel that the best police boots should be highly breathable, while some insist that comfort is the most important feature as these boots would be worn all day long. Durability is also a key factor as you must expect highest quality and durable materials if you are going to spend hundreds or more for police boots. When it comes to any enforcement activities, it is crucial for any police official to be light on their feet. See below for the best duty boots for law enforcement footwear

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Here is a list of the Best Police Boots

Easy mobility on harsh, uneven terrains is the number one requirement for safety. The importance of lightweight shoes for duty will also help you avoid fatigue. To avoid unnecessary pressure and pain for your feet, lightweight materials such as Pylonmidoles and rubber outsoles and insoles are highly recommended when selecting a pair for police boots.

With that being said, here are five of the Top Best Police Boots:

Top 5 Best Police Boots

1. Maelstrom Men's Landship 8’’ Zipper                 Tactical Boot

Maelstrom has built a strong reputation when it comes to developing top class work boots, especially when it comes to their tactical boot series. The Maelstrom Landship 8’Tactical boot is exactly what you would hope to expect in a tactical boot. It is form fitting, easily manoeuvrable and completely comfortable. It ranks high in mobility and fits the best police boots criteria.


The Maelstrom Men’s Landship Tactical boot is retailed at a low – moderate price. The feel of the boot from initial wear is comfortable and fitting, unlike other boots that must be broken in to comfort. These tactical boots are manufactured with comfort in mind as it uses rubber materials for many parts and includes special footwear technology to enhance work capabilities.

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Footwear Technology

The Maelstrom Landship tactical boot uses leather and air mesh upper which makes the boot more breathable and waterproof. This means that this tactical boot is more durable than most as it uses synthetic rubber materials.

The boots feature moulded midsoles as it helps its shock absorbing capabilities, with a removable high performance and grace cushion insert to give the user all-day comfort.

It was designed for maximum mobility for all types of terrain. This tactical boot also offers top-notch nobility due to the slip-resistant rubber outsole and athletic cemented construction.

With the padded collar and tongue, additional comfort is added as it also uses a convenient YKK side zipper that allows users to easily put on and slip off. What’s great about Maelstrom is that the brand offers a one-year warranty which can really be a great deal when you put these boots to the test. The tactical boot is available in tan or black.

Overall Conclusion

The Maelstrom Men’s Landship Tactical boot is definitely one high quality boot that succeeds at giving users mobility and extra foot comfort. Though some claim there might be issues when it comes to durability that is where the warranty comes in.

If you have any doubts as to worrying if this boot will easily wear out, the one-year warranty should help ease your mind.

In terms of comfort, easy mobility and durability, the Landship tactical boots offers one of the best. It is designed to handle tremendous strain and most definitely will last long throughout everyday use.

2. Bates Men's Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical           Sport Side-Zip Work Boot

With the required criteria needed to be met for Police Officers, these boots easily meet the requirements. Whether you work in urban or rural terrain, the Tactical Sports footwear is ready to wear and perform daily activities. The leather and nylon uppers feature a high breathable performance mesh lining and side zip entry for optimum response.


The Bates Ultra-Lites Tactical Sport Size-Zip work boots is priced at a low-moderate price. If you’re in need of a quality police boot and don’t feel like spending $150+ on a pair, these boots are highly recommended for the price and quality. The boots are originally made in China but the only decrease is the price rather than the quality of the boot itself.

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Footwear Technology

With modern military technology at your feet, the Bates Ultra-Lites Tactical sport size zip boots is part of the Bates lightweight series of uniform boots. These are designed for tactical operations of a military nature or personal nature. The Ultra-Lites Tactical Sport boots feature comfortable leather and nylon uppers, with removable cushioned EVA foot bed, fibreglass shanks for arch support, lateral stability and manoeuvrability.

These boots have rubber soles cemented to the shoes which also provide maximum oil and anti-slip resistance for fast operations. The Ultra-Lite tactical sport boot is equipped with a side zipper for quick removal with a Velcro closure at the top of the collar to secure the zipper. It is 30% lighter than original Enforcer Series models. This not only improves speed, but also reduces strenuous fatigue.

Overall Conclusion

Overall, The Bates Ultra-Lites Tactical Sport Size-Zip work boots are great as they are lighter than similar tactical boots. They seem to wear well for daily use and fit well, except you probably might have to deduct .5 sizes as they seem to run big, if you are right in between two sizes I suggest to go with the smaller size.

3. 5.11 ATAC 8 Inches Men's Boot

5.11 Tactical boots are famously known for their strength, durability, safety and comfort. The company provides a wide range of police boots with patented Shock Mitigation system and categorized in several ways. There are black leather boots and coyote suede boots, along with safety and non-safety toe boots. The ATAC and XPRT are the most popular models of 5.11’s tactical police boots. Just like every other boot, it is important to try on specific models before you buy them as they all fit differently on every individual’s feet.


The 5.11 ATAC 8 Inches Men's Boot is retailed at a low-moderate range as it costs around $85-150. The price of these boots seems very affordable when compared to the quality of the shoe. These are great boots for even better price. I would expect the quality of these boots to cost at least $175 and up.

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Footwear Technology

This tactical boot is very lightweight and great for superior manoeuvrability, especially during tight situations. The boots are well padded and made up of full grain leather material for extra quality. There is a side zipper for quick on and off removal with a hidden pocked which can be used to hide money or any other small valuable item seemed fit.

The boots are easy to clean, water resistance with an oil and slip resistant outsole. With antibacterial moisture-wicking lining and lace-up vamp, these manmade boots are excellent for a long day’s shift.

Overall Conclusion

All in all, the 5.11 ATAC 8”Men’s boot is a great choice for people looking for great ankle and toe support along with strength, durability, and comfort. To have a boot that not only looks good, but give you that kind of versatility is awesome.

4. Thorogood Men’s Trooper 8″ Side Zip Boot

Comfort is one of the most favourable features when it comes to Thorogood tactical boots. You will feel that comfort either while standing or walking on your feet all day. Another great feature is how these shoes have a firm grip and good traction. There is no famous name written on the side, but you will get extreme comfort, safety, and long-lasing durability wear.


The Thorogood Men’s Trooper 8″ Side Zip Boot retails at a moderate-high price range which ranges around $130. These boots were designed with a military look using materials and methods that are meant to care for your feet.

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Footwear Technology

Thorogood Men’s Trooper Boots are 8 inches with all-black uppers that feature side zippers with standard lacing system to keep feet safely secured inside. The oil-tanned leather in the Thorogood boots creates waterproof resistance with the leather’s natural springiness that helps it fit comfortable around the feet. Space mesh material lines the insides of the men’s boots provide a breathable material with Thorodri waterproof system to allow heat to escape and prevent sweat. When the moisture and sweat come in contact with skin, the unique material wicks it away. The Thoro dry system is also blood borne pathogen compliant for your safety.

The nonmetallic, engineered composite shanks provide a lightweight arch support. The shanks help keep arches lifted as your muscles won’t need much work than when you wear waterproof boots. These slip-resistant boots have polyurethane foot beds with a special EVA cushion flex to give cushion. The shock-resistant polyurethane absorbs more force than rubber but weighs far less. The soft foot beds are easy to clean as the lightweight compression moulded EVA midsoles.

Overall Conclusion

Overall, these boots are quite comfortable for everyday use, though the top is considered to be a bit too snug. For those with more athletic calf muscles, there may not be enough room built in to zip these boots up. The dual density rubber outsoles are attached with welt construction around the base of the water resistant boots. This helps create a flexible, repairable bond.

5. Danner Acadia police boots

Danner has been making some of the best police boots since 1932. Their boots are known to have high remarks as they are the perfect addition to your police uniform and quite one of the best looking pair of police boots out on the market. Danner makes several styles of police footwear, but one of the most popular is the Danner Acadia police boots. The vibram kletterlift outsole is known for providing great traction whether you are on either a wet or dry surface and has the best shock absorption systems available in any police boot.


The Danner Acadia police boots retail at a high price rage as it costs about $289.99. This is actually the priciest pair of boots on the list. While the price may seem a bit costly, you are able to have them resoled whenever necessary as it will extend the life of the boot thus end up saving you money without having to buy a new pair.

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Footwear Technology

The Danner Acadia police foot is an 8’black leather boot with cordura waterproof upper. The upper is a combination of 1000 Denier nylon and full-grain leather. The Danner Acadia is construction by using a stitch down construction that results in a wider platform for increased stability underneath your feet. These boots are made and produced in the USA and are Berry compliant. The Gore Tex lining is breathable as it is designed to keep your feet comfortable regardless of the work conditions you use them it.

What’s great about these boots is that it can also be polished to look professional at all times. Those in uniform will appreciate the durability and ability of the boots to look clean and professional. The 1000 Denier nylon is resistant to scuffs, tears, as the lace to toe design ensures your boots will fit properly and securely. The Acadia boots use a fibreglass shank and weighs about 65 oz. for men.

Overall Conclusion

The Danner Arcadia police boots are highly recommended by many police offers as one of the best boots for active duty. Some positive remarks about these boots are the professional style, comfort, and durability which allow the boot to last a long time.

The only downfall I have noticed is the weight of the boot and cost. Danner also offers other variations of the Acadia police boots such as the Acadia steel toe uniform boots for officers that are in need or required to wear a steel-toe boot as part of their uniform, or insulated versions for those that work in cold climate.


The best police boot that fit your needs will vary for every individual person and decision. Boots that may fit one officer and their position may not fit another officer in a different job, climate, or location the same way. To find the right fit for your boots, make sure to measure both feet and order the size that fits the longer length of your two feet. 

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