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Best Rifle Scope for Coyote Hunting

The Simmons 511039 22 MAG 3-9 x 32 Riflescope has in many cases been listed as one of the best predator hunting scopes. Hunting coyotes is no easy feat thanks to their speed and hours of preference. These predators will prowl in low light making them tricky to spot and hit. Their coat makes it even harder to spot in low light. Coyotes can be a nuisance, especially for farmers. A good scope will increase the chances of dealing with the menace.

Here is a list of the Best Rifle Scope for Coyote Hunting

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The Simmons 511039 22 MAG 3-9 x 32 Riflescope has provided some of the qualities of a scope needed to do this particular job. This is aided by some impressive specs. One of the most interesting things about this scope is its price. Its low cost has made it worth having with many referring it as ideal for the price stated.

What to look for in coyote hunting scopes

The best rifle scope for coyote hunting is a combination of clarity, good adjustments, and reliable magnification. You, of course, need to have a high-velocity rifle thanks to the speedy nature of the coyote. The fact that the animal can camouflage easily means that you need a scope that provides very good clarity. A scope that has too much reticle clutter will be a nuisance. Ensure that the scope is simple for more clarity in low light. Dots, circles and other fancy improvements will only make visibility tougher. I have had my regrets in buying scopes after going for fancy ones with an interesting view. It was hard to get the target especially if it was moving fast. Most shots are lost in the clutter of the scope vision. The scope also has to have good objective lenses so as to allow in more light for distant shots. The fact that most American backyards are not that far will make most scopes ideal when it comes to the shooting distant. Bigger and more open yards will definitely call for more tactical and powerful scopes. The Simmons 511039 22 MAG 3-9 x 32 Riflescope has managed to work up the scopes chain thanks to its ability to borrow features from the kings of the market.


The scope comes with glass lenses that are fully coated. They are of a high quality too. I have found this scope to be ideal when it comes to its strength after having it banged up at the back of my truck. It has held together for a while without and visible damage. The scope itself is sturdy and holds together well making it ideal for rough terrain and rigorous movements.

There are many times you will find yourself running through a brush just to catch up with predator tracks. A scope that does not disintegrate or change settings due to movement is a good addition to a collection.

The hydro shield lenses also allow for a clear sight picture which is ideal for low light situations. They are also ideal for long distances with camouflaged predators.

It is important to get a scope with an ideal parallax correction spec. The Simmons 511039 22 MAG 3-9 x 32 Riflescope has a preset from 50 yards to infinity. This ensures for more accurate shots in low light.

The scope also comes with Rimfire 0.375 inch. These are accentuated by dovetail mounting rings.

The scope is easy to adjust thanks to the sure grip rubber surfaces these allow for fast and easy adjustments intense situations. The grip also allows for accurate adjustments as they minimize slip. The grip is also helpful when wearing gloves in extreme weather conditions.

Scopes will often come with tubes within tubes for reinforcement. The Simmons 511039 22 MAG 3-9 x 32 Riflescope comes with a single tube. This allows for lighter handling, durability, and strength.

The scope is also water, fog, and shockproof. This allows for hunting in extreme weather conditions. The scope comes with 3-9x 32 magnification which makes it ideal for 100 yds hunting. Most hunting will take place within this range unless you are in the Wyoming backyards where you will need much stronger scopes. There are scopes that will work for 450 yds with up to X20 magnifications.

The scope also comes with an exit pupil of 10.7/3.6 and a click value of 60/1.7. This has made it a serious competitor for scopes much larger and valued than it.

Customer reviews

I have personally read many reviews besides using the scope and found that my experience with the scope related to most. The Simmons 511039 22 MAG 3-9 x 32 Riflescope has attracted myriads of reviews on Amazon with most of the people well impressed by the scope specs. This simply means that it is a favourite among many that have used it in the market. It also means that it has attracted enough interest thanks to its features. The best way to learn about these scopes is going through the customer reviews before buying. You will, of course, receive a manual with the product at the point of sale. You will however not enjoy the experience others have. It is for this reason reviews are great. The clear sight picture is one of the favorites for many buyers. The light weight of the scope and its ability to hold zero makes it a reliable coyote hunting tool for most. The price has also increased its value with most getting very good value for their money. The fact that the construction of the scope competes well with the likes of the Nightforce makes them a favourite for many. A few of the complaints that have come from the reviews include shipping issues. Some clients have had issues holding the zero while others have found it easy. I personally got a hang of it meaning that it all boils down to prowess.

Simmons 511039 22 MAG 3-9 x 32 Riflescope Video Review


  • I felt that the scope is ideal for those looking for a good scope well within a good budget. The low-cost scope allows those with smaller budgets to acquire it and enjoy high-level scope capabilities. The sturdy build combined with its light nature makes it ideal. The lenses have been well reinforced and improved for a clearer sight making coyote hunting a delight for the users.


  • One of the main cons that have also shown up as an area of contention is holding down the zero. Many seem to find it while others cannot. You will also have to pay for your shipment back in case of any defect. The scope has a limited range, especially of you, are working on large backyards. It is ideal for big game up close but will be a challenge for 'shifty' game at long ranges.
  • The scope is undoubtedly a force to reckon with. It is also worth the purchase the ankles to its favorable pricing. This is a good option for someone looking for a scope with high specs but has little to spare.

Other options

There are quite a number of options in the market if you are looking for coyote hunting scopes. The biggest determinant will be your wallet. The high end scopes for those that feel that money is no object will cost about $2000 and above. There are also high end scopes that will cost between $800 and $1999. The Nightforce NXS is one of the highest rated for this purpose. It will cost an arm and a leg but worth every penny. The Leupold Mark 6 and Nikon prostaff will also do the trick. Much cheaper scopes are never a good idea.


Saving up to get a good scope is wise. Buying very cheap scopes will only have you visiting the stores over and over. You can easily invest in one very good scope that will work wonders across the field. The Simmons lien of scopes will cost a little more than many other scopes but will offer worthwhile service.

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