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Best Rock Climbing Harness Reviews

There is nothing more regrettable while getting a charge out of physical exercises than performing them with poor or uncomfortable gear. At times, it can be risky! This is particularly valid for outdoor addicts who love to rock climb. Rock climbing requires many basic instruments keeping in mind the end goal to meet the movement's fundamental capacities. Be that as it may, a climber's harness is apparently a standout amongst the most essential bits of hardware!

Here is a list of the Best Rock Climbing Harness

Rock climbing harnesses perform multi-capacities like securing a rope to the climber's abdomen, supporting weight arrangement amid falls, helping with bringing down and that's only the tip of the iceberg. A harness' significance makes buying the best harness for rock climbing similarly as basic! Climbing harness producers strongly publicize ensured wellbeing. In any case, how do you know if a harness incorporates all fundamental wellbeing features? Ought to extra angles be thought about? Investigate the accompanying best rock climbing reviews to help control you in your item look.

Variable to Consider When Choosing the Best Rock Climbing Harness

Sorts of Climbing

The primary thing to consider while picking a harness is the sort of climbing that you will do most. Climbing organizations make harnesses for a wide assortment of climbing styles and the differences from style to style can be sizable.

Comfort versus Weight

Clearly we need our climbing harnesses to be comfortable. We hang in them, we take whoppers in them, we offer long deferrals in them, and spend long days in them. It bodes well that we would need the harness to be scarcely observable through every one of those situations, and without a doubt, the best harnesses out there are. You never need your harness to confine development or cut into you when you hang in it.


Sizing your harness properly is as imperative as getting the correct harness. Likewise with anything you wear, it's a smart thought to attempt a few harnesses on before you purchase for women, unquestionably attempt to search for women's specific models. The development of these harnesses is totally different and custom fitted to what is by and large seen as more female features.


One useful device for pondering harnesses is to consider them as indicated by price, instead of style, kind of climbing, or materials. Focusing on the price of a harness doesn't just bar models outside your financial plan. It additionally can reveal to you a ton about what a harness is best used for, and the amount you ought to consider spending on a harness for the sort of climbing you do.

Top 5 Best Rock Climbing Harness

 1.  Black Diamond Momentum DS

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

This dependable bit of rock climbing gear is made from an organization overhauling wellbeing and quality. Dark Diamond offers helpful features for those searching for a comfortable and secure rock climbing background while enveloping essential climbing viewpoints like portability and flexibility.


  • Customizable midriff and leg clasps
  • ​Double center development
  • ​High-ductile webbing
  • ​Outside froth
  • Lightweight

Black Diamond Momentum DS Video Review


  • The flexible stipends of the leg circles give space to an assortment of sizes.
  • ​Material quality is consoled with tubing on the rigging circles to keep them from fraying.
  • More extensive contact focuses in the belt afford comfortableness when hanging or performing activities that shift weight.

 2.  Petzl Corax Climbing Harness

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

This harness can advantageously be used amid both summer and winter seasons. Gear circles enable climbers to get to other hardware without the bother of prying with a backpack. Delicate work encourages a calming feeling on weight focuses.


  • Leg and abdomen belt weight distribution
  • ​Easy to use
  • ​Functional for numerous exercises
  • ​Versatile body sort measure
  • Comfortable fit

Petzl Corax Climbing Harness Video Review


  • Beginner climbers can without much of a stretch use this harness.
  • ​Adequate room is given to bolster a simple climbing lead.
  • Durability prompts cost funds and long use.

 3.  Black Diamond Momentum

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

TrakFIT innovation advances brisk and simple fitting.Automatic modifications dispense with dangling webbing and poor threading. Double center development innovation advances the comfortableness of a strong adjusts.


  • Pre-strung speed modifications
  • ​Adjustable back flexible riser
  • ​Multiple weights shaped rigging circles
  • ​Quick-drying lining
  • Abrasion resistance with edge official

Black Diamond Momentum Video Review


  • The harness is useful for rappelling.
  • ​It is equipped for dealing with a lot of weight.
  • Sturdiness went with the harness dissuades course interruption.

 4.  Lukher Rock Climbing Harness

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

The Lukher is a less expensive harness when contrasted with others for somebody on a financial plan. Learner rock climbers can value its essential outline. Double-back plates lessen the need to physically double the clasp strap back through the clasp.


  • Pressure distribution
  • ​Breathable work
  • ​Durable material
  • ​Top score sewing
  • Included drawstring sack


  • Dual double-back belts permit single development modifications for the abdomen belt.
  • ​A circle on the harness offers space to append different materials and instruments.
  • Excess strap length is secured by plastic sliders to shield them from acting as a burden.

 5.  Petzl Aspirrock Climbing Harness

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

Climbers can bring comfort with negligible material building and expanded comfort because of the high-thickness froth consolidated in the waistbelt and circles. Garments can be worn in layers because the flexible leg circles take into consideration numerous sizes. Sturdiness is secured with single dynamo-reinforced tie-in point.


  • Color coded circles and waistbelt for donning
  • ​3D woven polyester work
  • ​Color coded sizes for hardware administration
  • Quality cushioning


  • Breathable cushioning takes into account comfortable development amid rock climbing exercises.
  • ​Harness alterations give development space to youngsters.
  • Optimal usefulness can be used without diversion or impedance because of the harness' comfortable support.


When looking for the best harness for rocking climbing, there is a great deal of angles to mull over. A dependable harness needs to be of value material and work to guarantee it can be securely used. Being comfortable is likewise another imperative component because it influences versatility and movement life span. Extra features, similar to numerous circles, might be imperative to certain rock climbers. Usefulness is urgent to guarantee any errand can be finished.

If you need flexibility and cushioning, the Petzl and Black Diamond harnesses might be promising brands to seek through. Lukher is easy to use for rock climber amateurs. All harness choices have their highs and lows. Organize your needs and needs to decide your best decision!

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