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Best Scope for Deer Hunting

I have learnt from experience that a good hunter needs to always understand the prey before selecting the equipment for the adventure. This way, I have been able to know which equipment works best when for the particular expedition that will deliver exceptional performance. One of the critical equipment during hunting is the scope. The scope is like hunters eyes during hunting. For identification of the prey and perfect aim, you will definitely need a good scope to offer the needed visibility. However, it all depends on the type of animal that you are hunting. The characteristics of the prey will be influential in identifying the attributes of the scope that will deliver in the best way.

Here is a list of the Best Scope for Deer Hunting

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There are many scopes in the market. These scopes are from varied manufactures and they come with different features. Selecting the scope that works well for deer hunting may come as a challenge especially considering the varied technical specifications. Choosing a good scope is not enough to deliver a good deer hunting. It is important that you consider some general specifications of the scope and their suitability for hunting this particular prey. There are a number of features mandatory for proper hunting. Let us start the classification by the distinct functional features of the scope which is the variation.

Categories of scopes

You can categories the scopes based on variable, fixed and night visions scopes. These are general parameters that define the types of scopes within the market from which you can consider other features. The best scope will depend on the need.

The variable scopes

Most scopes especially modern scopes are variable scopes. Variable scopes main feature is their ability of the magnification to be adjusted to different values. Any scope that comes with magnifications defined within the limits of two values are variable scopes. The main advantage of the scopes is that you can zoom in and zoom out during hunting. They are ideal for hunting deer because they allow you the advantage of varying your view without physical movement. A deer is a sensitive animal, any slight movement will alert them and make them run.

Fixed scopes

These are not good scopes for hunting deers. The scopes have a fixed magnification. They are simple to use because all you need to do is keep your eye on the lense and aim at your view. There are no knobs that would complicate the use. Hunting a deer with this scope is a bad idea because you will need to keep moving until you have a clear vision to fire.

Night vision scopes

Night visions scopes are special scopes. They may be variable or fixed only that they have the ability to give you a view during the night. These scopes do not rely on daylight to give you he view. They are complicated to use. Moreover, they are bulky and expensive. I would rather you way to hunt during the day than acquire these scopes for deer hunting.

It is not sufficient to select variable scopes and go deer hunting. There are other features that you must consider when selecting a scope for this kind of expedition. These considered features are informed out of the characteristics of deer and the idea rife to be used for its hunting. Consider the following features when shopping for the best scope for deer hunting.

Scopes field of view

The field of view implies the measure at every 100 yards. It is what you are actually able to see from the extreme right to the extreme left. Different magnifications that you go through give your different views. These are lenses and lenses as much they expand the farthest distance you see, they have an effect on the horizontal distance of the view. With your variable scope, every time you adjust your magnification, you will realize an effect on the expanded view that you get. Higher magnification results to decrease in the field of view. This is important when you are searching for the deer.

Consider the field of view when selecting the right scope for your deer hunting. When hunting the animal, it is important that you notice it from a distance so that you do not alert it. A scope with a good field of view gives you the advantage of seeing more from a distance. You can select this feature by testing the magnifications of the scope that you are buying before choosing the ideal scope.

Magnification level

The magnification is what makes the variable scope variable. Being able to change the magnification of the scope gives you a clear view of the targeted and the unique ability to change the aim on the target. The magnification of the scope is a parameter that you should consider when seeking a deer hunting scope. The higher the magnification the better the view of the deer you will have. A scope that has a maximum magnification of X12 is good for deer hunting.

When hunting a deer, you desire a scope that will allow you identify and aim the deer from a distance. You should be able to conceal yourself while hunting the deer and still be in a position to take a clear shot. With a higher magnification, you get to enjoy a clear view from a distance. You can easily hunt down the deer without moving any distance even if it changes its position and moves from one place to another.

Optical clarity

Scopes are made of lenses. The primary instrument that enables the scope to work as it does is the lenses that it has. These lenses are installed within a tube. The lenses can also be varied to change the magnification level. The challenge with these optical instruments is that without proper design and the use of ideal covers, the optical illusions, unwarranted reflections, and blurred view are possible. Illusions are highly possible when lights interact with medium that are able to reflect or refract the light. The view that one receives may be different from the reality.

Optical clarity is achievable by using quality lenses and coating the lenses with materials that prevent erratic interaction with light. The material of the lens and the design of the tube are a determining factor on the optical clarity of the lens. It is about using the right combination of materials. The optical clarity of the scope can be evaluated by looking through the scope in an attempt to take an aim. If the view is sharp and clear at various magnifications, then the scope meets the right attributes for hunting deers. You get to enjoy a clear and precise view of the deer at varying distance.

The objective lens size

The objective lens size is mostly between 40 and 50mm. this is what defined the medium variable scope. You may find a larger objective lens installed in a scope. This is the ideal objective lens installed in hunting scopes. This size of the lens is ideal for movement around and gives the scope a better fitting on the rifle. A smaller objective lens will not deliver the desired view of a deer. A smaller objective lens gives a smaller scope but with a challenge on the field of view.

A larger objective lens may be good for deer hunting but it makes the scope bigger and bulkier. The rifle will be less uncomfortable to shoot because you will feel an imbalance of weight. The ability to take different postures when hunting is limited. When hunting a deer, the flexibility of taking different posture will be necessary especially if you desire to hide from the animal when hunting it down. Moreover, you do not want to miss the shot because the scope that you chose unbalanced your handling of the rifle while this is avoidable.

Best scopes for hunting deer

Vortex Viper

Vortex viper is the scope that you will love to have because of its external features and looks. The scope is small in size but effective in its purpose. It is portable. You can move around it firmly attached on the rifle without feeling its weight or inconvenience of its size. This scope becomes part of the gun. It is the perfect scope for deer hunting. The scope has a magnification of between 4 and 16 and has a 44mm objective lens installed. The scope is 30mm and is made of aircraft grade aluminium O-ring sealed tube. The sealed tube allows you to carry the scope in all conditions without fear of interference from external conditions.

>>>View Vortex Viper HS-T 4-16x44 VMR-1 Riflescope here<<<

This scope has been defined as a serious deer hunting scope due to its features. The scope will give you a significant difference in this endeavour. It is affordable and made of quality materials that will last long.

Sightron S III

This is a serious scope that is designed for high power rifles. It is one of the high powered magnification scopes with a 10-50 power magnification. However, the objective lens of the scope lets it down. It has an objective lens of 60mm. The intention of the design of the scope is to give it all the possible magnification distance with a wider field of view. However, this comes at the expense of its size. With respect to power, this scope gives more than a hunter would need to hit the deer. However, it may not be comfortable to hold in your rifle. You should be ready to having your handling of the rifle compromised. If you are going deer hunting in a plane field, then this powered distant equipment will be the equipment to carry because it will beat all the others.

>>>View Sightron S III 10-50x60mm Riflescope<<<

The Simmons 8-Point Truplex Reticle

The Simmons series including the 8-point truplex reticle riflescope, that comes with a 3-9 power magnification. It has a 50mm objective lens. This scope has a minimized power magnification but an expanded scope of view. These are unique combination of qualities that are specifically designed to hunt a highly sensitive target within a short range. The ergonomic design of the scope makes it fit perfectly within the rifle. It mounts perfectly within the rifle and fits in the right place for an ideal aim. The scope is water and shock proof. If you are getting this scope, you should be ready to hide within available spaces when taking your aim. The price is right for this feature making it the scope that you will get in your hand sooner.

>>>View Simmons 8-Point Truplex Reticle 3-9x50mm here<<<

Leupold VX-2

This list would have been incomplete without the Leupold brand. This scope sells by its brand because of its unique understanding of the hunting needs. The VX comes with a 3-9 power magnification making it a short range hunting scope. It has a 40mm objective lens that is ordinary for medium scopes. However, its duplex reticle makes it the scope of choice when it comes to hunting sensitive and fast animals like deers. The fit of the scope in its purpose is amazing. It is a result oriented scope that is developed to give the shooter and advantage over the target.

>>>View Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm Riflescope<<<

Nikon ProStaff 3

This is another short range rifle. With a magnification of between 3 and 9, this is a common scope. It also has a 40mm objective lens. These are ordinary parameters when it comes to medium range scopes. However, the quality of the scope that puts it ahead of the others is its optical quality. The view through the scope is as clear as being closer to the target making it the scope that has the ability to identify the target and put an accurate aim. The scope transmits up to 98 percent of the light that runs through it. Nothing comes clearer than Nikons offer through this scope.

>>>View Nikon ProStaff 3 3-9x40mm Riflescope here<<<

Common mistakes to avoid

In scopes, the money you pay does not necessarily translate to the performance. Always understand the intention of the scope, the rifle it will be installed in and its feature when buying the right scope for a particular purpose. The bigger the scope the clearer the view and possibly the higher the magnification. However, in deer hunting, you need to consider a combination of factors based on the characteristics of the deer. Do not be too fixated on the size. Lastly, always try the scope before you buy it.

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