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Best Scope under 1000

Rifle Scopes Best Investing In

Why You Need a Well Invested Rifle

Shooting as a sport is appealing to a diverse majority. Hunting, long range shooting… however much using a rifle appeals to you, and your ideal sport, you need one that will match up to your use.

Two of the Best Scopes under $1000

For this reason, you will need to find a rifle that will best complement, both your intents for shooting, as well as hitting the target. However, little is known on how to go about a rifle. Should you wish to get yourself one. Buying a rifle, is not really just getting a rifle to shoot at. At least if it’s something you find worth investing in if not doing. Whether you are doing sporting or hunting, choosing a rifle scope will be one of the biggest features in determining how accurately you will be able to shoot.

Meaning, it will get to as personal as your, personal preference, price and of course your desire or intention. These diverse reasons are why reputable manufactures today have come up with varying scope in different rifles to suit different users. When it comes to getting your choice rifle, everything will pull you into a decision sans the physicality of it.

You will need to know your rifle.

With this in mind, what are the best riffles worth investing in, looking at the price of $1000?

For these, the scope has been adjusted to a 3.5 eye relief. This feature helps protect shooters from the impacting rifle’s recoil. Furthermore, it still can stand against a lifetime of recoil

SHV 3-10X42

>>>View Nightforce SHV 3-10X42 Scope here<<<

Next time you come across a night force, think deadly precision. The model above is a night force. One of the most eligible top rifles in the market today. As it is, night force are never cheap, but they are worth having. Before breaking it down why this rifle is worth having, what do the numbers in SHV 3-10X42 mean, should you come across the numbers.

The indicated numbers on a rifle are no jargon, or serial code. They state what the rifle can do for you, better yet, the most you can do with the rifle. 3 in this case means that your target object will appear 3 times closer than from the naked eye, so does 12. 42 is simply the diameter of the objective lens in millimeters.


It may not have a mil dot, but the SHV has a great accuracy as per 100 yards. This rifle is suitable for long range target shooting, to big game varmint hunting. It is light and thus easy to carry around.


The Night Force come with outstanding features:

  • The rifle is optimized for low performance and resolution
  • ​Has an intelligent MOAR reticle
  • ​Built with T6 aircraft grade aluminum body tubes
  • ​It has greater strength yet light in weight
  • ​Superior resistance to point of impact shifts
  • Waterproof made efficient by metal caps

Other Features

  • Great quality material
  • ​Concise and precise tolerance
  • ​Skilled workmanship
  • ​Can withstand a lifetime of recoil
  • ​The SHV 3-10X42 may be expensive, but it delivers in a simpler more economical package.
  • This is your choice rifle. Mind not the cost, as cheap will always cost you.

Nightforce SHV 3-10X42 Video Review

Zeiss Conquest Rifle Scopes 5-25X50 Black Rapid Z1000

>>>View Zeiss Conquest Rifle Scopes 5-25X50 Black Rapid Z1000 here<<<

Zeiss is one of the more popular among those that enjoy high end and expensive rifle scopes. On average, the rifle goes for$1000-$1100.


  • 50mm objective lens. Standard lens is anywhere between 40-44mm
  • ​2-25 magnification ability
  • Can be used for hunting anything in long range: predators, big game and varmints

Other features

  • In the unlimited market today, these other features enable the Zeiss to stay among the top rifles.
  • ​Robust one piece tube that is built to stand some of the worst coils irrespective of demanding terrains. The Zeiss has been built to withstand all sort of degrading condition that would make your shooting experience dull, lax and unexciting.
  • ​Some rifles have a harsh recoil. For these, the scope has been adjusted to a 3.5 eye relief. This feature helps protect shooters from the impacting rifle’s recoil. Furthermore, it still can stand against a lifetime of recoil. This justifies the authenticity of the deadly rifle.
  • ​Suitable and ideal for those who enjoy target shooting on the range.
  • ​Furthermore, it offers precision aiming with accurate hold over. Choose a rifle that you will handle. Your age matters. Younger users have a larger dilation than older users. Pick that which gives you eye relief by asking your seller on the exit pupil of your choice rifle.
  • The lenses of the scope are MC multi-colored. This helps the hunter achieve outstanding brightness even in low light situations.

Carl Zeiss Optical Conquest HD5 Video Review

Nikon, Bushnell and Leupold, are some of other reputable manufacturers that you can get your ideal riffle from.

Customer Reviews

Here’s a say on the user experience on the Zeiss Rifle.

In comparison to other scopes in the same class this one holds its own... For the money you can't go wrong with Zeiss. This scope sights in quick and stays on. The focus and parallax control placement makes for easy adjust while aiming. This scope takes up less space on the mount than an equally as powerful scope with its compact design. They offer a calculator for the BDC so you can effortlessly sight in and have a reference chart for each mark out to 1000yards if you get the rz-1000.... I recommend to hunters and shooters....

This is one of the finest scopes made, the clarity is unsurpassed, you zero for 200 yards and you are zeroed for 500. It is perfect for the hunter, long distance target shooter or for a tactical situation. Without a doubt one of the finest, and of course it's German. What more is there to say. I am totally pleased and would recommend this Scope highly. Super accurate.

I attached the rifle scope to a Mauser.308, and I found that its calibration was very easy.

The scope provides a simple and accurate regulation and its design facilitates the shooting adjustment. Its bright and clear vision is a remarkable feature. For these, the scope has been adjusted to a 3.5 eye relief. This feature helps protect shooters from the impacting rifle’s recoil. Furthermore, it still can stand against a lifetime of recoil.

Actually it's a very fine and amazing scope and I'm extremely glad with it.


All data points covered in this article we're up to date at the release of the article. We cannot promise that features or prices will remain the same moving forward. The details covered in this article are based on our experiences with the product. We cannot guarantee the same results or experiences. 

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