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Best Service Dog Patch

Service dog patches have a multitude of uses. They identify the type of dog you’re using as either a standard service dog or one that fulfills a more specific function such as a therapy dog, working dog, or police dog. More recently, service dog patches have evolved to identify type of service your dog performs. For example, patches now include information that informs people of the designation of your animal, be it medical alert dog, guide dog, hearing dog, seizure alert dog, diabetic alert dog, or PTSD Dog. The list of uses available on patches can also be customized to describe the dog’s temperament. All of these factors are useful.

Here is a list of the Best Service Dog Patch

With so many choices available, finding the best dog service patch relies on several factors. The type of service dog you own will influence your decision, as will any specifications about the function and skills of your dog. Furthermore, I personally looked more favorably on patches that allowed for an element of tailoring, such as shape and whether or not he should be approached or avoided. This minimizes both the risk to the owner and his owner, and to any member of the public.

Naturally, when I was looking to purchase a range of service dog patches, my first choice was to go online. Compared to several ago, the selection is far broader, so the overall experience of buying patches that met me needs was relatively straight forward.

If you’re looking for the most versatile selection, Amazon is a useful starting point. Other sites such as online market places like Etsy and more animal focused sites like ActiveDogs also have a diverse range.

In my search, several service dog patches stood out in what has become a crowded marketplace. My personal top five service dog patches, ranked on metrics such as appearance, price and customization ability, can be found below. All are available on Amazon.

Dean & Tyler "Service Dog Ask to Pet”

Practical and to the point, Dean & Tyler’s patch is one of the few on the market that both identify the type of dog and how the dog should be treated. I purchased it for the simplicity of the message, but also found the velcro feature easy to attach to both service vests and if needed, leashes. It also matches with Dean & Tyler’s other multi-information products too, so I would advise also purchasing the complementary patch “Service Dog In Training” if your dog is new to the service job.


  • Compact Size
  • ​Velcro versatility
  • Informative but not distracting


  • Only comes in hook side only
  • Does not include loop side

Raspberry Fields Do Not Pet Snap On Patch - Large

Really liked the design, text and colors of this patch. The fact that the patch is shaped like a stop sign, complete with a striking red background, immediately alerts any approaching stranger that this dog should be treated with caution. On closer inspection, they will read the text Stop! Please do not pet. I’m Working! I also liked the fact that this patch personalized the dog a little, which won more brownie points in the novelty rather than function areas. All the same, one of the more unique patches for service dogs available on the market.


  • Design and information is familiar to strangers
  • ​Clips to dog's vest, collar, leash or back pack
  • Can be machine and hand washed


  • Could be bigger
  • May require a swivel hook on the tag

Petjoy-Wiredog Clip On Service Dog Do Not Pet Embroidered ID panel

Another very informative service dog patch. I was a little skeptical at first given that it clips to the collar or leash and could easily get obscured. However, when your dog is not wearing his or her vest, this is a smart option to consider. The red lettering does stand out and alerts strangers to the functional aspect of the dog.


  • Contrasting colors
  • Ease of clipping to the collar or leash


  • Might be a little too small depending on your dog

Service Dog Tag 2 Sided - "Registered Service Dog - Full Access" Patch Tag

The extremely descriptive design and a look of authority and officialdom were big vote winners for me before I purchased these patches. Yes, this looks like a police badge but also has symbols that denote the animal’s medical and assistance function. I also really liked the fact that the clip on patch is double sided, which you don’t see too frequently across the dog patch world. I was also impressed with the swivel snap hook. It’s clear that the manufacturers took the entire experience of owning and encountering a service dog into account when designing this quality dog patch. The one pitfall is the fact that the text is a little misleading - you do not need to register a dog under the ADA act.


  • A very decent size: 3 3/4 wide by 3 1/2 height
  • ​A look of authority
  • ​Double-sided
  • Swivel snap hook


  • Might not suitable for all service dogs
  • Somewhat misleading - you cannot register a service dog officially under the ADA

Yisibo Set of 2 Tactical Embroidered Medical First Aid Red Cross Service Dog Nylon Velcro Patch Badge For Dog Pet Harnesses & Vests

To be honest, it was the colour that stuck out for me with this product. The combination of the red cross symbol, the paw print and the black text across a brown background is both an eye-catching and effective tactic to draw attention to the dog’s use. I also liked the fact you can order this patch in either rectangle, square or circle units.


  • Smart color selection that stands out
  • ​Shape customisation
  • Simple description


  • The dog might be confused as a military dog due to the brown background

There are many decent service dog patches available that didn’t make it to this list. The reason being, they were either too specific to the dog’s function or used best with other accessories such as vests. For example, patches exist describing a therapy dog or emotional support dog. Your section will honestly be based around your dog at the end of the day, but the aforementioned products all score high marks and will not break the bank.

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