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Best Shooting Gloves for Cold Weather

If you are an avid hunter or shooter than winter cannot get in your way so you need the best cold weather shooting gloves available. They are essential to protecting your fingers from the elements. It does not matter whether you need your gun in the woods or on patrol, cold weather shooting gloves provide critical protection.

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Here is a list of the Best Shooting Gloves for Cold Weather

Their importance is due to the fact that when skin is exposed to extreme cold temperatures over a period of time, frostbite can quickly set in. The National Weather Service states that skin becomes frostbitten when exposed to temperatures 34 degrees below in 30 minutes time.

Cold weather shooting gloves give you the protection you need to stay safe as well as ensuring your fingers are able to move as needed. When cold settles in your fingers they go numb and feeling and squeezing a trigger becomes nearly impossible.

These are two very good reasons to protect your hands. Here are five cold weather shooting glove options I have found that will effectively protect your fingers in the most extreme conditions.

 1.  Hatch Specialist All-Weather Shooting/DutyGloves

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0


  • Synsi-feel synthetic leather palm for increased grip
  • ​Constructed of neoprene for comfort, flexibility and warmth
  • ​Hook and loop closures keep gloves firmly in place
  • Extreme-grip sewn onto palms and fingertips for maximum grip

These gloves allow for quickly drawing your gun, firing multiple times and reloading to another magazine quickly and effortlessly. To do this it takes some dexterity and a certain level of sensitivity of touch. These gloves are constructed primarily of neoprene, which gives them a 'second skin' feel.

As long as they are properly fitted, you can complete all of your shooting without compromise and at the same time keep your hands warm. One key element of these gloves is that they are Safariland, a top brand name in shooting sports accessories. These are high good quality gloves, well designed for action shooting, and constructed of durable materials.

Customer Reviews

As of this date, I was able to find that there are 1,166 reviews for this product by people who purchased it. 881 of those reviews were positive. Most found the gloves to be an excellent solution for maintaining warmth without sacrificing grip.

 2.  KevenAnna Full Finger Tactical Gloves

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0


  • Full finger design
  • ​Lean ergonomic cut and pre-curved
  • ​Constructed of Lightweight and breathable material
  • Velcro adjustment

These gloves are extremely well made with nice fit. The grip is good and the glove really conforms to the hand well making it a great choice for hunting. Additionally, these gloves allow for full finger movement and are not constrictive which is a plus when handling guns.

The breathability of the glove is also an added bonus. They do well keeping your hands warm but ensure your hands do not get sweaty. There is nothing worse than holding a gun, zeroing in on your target and feeling a clammy wet hand inside your glove.

Customer Reviews

As of this date, I was able to find that there are 79 reviews for this product by people who purchased it. Most buyers commented on the flexibility of the gloves. A few pointed out that they wished the grip material on the palms was also used on the fingers.

 3.  Under Armour ColdGear Infared Scent Control Gloves

Rating: 3.8 / 5.0


  • Thermo-conductive inner coating absorbs and retains your own body heat
  • ​Under Armour Scent Control technology traps and suppresses odors so you’re less detectable
  • ​Silicone printed palm for extra grip
  • Low profile adjustable cuff

This pair of gloves are snug fitting so you will not have to worry about looseness while sighting on your game. While sitting in a tree stand these worked very well at keeping my hands warm down to 35 degrees. There was still enough room inside the glove to put a hand warmer in them if the temps dipped much farther. Thankfully this did not add any amount of bulk that sacrificed flexibility.

The grip on the gloves was exceptional allowing a frim hold on the firearm. Another nice touch was the fingertip feature allowing for smartphone usage.

Customer Reviews

As of this date, I was able to find that there are 23 reviews for this product by people who purchased it. Buyers commented that the gloves were comfortable but not quite as warm as they expected. Many commented positively to the fingertip feature.

 4.  Glacier Gove Alaska Pro Camo Waterproof Insulated Glove

Rating: 4.1 / 5.0


  • Genuine Leather Palm
  • ​Waterproof
  • ​Thinsulate construction
  • Thin and flexible

Whether fowl hunting near water or elk hunting in frigid cold, these gloves can protect your hands from soaking wet to cold conditions. These gloves are waterproof, flexible and the thinsulate material keeps your hands warm.

The flexibility this glove allows is a major plus when hunting. They manage to fit quite well without sacrificing overall dexterity.

Customer Reviews

As of this date, I was able to find that there are 124 reviews for this product by people who purchased it. Buyers commented frequently about using these gloves in snow and water and the gloves did not let their hands get wet.

 5.  Hatch Elite Winter Specialist Glove

Rating: 3.8 / 5.0


  • Thermolite insulation
  • ​Lycra wrist cuff
  • Extreme-Grip nonslip material

These cold weather shooting gloves are well constructed and durable. The outer shell of the glove is very protective and yet does not sacrifice flexibility. The Velcro closure allows for a tight fit and keeps the warmth in.

The thermolite interior does an exceptional job of wicking sweat away from your hands. These are a good option for being out in the cold and still accurately discharging a weapon.

Customer Reviews

As of this date, I was able to find that there are 159 reviews for this product by people who purchased it. Many buyers positively commented on the gloves wicking ability. They also commented that the glove was not bulky and did not interfere with firearm handling.

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Any one of these five cold weather shooting gloves will make a great choice for protecting your hands in cold weather. You enjoy your sport whether it being hunting or shooting targets so why should you quit because of the cold. Thankfully manufacturers have provided us sportsmen with the gloves we need to take part in the sports we love best.

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