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Best Shower Tent

If you're looking for a camping shower tent, you may not know that there are tons of different options available out there. As soon as you start looking, though, you'll be overwhelmed with the different options that come with these tents today. Before you go out and buy a privacy tent, check out these seven available features to see if you want a tent that has some or all of them.

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Here is a list of the Best Shower Tent

The Factors to Consider While Buying the Best Shower Tent

1. Durability

One of the biggest problems with cheap shower tents sold today is that they just aren't very durable. They may flex and bend too easily in the wind, or you may experience snapped poles on the first or second setup. Luckily, there are lots of brands out there that make a super durable enclosure that will last for years to come, too.

2. Size

Most tents made for camp showers get narrower near the top. Typically, this is fine, but if you have larger guys in your party with wide shoulders, they may feel restricted in such a tent. In this case, it may be better to choose an open-topped design that's square all the way to the top, or even wider at the top than at the bottom. Make sure you can visualize the dimensions of a shower tent to see if it's right for you.

3. Ease of Use

You don't want to spend ages putting up an extra tent just for your camp shower. That takes away some of the fun of camping! Instead, make sure your tent is easy to put up by checking out reviews from other campers. Pop up varieties are the easiest to assemble, but many non-pop up tents go up in just minutes, as well.

4. Large Doors

A shower tent should have a large door that allows you to get in and out easily. Both zippered and hinged doors are great, depending on what you want from your particular tent.

5. Ventilation

It's important that any tent you use for showering has proper ventilation. If you're using a propane shower, ventilation will keep the inside of the tent from getting too steamy. Even if your showers won't be steaming hot, though, you want the inside of the tent to be able to dry out between uses to prevent mildew from building up over your camping trip.

6. A Removable Floor

This isn't a must-have feature, but it's certainly an excellent one. You don't really want to take a shower in a tent that doesn't have a floor at all, or your feet will just get muddy. On the other hand, it can be hard to clean and dry a tent that has a wet floor that doesn't come off. A removable floor solves this problem by giving you the best of both worlds.

7. A Shower Hanger

Some open-top shower tents don't have hangers for showers inside because you can hang your shower from a nearby tree. If the top of your tent is closed, though, the tent should have a hanger for a shower or shower head, and it should be sturdy enough to hold up a full solar shower bag, too

The Top Five Best Shower Tent

1. PahaQue Wilderness Tepee Shower/Outhouse Tent

This PahaQue Wilderness Tepee Shower/Outhouse Tent can withstand solid winds and is anything but difficult to set up. It has a one of a kind configuration permitting it to survive high winds. The main con of this camp tent however is its weight at 10 pounds. If you need to truly convey this since you want to navigate a couple of mountains for quite a long time, acquiring a doorman may do the trap (unless you are sufficiently solid to convey it in addition to your tent and water and sustenance and so on.). All things considered, this thing accompanies its own particular convey sack so it is not by any stretch of the imagination that difficult to transport, the length of you are resolved.

2. Ozark Trail Shower/Changing Shelter Outdoor

Ozark Trail is known for making quality and tough tents but if you require a shower tent for outdoors, this producer additionally got one for you.This shower tent resembles your typical overwhelming obligation tent as it is made likewise made of polyester materials with steel outline.This is one office that most explorers’ affection to bring particularly for those whose destinations includes falls and lakes.

3. TMS Portable Green Outdoor Pop up Tent

The TMS Portable Green Outdoor Pop up Tent is made of polyester and steel materials. It is sufficiently strong to give private room so you can scrub down or wash and change your attire in peace. There is even a rooftop for included protection while the entryway is secured by its zipper that should be possible inside and outside.While conveying it, simply place it in it’s convey pack that wants free. This best outdoors shower tent from TMS has a measurement of 75inch (H) x 40inch (L) x 40inch (W). This bundle accompanies the tent, the convey pack and the 4 metal stakes that supports it.

4. The Pop-Up Room in a Bag Instant Shower Tent

This Pop up room can serve as a changing room and a shower room while others use it as a potty room. The Pop-Up Room in a Bag Instant Shower Tent accompanies tough steel outline and has a climate safe material. If it is blustery, you can utilize the stakes that accompanies it to keep it tough.

It likewise accompanies worked in sacks for weight so it can continue standing notwithstanding when if the wind blows hard. This best outdoors shower tent is likewise exceedingly prescribed for campers, shoreline goers and the individuals who are in spots where finding a changing room is ended up being difficult. This item measures 3 pounds consequently it is not that difficult to transport in return for the solace it can give.

5. Texport Deluxe Privacy Shelter/Shower Combo Tent

This shower tent elements a lattice shower rack and removable hanging towel bar. This tent likewise has a zippered D-style entryway with Heavy Duty polyurethane covered fabric dividers. The materials utilized I making this shower tent are additionally fire resistant. At its cost and components, the Texport Deluxe Privacy Shelter/Shower Combo is my own decision with regards to the best outdoors shower tent in the business sector today.

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