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Best Ski Helmets Reviews

Skiing and snowboarding have always been my favorite activities during the winter. At the early stages, everything seemed to be going perfectly well until one day I got my head injured. Though the injury was not that serious, I had to look for ways of preventing future injuries. It was at this time when I got myself introduced to the ski helmets.

Here is a list of the Best Ski Helmets

After making a decision to buy a ski helmet, one thing I noticed is that there are bazillion models in the market. I didn't see the need to be that choosy; after all, they all offer protection to our heads. What I therefore considered was color; because blue has always been my favorite color.

After the acquisition of my first blue ski helmet, I learnt that it was heavy to put on for hours. Another thing is that it would slide all over my head hence couldn't offer the comfort I needed. I had therefore to repurchase a comfortable and lightweight helmet. Though this time the helmet had the features that every skier and snowboarder craves for, I had to replace it every year. Well, this did not seem a serious issue to me; after all, I thought that that was the nature of ski helmets.

I realized that my friend’s helmet could offer something different in terms of durability. Therefore, I again learnt that it's not just about color, weight or comfort but also durability. Been an economist, I couldn't stand wasting my money on the same product. I decided to conduct an in-depth research to come up with the best ski helmets on the market. One thing about me is that am perfect when it comes to research. I, therefore, came up with the best 5 ski helmets. Believe me, none of them has ever disappointed me or my friends. So, which are these ski helmets? Well, you just need to read on.

Top 5 Best Ski Helmets

 1.  ZIONOR Lagopus H1 Ski Snowboard Skate Helmet

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

This sky helmet features dual mode air evacuations and a regulator that allows you open and close the vent holes located at the front side of the helmet. The opening allows for full and fast air flow while closure makes the helmet windproof. Having been made of strong ABS and EPS material, it offers strong impact resistance.

Another amazing feature about this ski helmet is that it has goggle loop on the back that helps to keep the goggle in place when coming downhill. The dial fit button at the back allows for adjustment to fit different head size. When it comes to keeping me warm, it does not disappoint; it has a top grade plush lining that is made with a breathable material.


  • It kept my head warm and well ventilated.
  • Its lightweight nature means that I can enjoy safe snowboarding or skiing for as long as I want.
  • It is of great quality when compared to the price.


  • The adjustment tool is not the sturdiest; it may break when you fall. Though not always the case. If it does break, then it must have been because of a hard knock.

 2.  Traverse Dirus 2-in-1 Convertible Ski Helmet

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

What makes this an outstanding ski helmet lies on temperature regulation. It has 10 vents that are positioned in both the internal and external part of the helmet! Having passed safety tests, Traverse Dirus 2-in-1 Convertible Ski Helmet has a strong ABS shell at the exterior part that offers great protection while the interior part is equipped with a shock-absorbent EPS material.

For a perfect fit, it has adjustable dial located at the back of the helmet. To tighten or loosen the helmet, all you need is to just twist the dial. The removable plush earmuffs proved to keep me warmer while the goggle clip kept my eyewear well attached.

The helmet is inclusive of a soft padded cushion that rests under my chin to help me eliminate chin chaffing.


  • The helmet is backed by a 1-year warranty that boosted my purchasing confidence.
  • The design is great; one of the best on the market.
  • It is available in different colors.


  • The larger sizes are somehow bulky though not as such.

 3.  Traverse Vigilis 2-1 Convertible Ski Helmet

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

From the research and personal experience, I can say that this is a great ski helmet that offers great protection without having to apply much weight on my head. It has 2 sets of inner pads to ensure maximum comfort.

The adjustable dial pad at the back of the helmet allowed me to easily personalize the helmet to properly fit my head. I also noticed that helmet is equipped with earmuffs that kept me comfortably warm in the cold weather.

Having been made with versatility in mind, it can easily be converted into a bike or skate helmet by swapping out the fleece cap.


  • The helmet has all forms of adjustments that made it nicely fit on my head.
  • It is highly reliable; it saved me from a cracked skull snowboarding!
  • It kept my ears warm during the skiing


  • The helmet would only fit in the winter pads; for summer pads I had to think of a different helmet. Anyway, it was made for winter not summer.

 4.  Smith Optics Unisex Helmet

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

Having been made with a strong plastic material, Smith Optics Unisex Helmet is 10 inches wide and 10 inches high. The buckle closure holds the helmet in place for maximum safety and comfort. One of the things that made me like this helmet is that it is an all-weather helmet that is equipped with convertible pad kit that helps keep me warm. With such warmth, I no longer experienced headaches caused by cold air blasting against my forehead.

Unless you are new when it comes to ski helmet, I bet you know that most helmets tend to develop dents with time. When it comes to this helmet, it is a different case; it's bombshell construction utilizes an injection molded ABS shell that prevents dents hence ensuring maximum durability.


  • It is an adjustable helmet; I can easily fit it on my head.
  • It offers solid protection from accidents.
  • Great value for the money


  • It is an old model ski helmet; but remember, “Old is gold.” They said.

 5.  Lucky Bums Multi Sport Helmet

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

Scooping the top position is this high-quality helmet. Because of its outstanding features, it is not only the top rated helmet but also the highly preferred. This amazing helmet provided me with the protection I needed. For the economists, like me, this helmet not only offers quality protection but also at the lowest price. After all, we now have some change in our pockets!

Being a comfortable, stylish and functional helmet, it features two protective layers, that is; a padded chin strap and goggle loop. Another thing that delighted me about this helmet is that I could get my favorite color as they exist in a variety of colors.

Moreover, the helmet has two reinforced layers to ensure maximum durability and safety. With the external cap made with a strong APS material and covered with a supporting EPS outer shell, Lucky Bums Multi Sport Helmet offers unsurpassed protection.

Considering that am allergic to some form of fabric, I found this helmet ideal for me as the internal fabric lining and ear padding has hypoallergenic and antibacterial treatment.


  • It really looks nice; it's very stylish.
  • I could easily get the helmet in my favorite color i.e. blue
  • It sits well on my head
  • The lightweight nature allows me to enjoy skiing and snowboarding for as long as I want.
  • It is affordable; I couldn’t believe that I could get this kind of helmet without having to go beyond my budget.


  • The adjustment knob at the back of my head presses me; not serious though.


The fact remains that choosing the perfect ski helmet is not an easy task as it seems. Considering that there are so many models on the market, this should not be viewed from only the positive side but also the negative. Well, many models allow customers exercise the freedom of choice. However, we should not forget that this also brings about confusion. A confused individual can easily end up with the wrong helmet. Having in mind that safety is not something to try fortune on, we should consider going for the reviewed helmets. With these helmets, safety, comfort, and flexibility are guaranteed; they hardly disappoint.

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