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Best Sleeping Bag under 100

What Should You Keep in Mind During Your Search? There are lot of factors to consider when purchasing a new sleeping bag. For one thing, you have to figure out how warm you want it to be. Among other things to look out for, there are also some issues that need to be addressed. There are many arguments on whether or not down is better than synthetic filling or about if warm when wet is really possible to achieve.

Here is a list of the Best Sleeping Bag under 100

How to take care of your down sleeping bag is also a controversial topic. It’s important to let it dry completely before storing it, or it will not end up in good shape. And always make sure to keep a barrier between your bag and the ground. This will also help maintain quality.

Washing it with soap and water every once in a while won’t hurt either. Trust me. It will be okay. Be cautious about dry-cleaning.

Other features to note while looking are not only the temperature range, but how heavy it is and how much space it will take up. Certain bags are better for warm, rainy weather than others. Down and synthetic fillings can be different enough to make it a difficult decision. Down is usually warmer and contains heat better than synthetic. It’s drying them that’s a nightmare. Synthetic bags are much better for wetter conditions. It’s really up to whether or not you are willing to take proper care of either to make sure they stay good longer.

The following sleeping bags are the best bang for your buck. They’re high quality, versatile, and affordable. For under $100 you can find exactly what you need for whatever situation you may come across.

Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bags

1 - Alps Mountaineering Silverthorne 5 F Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag comes in at a good 10 pounds. It’s meant for 5 - 20 F. When it got up to 20 F one night, I had to unzip it to let in a little air so I can imagine it’s the best for even colder temps. It’s a rectangular shaped bag, perfect for maximum movement even in the cold. It has two layers of warm, cotton flannel with fiber polyester fill. It’s so comfortable and warm that I would recommend this for anyone going somewhere super cold.

The drawstring bag it comes in makes it a little easier to attach or carry with your other supplies. It’s also durable and most importantly, comfortable. This is all-around one of the best cold weather sleeping bags.

2 - Aircee 20 F Flannel 4-Season Cold Weather Camping Hooded Sleeping Bag With Pillow

It’s portable, super flexible, and easy to pack. The straps all over help to attach it pretty much anywhere. The portability of this bag is the best. It’s supposedly great for temperatures 14 and above but I’d say more like 20 at the least. It was a little less warm that I thought it would be. It’s filled with cotton fiber and the flannel lining is more cotton-y than flannel.

Spring and fall are the perfect seasons for using this bag. The cozy, soft, comfort it provides doesn’t weight it down at all. It only weighs 2 pounds! The nylon shell lasts forever and the inflatable pillow? Awesome and more comfortable that it sounds. And if you buy two sleeping bags, you can turn them into a 2-person bag quite easily.

One downfall however, is that it’s not ideal for people who are really tall. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty, but you shouldn’t need it. Aircee is a reliable brand and this product is no different.

Best Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

3 - Kingcamp 1 Season Sleeping Bag

Able to be used as a sleeping bag or just a blanket, this sleeping bag is the best for the summertime. Versatility is also possible since it can also be used as a liner for another sleeping bag. I do it all the time, especially since I don’t do much summer camping. It’s microfleece and machine washable, perfect for kid’s sports games or fireworks. Camping, too of course. You can even use it at home as a blanket.

It’s perfect for temperatures ranging from 59 F and 86 F. You can probably use it colder weather though. It’s warm enough by itself before I put it inside another one of my bags.

It’s very roomy and does a pretty good job at staying dry and still keeping you warm. Like the last one, though, it may not be an ideal sleeping bag for someone 6’ and over. Not sure if any shorter would be the same way but it’s still a perfect blanket no matter how short or tall you are.

Best Multi-Season Sleeping Bags

4 - Camp Solutions XL +23 Flannel Lined Sleeping Bag

This bag is great for fall and winter. Sometimes even spring depending on the weather. Extreme weather camping is also a no-no with this one. Unless it’s with something else. It’s only 4 pounds and is super portable. The double zippers are as durable as the rest of the bag itself. That being said, this sleeping bag is durable and comfortable without being too hot.

It’s made of polyester, at least it seems so, and is machine washable. I think I remember using this as a blanket a few times. It’s definitely good for that. Unlike the others, it fits an adult up to 6’5” comfortably, which is pretty awesome. Even more room for the shorter people. For some reason even I always end up using that space at my own 5’2.

The zippers don’t budge when you’re sleeping either. The internal storage pocket keeps your small personal belongings safe and close to you. You can even make the bag smaller if you need to free up some space.

It’s super versatile and definitely one of the best sleeping bags under $100. It’s great for 3 seasons and is versatile enough for the whole family. I definitely recommend this bag for anything but extreme cold.

5 - Forfar Sleeping Bag Envelope Outdoor Folding Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Spring, fall, and winter are the best seasons to use this sleeping bag. Winter is a little questionable, though. Sometimes it’s not warm enough to be good for winter. At 3 pounds, it’s super lightweight and easy to bring with you without being a burden.

It’s also has skin-friendly’ cotton lining with water resistant polyester fill. Being really comfortable is a plus when you lend it to someone crashing on your floor for a few days.

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