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Best Small Tactical Fixed Blade Knives

We all need protection especially when we are out in the wild where harmful wild-animals lives. Just like soldiers in the jungle carry knives and swords for protection, we too need have some of the best small tactical fixed blade knife that fits in our pockets and can help us combat an enemy. Well-fixed blade knives can be deployed during a family camping trip, when doing home improvement, heading into untamed wilderness et al. The knives are designed for fighting and working purposes hence acting as a military multi-designed tool.

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Here is a list of the Best Small Tactical Fixed Blade Knives

Best small tactical fixed blade knives can be used when we are making shelters, cutting rope, splitting firewood, skinning games, opening cans and obtaining firewood. They are very important tools to have around our homes. Now, today we have a list of the best small tactical fixed blade knives that I’m sure can suit everyone desires.

1. Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife

This knife has a long story when it comes to use by military and civilian for self-defense and survival purposes. It was used in World War II, where it became standard issue to USM as a hand to hand defense tool and utility use too. Ka-Bar United States Marine Combat fighting knife is created with a comfortable, sparkling leather grip and straight edge steel blade consistently holding a sharp end.

2. SOG Seal Pup Elite

This is the SOG’s latest addition to their SEAL long lineup, fashioned specifically for United States Special Forces consumption. It is the top most performing blade hence best for our states soldiers. It is important to carry it in any mountain camping trip. The SOG Seal Pup Elite is design to stay longer than any other competitor around. The rasp that is added to blades teeth provide a thumb comfort whenever we perform small or hard cutting jobs such as filling or notching ,also added molded glass supports handles round out the knife’s great features.

3. Cold Steel Recon Scout

Walk into any firehouse, especially where I stay, you will find at least one firefighter having a Cold steel recon scout knife in his pocket. This kind of a knife has been around for so long but for a good reason, they are productive.

Cold steel recon scout knives features long-lasting kray-ex handle and a seven half inch long high carbon steel blade which has been heat-treated and tempered to resemble the strength and sharp end retention of Japanese swords. The knife is not that expensive.

4. Gerber Ghostrike Fixed Blade Deluxe Knives

Among the featured knives in this list, this knife is the most suitable for personal defense use. Even though any knife in the list can down the attacker; the Gerber ghostrike fixed blade deluxe knife is majorly designed for concealed carry. It is designed with a low profile modular sheath system that allows anyone to discretely carry it on the belt, the ankle or anywhere else we feel can conceal it.

Gerber ghostrike fixed blade deluxe’s fine edge is measured in three inches plus, created from 420HC steel. It comes with a rubber over mold handle designed with a diamond texture which gives a safe grip whenever it is used. But it is important that we check our state laws before we walk with any knife around.

5. CRKT Ultima Knife

We have many reasons why CRKT ultima knife had to feature in this list. Number one is, CRKT ultima knife is full-tangle blade. This is a MUST have knife in the house since we need to use it daily and for survival applications too. Number two; its full-tang blade at the butt can be used to combine heavy duty pry bar. The final reason is the CRKT ultima knife’s glass filled nylon handle is too tough; having secured grip that is safe in mud, wet and cold conditions. It has unique segmented triangles.

6. Gerber LMF II Survival Knife

This is another knife that is highly versatile and designed to do different series of functions in outside. It has topnotch stainless steel that does best when it comes to cutting and slicing. Gerber LMF II survival knife’s incomparable extra features also make it stand out from the crowd.

Its Sharpe butt cap can be used to pierce glass in the rescue missions and used for hammering duties all together. Sharpe butt total separation from the knife’s tang elevates shock absorption and protects against electric shock. Gerber LMF II survival knife’s integrated lashing holes allow one to use it as a spear for hunting food and defense.

The manufacturer worked hard to design LMF II to be the recommendable survival knife for any kind of situation. They don’t want anyone to get stuck in the middle of situation with a dull knife during prolonged use. For that matter, carbide blade sharpener was designed into its sheath.

7. Zero Tolerance Hinder Fieldtac Knife

Eve though Zero tolerance hinder fieldtac knife is smaller than the rest of the fixe-blade counterparts, it is apparent that it can juggle heavy duties including cutting tasks with much ease. This knife is designed with tungsten diamond plus coated blade crafted from crack, chip resistant Vanadis 4Extra powder metallurgical cold work steel. The whole tang is further designed to strengthen the knife, as a lightweight G10 scaled handle and contoured teeth offers protective grip when performing a task.

8. Benchmade 162 Bushcrafted Fixed Blade Knife

Benchmade is said to be the best producers of the best folding knives and fixed blade knives in the market. Some of its latest make is 162 Bushcrafter, a long-lasting survival knife which is a complete proof that the manufacturer is an expert in producing outdoors environment surviving equipment.

A fine S30V stainless steel drop point blade is best for any task especially cutting. Its contoured G10 handle provides superb grip we can miss on a survival knife. Benchmade 162 bushcrafted fixed blade knife’s leather sheath designed with a D-ring pus retention strap including integrated flint rod twist makes it suitable for general outdoor duties.

9. ESEE 6P-B Fixed Blade Knife

The distinctive feature that makes ESEE 6p-B Fixed Blade Knife outweigh the rest is its 1095 high-carbon steel blade. This is a knife we can use repeatedly without getting burnt. It has a steady strength and strange ability to stay for long retaining the sharpness. Its tough nails blade design and drop point depict its cool edge versatility making it one of the top best outdoor knives in this list. The ESEE 6p-B Fixed Blade Knife flexible handle and integrated lanyard hole put around it makes it look gorgeous. This knife might be expensive but we can’t afford to have it in our homes.

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