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Best Snow Blowers

Winter is coming, and it’s coming fast! We all love how pretty it looks when the snow begins to fall, turning our ordinary fields and yards into breathtaking winter wonderlands. As soon as the first flake falls, we think of snowball fights, ice skiing, building snowmen, and so many other fun snow-related activities. However, the novelty and dreaminess of this situation disappears as quickly as it came.

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Here is a list of the Best Snow Blowers

The snow is far less pretty in the form of snowed-in driveways and blocked entrances terrorizing us throughout the season. The last thing you want is to feel trapped inside your home all winter due to snow taking over your yard, pathways, and entrances. Unless you’re especially fond of shoveling snow, it goes without saying that a good snow blower should be a high priority on your shopping list.

Shopping for snow blowers is quite the task in itself with so many brands and models out there to choose from. To make shopping easier and to enable you to make the most informed decisions while shopping, we will take you through all you need to know about snow blowers In addition, we’ve compiled a list of top brands in different categories to give you an idea of what’s currently on the market.

Table of Contents

Types of Snow Blowers

Before we get into the whole business of which snow blower is better than the other, it’s important to understand that there are many different types. When we say different types, we don’t mean in terms of brand or model; we mean in terms of general design and purpose. Below are the two main categories and the different types of snow blowers under each category.

Power Source

1. Gas-Driven Snow Blowers

Most of the snow blowers currently available are gas-powered. Like lawn mowers and other yard equipment that run on gas, the gas snow blowers offer you an unlimited range of use, since you don’t have to struggle with a power cord or find a place to plug it in. Gas driven snow blowers have their fair share of pros, which is why they’re so popular among consumers.

First of all, they are a lot more powerful that electric blowers, so they’re perfect for working on heavy snow fall. Additionally, they’re a lot more resilient and durable in the long term. However, in order to enjoy all these benefits of gas-powered snow blowers, you’ll have to put up with a lot of noise, a heavy machine, and a snow blower in need of regular maintenance.

2. Electricity-Driven Snow Blowers

The electric variety of snow blowers is fairly new to the market and has been received with mixed reviews. They require to be plugged in to a stable power source in order to function. As you can imagine, this can be a bit of an inconvenience, especially if you are working on a large piece of land without any electrical sockets in sight. There is also the fact that you have to be extra careful while dealing with the cords to avoid any potential accidents. However, it isn’t all cons while working with electricity-driven snow blowers. First of all, you get to enjoy working with a light, silent device, which makes the whole experience a lot more pleasant. They are also pretty awesome for dealing with light snowfall, as they ensure that not too much energy is put into dealing with a simple task. This makes electric snow blowers perfect for snow that’s light and fluffy.

Number of Blowing Stages

1. Single-Stage Snow Blowers

As the name suggests, single-stage snow blowers clear the snow in one step. They feature a blade-like part referred to as the auger that collects the snow and directs it straight to the discharge chute. This fairly simple mechanism limits its applicability, as it is only powerful enough to handle light snowfall. The fact that the blade comes into contact with the ground also limits you to only using it on smooth pavement surfaces. Despite their rather narrow range of applications, single-stage snow blowers are the only type that can use either electricity or gas for power. This is because of their applicability on light snow.

2. Two-Stage Snow Blowers

As you can probably guess from the name, there are two stages involved in using this kind of device for snow removal. In the first step, the auger collects the snow without making any contact with the ground. The snow is then passed over a built-in fan, which directs it through the discharge chute and out into the environment. The presence of the fan means that the snow is blown away with more force and therefore lands farther away than when working with single-stage blowers. Hence, this is the type of machine you want if you’re going to be dealing heavy snowfall.

3. Three-Stage Snow Blowers

Finally, we have the three-stage snow blowers that eliminate the snow in, you guessed it, three stages. In general, it works the exact same way that the two-stage snow blowers work. However, it happens to have an additional accelerator feature that gives the blower a lot more power. This makes the three-stage type of snow blowers capable of handling everything from light fluff to heavy wet snow.

Hint Box 1 - Corded vs Cordless Electric Snow Blowers

Most, but not all, electric snow blowers are corded. Those that belong to the cordless variety are harder to find, so if you get one, stick to it. This is because they allow you to enjoy all the perks of working with electric snow blowers without having to suffer the dreaded cons of the cord. All you need to do is to ensure that the battery running the motors is sufficiently charged for maximum effectiveness out in the field.

Features and Specs to Consider

In addition to understanding the different types of snow blowers, it’s important to understand which features are important and what different technical terms mean. Below are seven features and specs that you need to consider while shopping for your snow blower:

  • Power Source: This refers to whether the machine runs on gas or on electricity. Based on the differences described above, you understand the need to consider this feature while making your decision.
  • One-Stage, Two-Stage, or Three-Stage: This specification will determine under what conditions you can effectively use your snow blower. If you are working on light cover, a single-stage snow blower will work just fine. However, if you are expecting something heavier and stickier, then the other two types would be a much safer bet.
  • Snow Blowing Capabilities in Terms of Snow Depth: The power of a snow blower is measured in terms of depth of snow that it is capable of clearing. This is usually dependent on the stage number of the snow blower. However, different brands and models may have additional features that allow them to perform better than similar models with the same number of stages. This makes it a very important feature to consider.
  • Weight and Dimensions of the Machine: These are important to consider for two reasons, the first being ease and convenience of use. Something lighter and smaller will undoubtedly make your work a lot easier. The other reason why these specs are important to consider is storage. Smaller snow blowers are easier to store without you having to reorganize your entire garage or shed.
  • Control Interface: One of the most important parts of the interface is the speed control. Some important factors to consider are its presence, ease of use, and versatility in terms of speed levels offered. Other important interface controls include power control and monitoring controls that measure and display the amount of work done and the level of power consumption.
  • Automation Capabilities: Automation is a feature commonly found in gas-driven snow blowers. The presence of this feature means that your work is made a whole lot easier, as all you have to do is to set the machine on auto mode, sit back, and relax with a steaming cup of cocoa.
  • Special Features: These are usually dependent on the manufacturer and are usually added as a way to sweeten the deal for buyers. These features typically include things like handle warmers and headlights. The features don’t directly affect the way the snow blower works, but they make the blowing experience a lot easier and more comfortable for you.

Our Qualifications

The tricky part about working with online reviews is the fact that you can never really be sure whether they are genuine or they’re just veiled sales pitches. So, if the question is, “Can I trust these reviews?” the answer is, “Yes, you can!” We have been in the business of product research and review for a very long time. What makes our work stand out is the fact that we outsource and work with actual experts in all the different fields.

For this particular review of the best snow blowers, we worked with electricians and experts in yard maintenance equipment to get a better understanding of what the different features and specifications mean to the user. This contribution coupled up with extensive research and testing allowed us to provide you with what can only be termed as the ultimate guide to snow blowers. So, in a nutshell, you can trust our reviews.

Our Ranking Criteria

Each and every snow blower model that’s made it onto our list deserves the recognition. The list was compiled based on the important factors that we have already discussed above. The first step in the ranking was digging through online reviews and discussions to determine what buyers considered to be the best snow blower models available in the market.

After coming up with our list of top rated models, we consulted experts to help us figure out which specs were ordinary and which were actually worth fawning over. Finally, we did a little research of our own and narrowed it down to the six snow blowers listed below. So, without further ado, below are the six best snow blowers currently available.

Summary of our Top Picks

After extensive research and testing, we came up with a list of what we consider to be the best available snow blowers of all different the types. We took into account the important features highlighted above as well as what consumers had to say about the products.

For the single-stage gas blower, the Toro Power Clear was our top pick. Electric snow blowers are not easy to get right, but Toro found a way to do it. This amazing product is the perfect combination of convenience and efficiency, and earned its spot on our list due to its amazing features and specs.

For the single-stage electric blowers, we went with the Greenworks 80V Pro Snow Blower. This is an amazing product from one of the oldest and most trusted brands in the industry.

For the two-stage gas blowers, the Ariens Deluxe stood out with its amazing features and excellent snow-blowing capabilities. Carrying a feature known as a snow impeller, this powerful monster will have your lawn clear in no time. The best part is the fact that you get to enjoy all the amazing features at incredibly low prices.

Finally, we ranked two more models in terms of price, with the Honda HS 720 being our top pick for under $500 and the Snow Joe ION 24 SB being the best model under $1000. Each of these two is arguably one of the best in their respective snow blower stage types, both loaded with great features.

Below is a more detailed description of each and every one of these products in order to help you understand why they’re our favorites.

 1.  Best Single-Stage Gas Blower- Toro Power Clear 518 ZE Blower

Rating: 3.5 / 5.0

When it comes to the design and manufacture of outdoor care equipment, Toro is at the forefront with more than 10 years of experience. Whether it’s lawn mowers or automatic sprinklers, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality piece of equipment. Their Power Clear 518 ZE Snow Blower is one of the very best blowers currently available. Its many enjoyable features allow you to enjoy the very best of gas snow blowers with minimum exposure to the cons. Below are some of the features and specifications of the Toro Power Clear 518 ZE that landed it on our list.


Powering Mechanism

Toro Power Clear 518 ZE snow blower runs on gas, with a fuel tank capacity of 0.35 gallons. The gas powers a 99cc engine that pretty much runs the entire snow blower. The combination of a decent capacity tank and a low consumption engine means that you’ll be able to enjoy several uninterrupted hours of service from your Toro Power Clear snow blower before you have to refuel. This makes it one of the most fuel efficient models on the market.

Clearing depth

Toro Power Clear is a single-stage snow blower, which means that you are limited in terms of the depth and width of the snow that you clear. With this particular model, you have 2 to 9 inches in depth and 18 inches width in regards to snow clearance. This is pretty decent for an average-sized driveway or yard. In order to maximize on the limited benefits of this feature, it is advisable to work on the snow while it is still light and fluffy; this makes the blowing a lot more efficient.

Throwing Distance

The throwing distance is an important factor to consider, as it determines how effective the snow clearing will be. The Toro Power Clear snow blower model features a throwing distance of 25 feet. This is a good enough distance for a single-stage snow blower and it will ensure that you don’t mess up the surface that you’ve already cleared. The Toro Power Clear snow blower also features a Locking Zip Deflector allows you to determine the angle of snow release with just the touch of your hand. The system is very sensitive and will respond to even the tiniest motion in a matter of seconds. That way, you don’t have to worry about the snow leaving the chute and accumulating elsewhere.

Auger and Chute Features

This model features strong plastic augers. They are 7 inches long and are designed to disrupt and lift compact snow. The plastic material is an advantage in that there is no risk of rust formation or any other form of corrosion. The plastic material also serves as an advantage as it prevents formation of ice crystals from water droplets left on the surface. This is because plastic is a poor conductor of temperature; thus, the droplets will remain in liquid form until they dry off or are wiped.

The augers transmit the lifted snow directly to the chute for release. The chute itself is also made of plastic with the same benefits we mentioned above. It can rotate up to 210 degrees and this advantage allows more effective snow throwing.

Machine Frame Design and Material

Most of the Toro Power Clear snow blower body is made out of plastic material. It is because of this feature that the snow blower is so light in spite of being a gas-driven model. This makes it easy to maneuver the device, even against resistant snow surfaces. The plastic also prevents formation of potentially destructive ice crystals and corrosion due to exposure to the elements.

Parts of the frame, including the handle, are made of metal. This allows for easy control without risk of breakage, should there be excess force applied. Finally, the wheels are made of friction-adapted rubber, allowing trouble-free use over snow and ice without risk of slipping and veering off the intended course.

Weight and Dimensions

The Toro Power Clear Snow Blower measures 37 inches in depth by 45 inches in height by 18 inches in width when fully assembled. It’s a fairly small snow blower which makes it perfect for use over small areas like driveways. The small size also comes in handy during storage since it doesn’t take up too much space.

The snow blower measures 58 pounds, which is pretty light for a gas-driven model. This makes it easy to work with the machine and maneuver it over thick snow. This light weight can be attributed to the lightweight plastic material used to make the better part of the body.

Other Unique Features

One of the most exceptional features of this single-stage gas snow blower is the Power Curve Technology. This feature is designed to offer the snow blower extra forward propulsion, meaning that you don’t have to wear yourself out trying to push the snow blower through thick and unyielding snow.

The snow blower also features a variety of speed settings. The speed control of this particular model allows you to easily select and change speed settings depending on the amount of snow and terrain you’re dealing with.

Price Range and Warranty

The Toro Power Clear Single-Stage Gas Snow Blower falls within the $350 to $400 price range. With all its outstanding features, it is safe to say that this price is justified. It comes with a two-year warranty that covers repairs and replacement of faulty parts. Finally, you are guaranteed that for no less than two years, your machine will start in one or two pulls of the electric start.

Toro Power Clear 518 ZE Blower Video Review

Demerits You Can Work With

The Toro Power Clear is a pretty awesome product but it is not without fault. The first downfall is the fact that you need to assemble the machine yourself before you can put it to use. This can be a bit tricky, especially if you haven’t handled a snow blower before. However, this slight drawback doesn’t qualify as a deal-breaker. All you have to do is to follow the user manual provided and you will have your machine up and running in no time.

Another demerit of working with the Toro Power Clear is the fact that the throwing distance is not as impressive as that of other models. This means that you’ll have to deal with a trail of snow following your machine as you do the snow clearing. To avoid this, make use of the Locking Zip Deflector. This feature will enable you to customize the direction of the output, letting you avoid unsightly accumulation that pretty much nullifies all the work you’ve done.

The final demerit is something that you will come across with pretty much every gas-driven snow blower model; the machine requires regular maintenance. The practices include everything from oil changing to refueling. However, these are only carried out periodically and should not discourage you from investing in gas snow blowers.

 2.  Best Single-Stage Electric Blower- Greenworks 80 V Pro

Rating: 3.6 / 5.0

The Greenworks 80 V Pro Single-Stage Electric Snow Blower is by far the best snow blower model in this particular category. It is the only model on our list of top picks that runs on electricity. In spite of this fact, it is every bit as powerful and effective at getting rid of snow as a gas-powered machine. The snow blower offers high quality and high efficiency snow clearing, allowing you to get back to enjoying the outdoors with little hassle. It has some pretty amazing features and specifications for a model that is so pocket friendly; below are some of our favorites.


Powering Mechanism

The Greenworks 80V Single-Stage Snow Blower is a cordless electric model. It uses a rechargeable 80 volt Li-ion battery, offering up to 45 minutes of uninterrupted service at the highest speed setting. The cordless nature of the machine means that you get to enjoy the benefits of an electric snow blower without having to worry about tripping over rogue cords or getting yourself electrocuted. The battery also ensures that you can use the snow blower wherever you like without having to find an outlet. The battery runs a four-cycle engine for high power and efficiency during clearing,, even on tough snow.

The Greenworks 80 V Pro snow blower also happens to be very eco-friendly, as there are no fumes or smoke being emitted. This is good news to both the environment and to your health.

Clearing Depth and Width

This snow blower model has a clearing depth of 10 inches and a clearing width of up to 20 inches. This falls within the expected range for single-stage snow blowers and is pretty impressive for a model that runs on electricity. These measurements mean that you can comfortably clear snow from pathways including sidewalks, driveways and even patios.

Throwing Distance

This single-stage electric snow blower offers the user up to 20 feet in terms of throwing distance. This is a bit on the low side compared to other single-stage snow blower models; however, it comes with a rotatable chute that allows you to determine the direction in which you want the snow to be blown. That way, you won’t be leaving a snow trail behind you as you work hard to clear what is ahead of you.

Auger and Chute Features

This model features a 20-inch plastic auger. The wide blades offer more effective and efficient clearance by ensuring that a greater area is covered with one move. The strong plastic material offers a combination of power and convenience. The power is due to the sharp, chisel-shaped nature, which allows them to cut through snow and ice. The precipitation is then fluffy and light enough for direct transfer to the chute for release. The reason that we consider this machine convenient is that there’s a drastically reduced need for maintenance. This is because plastic is pretty much corrosion proof and ice damage resistant.

The chute is also made out of plastic and can be rotated up to 180 degrees. This feature comes in handy to complement the throwing distance specification by ensuring that there is no accumulation of blown snow.. The snow blower features easy-to-use controls that allow you to manipulate the chute angle as you wish.

Machine material

The Greenworks 80 V Pro Electric Single-Stage Snow Blower’s body is made out of plastic. This makes the machine very light and therefore very easy to use. The body is reinforced with a metallic frame that is designed to ensure that the entire machine is resilient against high impact forces that could potentially cause damage. Finally, as with all other models on this list, the wheels are made out of rubber in order to ensure firm grip on the otherwise slippery surfaces of snow and ice.

Weight and Dimensions

When assembled, it measures 21.6 inches width by 31 inches depth by 37 inches height. This makes it an average sized single-stage snow blower. The result is that it is easier to use, maneuver over the snow and store when not in use. It measures 33 pounds and this light weight nature can be attributed to the full plastic body of the machine. In spite of the advantages that come with this lightness, you might have a bit of a hard time working with the snow blower on thick snow. However, this shortcoming is countered by the impressive 7 inch rear wheels. They convert any little effort you apply into sufficient propulsion allowing easy maneuverability over the snow without loss of control.

Other unique features

If you want to do your snow clearing at night, then this is the model for you. This is because it comes with a set of dual LED lights that allow you to see what you are working on. The fact that it is pretty much noiseless also means that you don’t have to worry about waking the neighbors up with your late night endeavors.

Another unique and amazing feature is the easy fold feature. Once winter ends and the snow clears you will have to put the snow blower away. This feature allows you to fold the machine into a compact and manageable size for easy and space-economic storage. The best part is that you don’t have to take apart the parts that took so long to assemble.

Finally, the Greenworks 80 V Pros snow blower stands out with its push button start feature. This means that you don’t have to spend an eternity pulling on a start cord to get your machine started. It also means that you don’t have to worry about a pull system that will fail with time.

Price range and warranty

One of our favorite things about the Greenworks 80 V Pro is the price. Can you imagine that you get to enjoy all these amazing features at less than $300? As if this offer wasn’t sweet enough, you also have a four year warranty to look forward to.

Greenworks 80 V Pro Video Review

Demerits you can work with

One of the minor cons of working with the Greenworks 80 V snow blower is the relatively low run time. Compared to gas driven models, this is not a lot of time. However, this disadvantage isn’t enough to qualify as a deal breaker. I mean, it probably won’t take you more than thirty minutes to work on your lawn or other pathways. This makes the running time sufficient in spite of it being low.

While doing our research, we discovered that a few buyers complained about the quality and longevity of the battery. This brings us to the second demerit that is the fact that you might have to replace the battery after a while. This is because continuous use and recharging attenuates the performance of the battery. If you notice this early, you can redeem your warranty deal for a replacement or for repair if possible.

The final demerit is the fact that it is possible to get the chute clogged up especially if you are working on thick snow. In order to avoid this, you can spray the chute with PAM or silicon. This will prevent snow from sticking to the surface and clogging the chute. You can also prevent this by avoiding snow depths greater than what is recommended for the snow blower.

 3.  Best double stage snow blower- Ariens Deluxe 28 SHO Snow Blower

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

Ariens is one of the few brands on our list of top picks that is dedicated entirely to development of equipment and tools for management of the outdoors. With this much focus, it should come as no surprise that their 2 stage snow blower is the best in the category. Their 80 years of experience is evident in the quality of design and manufacture of the Ariens Deluxe 28 SHO Snow Blower. This monster of a machine will leave you with amazing results making winter and the resultant snow fall a lot easier to manage. Below are the features that landed it on our top picks list.


Powering mechanism

The Ariens Deluxe 28 SHO is a two stage gas driven snow blower. It has a gas tank capacity of 0.8 gallons that powers a 254 cc engine with a plowing capacity of 2000 pounds per minute. All these features translate to up to 2 hours of service on a full tank and at full speed. The powerful engine torque and the plowing capacity make it perfect for use on heavy and wet snow. This is because of the high power output and the resultant high snow clearing capacity.

In spite of the model being gas driven, it relies on an electrical start system. These are generally more reliable appeals and will ensure that your system is up and running in no time.

Clearing depth

As a double stage snow blower, you can expect greater clearance depths and widths. With this particular model, you will get to enjoy a 21 inch depth and 28 inch width clearance. This makes it perfect for use on both wide and limited access areas. The depth in particular is an added advantage as it allows you to work on snow that has stuck to the ground and formed deep running layers.

Throwing distance

At 50 feet, this model has one of the greatest throwing distances on our list of best snow blowers. This means that you don’t have to worry about snow landing on your already cleared pathways. All you have to do is to ensure that the chute is directed away from these sites.

Auger, fan and Chute features

The Ariens Deluxe SHO has a very interesting auger. First of all, it is made out of steel. This allows the snow blower to work even on hard formed ice and snow blocks. The steel is also less likely to break on high impact contact and will therefore serve you for a very long time. Finally, the material is an advantage as steel is conventionally resistant to corrosion due to exposure to the elements. The second interesting feature is the fact that the 14inch blade is serrated. This allows it to cut through hard snow making it soft enough to lift into the fan and eject through the chute. The auger material and design also makes it possible to use this snow blower model on gravel and other unfriendly surfaces and terrain.

The second part of this system is the impeller. This acts as the fan propelling the collected snow out through the chute. The impeller system features three 14 inches blades. These serve the purpose of further breaking down the ice and propelling it forcefully out of the snow blower. It is therefore safe to say that we have the impeller to thank for the high throwing distance on this model. It is also made out of steel with the same benefits seen with the auger.

The chute is also made out of steel material. It can be rotated up to 205 degrees using a remote angle deflector. This allows you to determine where the snow being blown will land. With this Ariens model, you also get to control the height of the projectile snow stream from the snow blower by adjusting the chute. The power of propulsion out the chute depends on the impeller action and the activity of the dual belt auger system.

Machine material

The Ariens Deluxe 28 SHO body and frame is made out of metal. This makes it one strong and heavy snow blower. This comes in handy when working against resistance on hard and heavy snow.

The metal is also made rust resistant ensuring that in spite of direct exposure to air and water, your snow blower will continue to look as food as new for a very long time.

Weight and dimensions

This snow blower model measures 57.9 inches in depth by 44.3 inches in height by 30.4 inches in width. This makes it a pretty big snow blower and will require quite a lot of space in your shed or garage when winter is over.

Ariens Deluxe 28 SHO measures a whopping 235 pounds. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering the fact that the beast is made entirely out of metal.

Other unique features

It features a single large halogen lamp. This allows you to use the machine even in the dark.

It also has a special handle with two unique features. The first is the dual handle interlock system. This allows you to control the machine with one hand without losing direction or stability. This leaves the other hand to control the chute angle for manipulation of the throwing direction and height. The second unique feature is the handle warmer feature. This ensures that your hands are nice and toasty despite handling a full metal machine in the snow.

Price range and warranty

The Ariens Deluxe Snow Blower is one of the most expensive models on our list of top picks. It falls within the $1000 to $1100 price range. The model comes with a two part warranty agreement. The first covers repairs and replacements on fuel and oil system for five years. The second covers the rest of the machine for three years.

Ariens Deluxe 28 SHO Snow Blower Video Review

Demerits you can work with

The very first demerit, of course, is the high price. However, each and every feature of the model justifies the high price. So if you are willing to spend a little extra cash for a product you will use for a very long time, the Ariens Deluxe 28 is a great investment option.

Another thing that consumers complained about is the fact the snow blower does not come pre-assembled. Considering the great size and weight, assembly is considerably more difficult. However, if you follow the instructions on the user manual, it should be less of a challenge.

HINT BOX 2: 3 Snow clearing hacks to make your snow blowing more effective

  • Work on the snow before it sticks to the ground and becomes too hard. This will save you in terms of energy consumption and will make your job a lot easier. This comes in handy especially when you are using single-stage snow blowers.
  • ​Use the snow blower together with a wide shovel- I know I know. The whole point of getting a snow blower is to spare yourself the trouble of having to shovel the snow yourself. However, if you don’t mind putting in the extra work, shoveling will make the snow clearing a lot more effective. If you don’t want to, you can get a snow blower that comes with its own shovel like the Greenworks and Troy Bilt models discussed here.
  • Crank things up to high speed- This is a highly effective hack especially when working on heavy and wet snow using 2 or 3 stage snow blowers. The high speed setting allows the auger blades to lift the snow a lot more easily for effective blowing and clearing.

 4.  Best snow blower model under $1000- Snow Joe ION 24SB-XR Blower

Rating: 3.2 / 5.0

If you are willing to dish out a little extra cash in order to land the snow blower of your dreams, then the Snow Joe ION 24 SB-XR Snow Blower is a great option. As the name suggests, Snow Joe is a company dedicated to coming up with handy contraptions designed to make winter a lot more bearable. It is a fairly new company with less than ten years in the business but it is already making waves in the market with amazing products ranging from solid snow melters to revolutionary snow blowers like our top pick. Below are some of the features that you have to look forward to should you choose to treat yourself to a new snow blower this coming winter.


Powering mechanism

The Snow Joe ION 24 SB-XR is a cordless 2 stage electric snow blower. This design is definitely one of a kind as 2 stage electronic snow blowers are not exactly easy to come by. In fact, it is the very first of its kind. It runs on an 80 V 5.0 Ah Li-Ion battery. This offers you up to 40 minutes of service for effective snow clearance.

The use of electric powering makes it an eco-friendly option with literally no harmful emissions. It is also super quiet which makes it people friendly especially when you are clearing the snow at night.

Clearing depth

It has a clearance depth of 13 inches and a clearance width of 24 inches. It also features a special scraper bar that ensures that there is no damage to the surface even as the snow clearance is going on. This makes it appropriate for use on all surfaces ranging from graven driveways to hardwood patios.

Throwing distance

The Snow Joe ION can throw snow up to 32 feet away. This is made possible by the two stage system that works to break down the snow into fine powder and propel it through the chute to great distances.

Auger and Chute features

The auger is made out of stainless steel for strength and resistance to corrosive elements. The chute on the other hand is made out of plastic in order to prevent clogging. It also comes with its own chute clearer to get rid of ice crystals and snow lumps in the chute.

The chute can be rotated up to 180 degrees using a basic rotation crank allowing you to control the direction of snow throwing.

Machine material

The device itself is made out of steel with the exception of the chute that is all plastic. This offers it strength and resilience against high impact forces.

Weight and dimensions

The Snow Joe ION 26022 model measures 47 inches in depth by 40 inches in height by 25.7 inches in width making it one of the largest models on our list. It weighs 105.8 pounds which is pretty decent weight for a model this large.

Other unique features

The snow blower has a set of 0.3 W dual LED headlights allowing use in the dark.

It also features a powerful brushless 2500 watts motor. This is responsible for the high clearance capacity and the noiseless function of the Snow Joe ION 26022 snow blower.

It also has Track Assist tires with skid shoes to prevent slipping and loss of control on slippery ice.

Finally, it features digital automation capabilities that allow you to run the snow clearing without having to do anything more than directing the machine.

Price range and warranty

This snow blower model falls within the $750 to $800 price range and is one of the best models under 1000 dollars. It comes with a 2 year limited warranty covering specific repairs and replacements.

Snow Joe ION 24SB-XR Blower Video Review

Demerits you can work with

The main demerit when it comes to this snow blower model is the fact that it takes very long to recharge the batteries. You will have to wait 3 hours for it to be fully charged after which you can only use it for 40 minutes. This might be a drawback but it isn’t enough to be a deal breaker. I mean what are the chances that you will need to clear the snow again less than 3 hours after you finish?

 5.  Best snow blower model under $500- Honda HS 720 Snow Blower

Rating: N/A

Honda is yet another bigwig brand in the world of mechanics. Best known for their automobiles, we have come to expect nothing but the very best in terms of quality. This is without a doubt one of the best snow blower models in any category under $500. This makes it a great pick for anyone looking for high quality on a tight budget. It is also pretty powerful for a single-stage snow blower which makes the deal sweeter than it already is. Below are a few of our favorite features of this model.


Powering mechanism

The Honda HS 720 Snow Blower is a single-stage gas snow blower. It has a gas tank with a fuel capacity of 0.3 gallons. It is one of the few models in the market than can run on pure gasoline without having to mix with oil. This reduces the carbon emission making it a relatively eco-friendly gas model.

The fuel system powers a 190 cc engine for clearance of up to 1800 pounds per minute or 55 tons of snow every hour.

Clearing depth and throwing distance

It has a clearing depth of 15 inches and a clearing width of 20 inches. This makes it a great option for working on tight spaces such as pavements, driveways and sidewalks.

As a single-stage snow blower, the limited snow clearance depth also means that you have to be careful to avoid contact with rocky surfaces or gravel.

This model offers 33 feet of throwing distance which is really impressive for a single-stage snow blower.

Auger and Chute features

The auger is made of steel with blades measuring 18 inches in diameter. These break down the snow lumps into fine and fluffy particles for propulsion to and expulsion through the chute. The chute itself is made from steel with a 204 degree rotation capacity.

Machine material

With the exception of the rubber wheels and the metallic chute and augers, the snow blower is made out of plastic. This makes it light and easy enough to maneuver even on thick snow.

Weight and dimensions

This model measures 54 inches in depth by 42 inches in height by 20 inches in width. It weighs 82 pounds which puts it in the light snow blowers category. These features make it a lot easier to work with especially on heavy and wet snow.

Price range and warranty

It falls within the $450 to $500 price range and is one of the best models under $500. It comes with a two year warranty covering repairs and replacement on a variety of parts.

Honda HS 720 Snow Blower Video Review

Demerits you can work with

The main demerit when working with this model is the noise. There is not really much that you can do about it but it is not enough of a demerit to qualify as a deal breaker.

Why do you need to invest in a good snow blower model?

Snow blowers are pretty important and no one needs to be told why they need one for their yard. However, the importance of investing in something of high quality is lost to most of us. Consumers usually just go online or to their local stores and pick the closest blower and call it a day. In this section, we will explain to you why it is so important to take your time, do your research and literally grill every brand that you come across in order to ensure that you settle for a snow blower that you won’t regret. Below are five reasons why you need to invest in a good snow blower.

1. To ensure that you get value for your money

When it comes to shopping for big electronic equipment, money is always an important factor to consider. This is because if you buy something that disappoints you later, shoving it into your shed or garage will not make you forget the pain of losing your investment. It is therefore super important to do sufficient research while shopping for snow blowers. This will ensure that you get a product with all the features that you are looking for and for a price that you consider reasonable.

2. For longevity

Taking your time while shopping for snow blowers will also ensure that invest in a product that will serve you for a very long time. Again, no one wants to spend money on the same product more than once within a short period of time. Doing your homework before shopping will therefore ensure that you settle only for well-designed and manufactured products that will serve you for a very long time.

3. For your own safety

It is important to remember that when dealing with something motorized and electrical, your safety is something to be concerned about. It is therefore very important to settle for a high quality product in order to avoid any possible accidents or injuries to yourself or to those around you.

4. To ensure that you get a product you can easily work with

While shopping for your snow blower, it is important to remember that you are probably not an expert in yard care and maintenance. This means that convenience and ease of use should be high on your list of priorities. More often than not, these two benefits come with investing in the high quality pieces which mean that you will again have to do loads of research before settling.

5. To get a snow blower that will make snow clearing easier

Finally, it is important to invest in a good snow blower in order to ensure that your yard, your farm or even your drive way gets to enjoy fast and highly efficient snow clearing, the last thing you want is to have a thick layer of stubborn snow still stuck to the ground in spite of all your efforts.

Tips on proper use, care and maintenance of snow blowers

Before we call it a wrap, it is important for you to understand how to take care of your snow blower. Investing in a high quality piece is just half of the job. You need to take care of your machine in order to ensure that it works properly and continues to serve you for a very long time. Below are a few tips on how to run maintenance on your blower. These will come in handy whether it is your first time using a snow blower or you have been using one for a long time.

1. Regular oil changing for gas snow blowers

This is one of the most basic maintenance steps especially when you are dealing with gas snow blowers. The frequency depends on the snow blower model and is usually indicated in the use manual provided by the manufacturer. In spite of the differences, regular checks at least twice a month should be sufficient to ensure that your machine works perfectly. When it comes to oil changing, you must first determine whether there is a need to do it. This means that you have to start by checking the current oil levels. If they are lower than what is recommended, you can then proceed to refill the oil cylinders.

When working with your snow blower for the first time in a long time, you might have to get rid of the old oil and refill with fresh new oil. This is because there is always the risk of contamination with impurities when the snow blower is in storage during non-winter seasons.

2. Ensure that all the movable parts are well lubricated

Snow blowers are basically gigantic collections of moving marts. This features everything from the wheels and auger blades to the fan and other motors. It is therefore very important to ensure that each and every one of these moving parts is well lubricated for proper and efficient functioning. While running this maintenance activity, it is advisable to avoid oil accumulation by applying the lubricant over old and accumulated grime. This could actually end up doing more harm than good by reducing the efficiency of the entire system. Therefore, make sure to get rid of grime and other accumulated debris before starting the lubrication process.

3. Regular cleaning of gas tanks and other parts of the fuel system

This is important especially when you want to use the snow blower after a long period of dormancy. Cleaning the gas tanks and other parts of the fuel system will allow you to get rid of accumulated impurities that compromise the integrity of the system. To run this maintenance process, all you have to do is to get rid of the old gas, clean the tank with pure clean gas and refill it. That’s it. An easy maintenance tip that will save you a lot in terms of time, money and energy.

An easier alternative to this would be to invest in fuel stabilizer products. These are mixed in with the fuel and ensure that it remains fresh and pure even when it goes without use for a very long time.

4. Avoid use on unfriendly terrain

This care and maintenance tip applies mainly to single-stage snow blowers but will also help protect the other two types. With single-stage snow blowers, the augers get into contact with the surface. If there is anything like gravel, rocks or any other hard material, there is a chance that the blades will get damaged. It is therefore very important to avoid such surfaces in order to ensure durability of the blower and safety to the user.

5. Ensure that all the bolts are properly tightened

The bolts are what hold important moving parts including the auger blades and the fans. Continuous use of the snow blowers may cause them to come loose on account of the constant vibration. In order to avoid any accidents or incidents related to this phenomenon, it is important to ensure that the bolts are properly tightened. There is no regular schedule to be followed here. Just make sure to check the parts every once in a while to ensure that they are just right.

6. Clear the auger blades and dry them after use

More often than not, auger blades are made out of corrosion resistant material. This means that you don’t have to worry about exposing the parts to water as there is literally zero chance of rust formation. However, it is very important to ensure that the auger blades and other parts of the snow blower are dry after use. This is because of the fact that the water droplets could very easily turn into ice that will render your movable parts immovable and make your snow blower useless. Therefore, make sure to wipe the machine dry before storage unless you have somewhere special and warm to store it.

7. Inspection and replacement of belts, skid shoes and scrapers

Finally, you will need to conduct regular inspections of various parts in order to determine whether or not there is a need to replace them. These parts include belts on the chute system, scrapers and skid shoes on the snow blower’s wheel. These parts are consistently exposed to friction and are bound to wear and tear with time. In order to avoid any inconvenience due to this inevitable fact, you will have to ensure that you replace any parts that show signs of weakness and inefficiency.

8. Regular replacement of the spark plug

Manufacturers and long term users recommend that the slow plug be replaced at least once every season of use. This small yet important fact could be the difference between your snow blower working perfectly and it being completely useless. Replacement spares you the inconvenience caused by working with a plug whose electrodes are so clogged up with carbon they are more or less useless.

Hint box 3- The 3 Don’ts of snow blower use

    1. DON’T use your snow blower on anything other than actual snow.
    2. ​DON’T point the auger blades in the direction of other people or fragile objects like car or house windows.
    3. DON’T run any of the maintenance activities while the machine is on.

Bottom Line

As we wind up, there are three things, which we need to remember; the first is the fact that you need as much information as there is about snow blowers before you go out shopping. This will ensure that you get a machine that will serve you properly and offer you great value for your money. The second thing you need to remember is the importance of investing in high quality products. Granted, it is always best to live within one’s means. However, do not shy away from spending a bit more money in order to score yourself a snow blower that will serve you well for a very long time. Finally, remember that your snow blower is only as good as you treat it. It is therefore super important to take proper care of your snow blower and run regular maintenance to ensure durability and longevity of service. So if you are looking to buy your very first snow blower or you simply wish to make an upgrade from what you were using to something more high tech, you have 6 great ideas on where to start your search. All the other information provided should also help a lot allowing you to make a decision that you are not likely to regret.

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