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Best Snowmobile Gloves for Cold Weather

When the cold really starts to bite, your body will direct blood away from your hands and feet to protect the more important parts of your body: your vital organs. When the temperature drops and your hands start to feel numb you know that you could be in trouble. This is why good hand protection is especially important and why choosing the best snowmobile gloves you can find is vital.

Here is a list of the Best Snowmobile Gloves

What to consider when choosing your snowmobile gloves

Style of Glove

There are three basic styles of glove available for snowmobile users.

Mittens enclose all four fingers in one large pouch. This creates better insulation, so mittens can be a great choice if warmth is your priority. But you will have to compromise on your dexterity and you might find that lever control becomes difficult.

Five finger gloves allow your fingers to move separately, at the cost of some insulation. They can work well if worn with liners and allow you much greater freedom of movement, but might not be the best choice for extremely cold conditions.

Two finger gloves offer a good middle ground. They look like mittens that have been split down the middle; with one pocket for your index and middle fingers and another for your ring and little fingers. They are a great compromise between warmth and dexterity.


Snowmobile gloves come in a range of materials. The following are popular options for a hardwearing and water resistant outer skin:

     • Leather

     • Nylon

     • Gore-Tex

Linings are usually made of fleece, Thinsulate or other soft, warm materials that make the inside of the glove feel warm and snug against your skin.

Some gloves also feature padding, especially around the back of the hand, to add an extra layer of insulation and windproofing.


Snowmobile gloves are usually offered in a basic range or sizes; small, medium, large and extra-large. If you know your size then you will be able to order them online without

The size of snowmobile gloves can vary between brands so it’s always worth checking that you can return them if necessary. Many of the bigger manufacturers will have measurements and size guides on their websites so check the details carefully if you are not sure.

Special Features

• Heated gloves

Some gloves actively warm your hands during your snowmobile ride. They are usually powered with a small, rechargeable battery which lasts for several hours.

• Grips

When you are driving a fast, powerful vehicle it is important to know that your hands won’t slide off the handles. Check whether the gloves you are buying have extra grip on the palm and fingers.

• Goggle wipers

Some gloves have a small squeegee wiper on the index finger that serves as a wiper for your goggles.

• Removable liners

Gloves with removable liners are a much more flexible option as you can add or remove layers depending on the weather.

• Vegan materials

Many snowmobile gloves are made with leather outers or leather patches on the palm and fingers. But there are synthetic options available too.

• Fully waterproof

While most snowmobile gloves provide a good level of wind protection, not all are full waterproof. Look out for Gore-Tex or similar materials if you plan to ride in wet weather.

For each of our chosen gloves we will be examining each of the following features and summarizing the results:

• Materials

• Insulation/thickness

• Grip

• Sizing

• Weatherproofing

• Comfort

• Durability

• Customer feedback

• Value for money

Read on to discover our pick of the Top Ten Best Gloves for Snowmobiling.

Klim Togwotee Snowmobile Gloves

The Togwotee glove is a classic style glove with five fingers, allowing your hands the freedom they need to stay in control at all times. Klim is one of the leading brands in snowmobile gloves so you know that you are getting a great quality product backed up with years of research and experience.

View Klim Togwotee Snowmobile Gloves here


• Scotchlite reflective piping for great visibility

• Removable fleece liner for extra warmth

• Available in three bright colors

• Adjustable wrist cinch for a great fit

• Gore-Tex for weatherproofing

• Hardwearing leather palm and fingers

• Goggle squeegee on index finger


You know that you’re paying for quality when you get Gore-Tex; the Kilm Togwotee is both waterproof and breathable. The leather palm and fingers add a nice amount of grip and allow you a good level of control.

The Gore-Tex lining means that the gloves are breathable and the removable fleece liner adds a good degree of flexibility. On warmer days, the liner can be slipped off to avoid getting too warm.

Silicone injected knuckle padding offers an extra layer of protection to the back of the hand.


The two-layer system means that the gloves are a little bulky but the versatility of being able to remove a layer more than makes up for this.


The high quality materials and attention to detail mean that you know you are getting a product that will last. Key seams on the glove are double stitched for strength and the shell is made from strong, durable nylon.

Customer Reviews

Users find these gloves little bulky but with a good feel on the leather palms for using controls.

Value for Money

At around $119, these gloves are a little more expensive than others on our list but are worth every cent.

Castle Platform Snowmobile Gloves

The Castle gloves are a good choice for those who are looking for good quality gloves at a slightly lower price.

View Castle Platform Snowmobile Gloves here


• Adjustable wrist closure with Velcro fastening

• Non-slip palm for extra grip

• Quick adjust gauntlet

• All synthetic materials, suitable for vegans

• Five finger design allows movement

• Pre curved finger shape


A high quality nylon shell provides a durable outer surface to this glove while Van-Tex technology adds a waterproof and breathable membrane. The palm and thumb are reinforced with a synthetic, non-slip material that gives the rider great control and grip.


The lining is soft and comfortable to wear and there is extra insulation across the back of the hand. Knuckles are protected with foam padding.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews of the Castle Platform gloves are largely positive. Most customers saw them as a great value option and many commented on their warmth and comfort.

Value for Money

At just under $40, the Castle gloves are a great buy. They might not be the best on the market but neither are they particularly expensive. Overall, they are a good quality glove at a reasonable price.

Premium Leather Snowmobile Mittens

These are full leather gauntlet style mittens, which envelop your whole hands for best warmth retention.

View Premium Leather Snowmobile Mittens here


• Mitten style gloves for extra warmth

• High gauntlet cuff

• Full leather outer

• Thinsulate lining for extra insulation

• Removable liner

• Windproof


The full leather exterior of these gloves mean that they are warm, comfortable and breathable and the Thinslate insulation traps your body heat and keeps it close to your skin. Inside the gloves is a removable liner made of a felt like material which attaches with Velcro.


These gloves are windproof and offer some water resistance but the leather outer will not keep your hands dry in heavy rain. They are best suited to cold dry weather.


The thick leather and mitten style means that these are a little more cumbersome than regular gloves but the added insulation is worth it if you struggle to keep your hands warm.

The mitts are a little stiff when you first receive them; they will take some time to break in.

Value for money

At just under $50, you will find that these are great value for genuine leather gloves.

Customer Reviews

Some customer feedback suggests that the gloves run large so you might need to order a size smaller than usual. However, the extra room does allow you to slip on thin liner gloves underneath for extra warmth; some users have combined these with cheap liners for extra toasty hands!

Castle Rizer G7 Women's Snowmobile Gloves

These are the first of our women’s specific gloves and another from the Castle brand.

View Castle Rizer G7 Women's Snowmobile Gloves here


• Woman specific fit

• Available in 6 sizes

• Three colors: black, white or bright pink

• Water repellent outer shell

• Thinsulate insulation

• Breathable membrane


A nylon outer shell means that these gloves are tough and durable and 3M Thinsulate insulation adds plenty of warmth for your hands. The water repellent shell will keep light rain and snow away from your hands, though the gloves are not fully waterproof. They are windproof and breathable and not too restrictive around your hands.

Value for Money

The Castle Rizer is a good, mid-range glove; a good example of quality workmanship at an affordable price.

Customer Reviews

Customers love the warmth and fit of these gloves and the bright pink color has proved to be a hit.

Gerbing's 12v T5 Hybrid Gloves

Gerbings are best known for their heated gloves and are the perfect choice for riders who struggle to retain body heat in even the most insulated gloves.

View Gerbing's 12v T5 Hybrid Gloves here


• Battery powered heating element

• Temperature control

• Waterproof

• Breathable

• Soft leather


The gloves are made with a high quality, supple leather outer and a soft Thinsulate fleece lining. A breathable membrane makes the gloves fully waterproof so your hands will remain warm and dry in even the wettest weather.

Value for Money

Heated gloves fall into the over $100 price bracket so are certainly a pricey option. But for anyone who has trouble retaining body heat the comfort provided by the heating element more that makes up for the extra spend.

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback for these gloves is all positive. The high quality finish, comfortable feel and self-heating are all favorite features among users. They might cost a little more but they seem to be well worth the money!

Klim Powercross

Another set of gloves from Klim.

View Klim Powercross Snowmobile Gloves here


     • 100% waterproof Gore-Tex

     • Scotchlite reflective material for high visibility

     • Leather palm for grip and durability


The hardwearing outer features Scotchlite reflective material so you can be sure of good visibility, on and off the snowmobile, even in poor light. A Gore-Tex liner keeps the water out and the palm has leather patches for good grip.


Neoprene cuffs ensure that the gloves fit snugly at the wrist where they are fastened with a zip closure.

Caiman Leather Snowmobile Mittens

One finger style gloves offer snowmobile riders the best compromise between warmth and dexterity. These leather mittens have two pockets for your fingers, allowing the index finger the freedom of movement it needs to control your bike while the other fingers benefit from the greater warmth of a mitten.

View Caiman Leather Snowmobile Mittens here


     • Durable leather outer material

     • One finger style mitten

     • Gauntlet cuff


Thick leather provides good protection for your hands and gives the gloves a hardwearing surface for long lasting durability. The inner lining is thick pile for maximum warmth.


Soft leather and a thick lining make these gloves a little think and chunky but they are easy to wear and still allow you plenty of flexibility. The gauntlet style wrist means that they fit neatly over your sleeves.

Customer Reviews

Customers love the warmth of these gloves; they have all the benefits of a mitten with none of the disadvantages. They are not water resistant, but not waterproof, so best suited to cold, dry days.

Value for Money

At less than $40, these are a great compromise between warmth and flexibility.

Klim Snowmobile Gloves Fusion

Like the other Kilm Gloves we have reviewed, the Kilm Fusion Gloves are made to a very high standard.

• Goggle wiper

• Silicone knuckle padding

• Scotchlite reflective piping

• Extended gauntlet

• Gore-Tex liner

• Leather palm

View Klim Snowmobile Gloves Fusion here


Waterproof Gore-Tex, a leather palm, Scotchlite piping and hardwearing nylon outers; the high quality materials have all the same benefits as the other Klim gloves we have reviewed. They are waterproof, breathable and you can confidently expect them to last a long time.


The Fusion gloves have a removable inner lining which is an advantage if your hands get too warm.

Customer Reviews

The reviews of these gloves are mainly good but some customers have suggested that they run small so you might need a size larger than you usually wear.

Value for Money

A pair of Klim Fusion gloves will set you back just under $120. As a trusted brand that uses the highest quality materials, you are definitely getting good value with Klim gloves but the price does mean that many buyers prefer to look elsewhere.

Vance Leather Premium Padded Gauntlet Snowmobile Gloves

     • Five finger gloves

     • Velcro wrist strap

     • Gel padding

View Vance Leather Premium Padded Gauntlet Snowmobile Gloves here


Flexible leather with a soft, comfortable lining makes these gloves very comfortable and a pleasure to wear. The material is not the most durable so don’t buy if you need heavy duty gloves for multiple uses but if you just need to keep your hands warm while riding then these are a great option.

Customer Reviews

The gloves warm but not waterproof and you might find that the black dye runs if you are caught in heavy rain. Users suggest adding your own waterproofing treatment before use.

Value for Money

At less than $20 you are getting a bargain when you buy these gloves!

Black Hand Warmer Gloves for ATV & Snowmobile

These are a little different to the gloves and mittens we have reviewed so far because they are not actually gloves. They are designed to fit over your hands and around the handles of your vehicle to create and extra layer of insulation and prevent cold air getting into your gloves.

The outer shell is water resistant (not waterproof) nylon and the inside is lined with soft fleece. They cinch tight to create a snug fit.

You can wear these over gloves to boost the insulation while you are travelling so if you have not yet found a good solution to cold fingertips then they are definitely worth a look. User feedback on this set is excellent and they cost less than $20 so won’t break the bank if you buy them to complement your gloves.

View Black Hand Warmer Gloves for ATV & Snowmobile here

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