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Best Solar Hand Crank Radio

The Eton FRX 5 is undoubtedly one of the best solar hand crank radios in the market the market today. However, do not take my word for it, here is a list of its capabilities that makes it the force it is in the market. The radio is designed to suit both the outdoors and the indoors. It comes with a rugged design that is built for functionality as compared to its beauty. This is also made up for by its splash proof exterior. It may not make any sense having a small radio in the home if all it does is play tunes.

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The Eton FRX 5 comes with features that can easily make it a necessity. The radio is 7.1 by 2.3 inches meaning that it does not take up much space whether you are packing for camping or travelling with it in your car.

Here is a list of the Best Solar Hand Crank Radio

A good hand crank radio needs to be a combination of a number of features for the best value for money. Most hand cranked radios will have two or three features. This may work for what you need at the moment. Emergency radios that carry many features will come in handy in most situations. The fact of the matter is that life can be very unpredictable. This is what led me to pick the Eton radio.


The Eton FRX 5 comes with a built-in AM/FM radio bands for good tunes. This may not have been the main reason why I bought the handy radio but was sure a good one. The bands are ideal for a good time with good clarity. The radio also comes with a digital tuner and display.

The radio also comes with built in S.A.M.E and NOAA weather alert reception keeping you in the know about weather occurrences in your area. This is ideal for those that live in hurricane and tornado prone areas. It can be a real lifesaver and a good way to keep track of the environment around. I found this really useful as I hail from Florida. It is known to be one of the most hurricane prone areas in the US.

The Eton FRX 5 also has a 2000mAh lithium battery that is rechargeable. This is one of the many sources of power that the hand-held radio comes with. The battery can last a while after a full recharge. The batteries obtain their recharge power from solar charging and hand crank power. The choice of charging will be dictated by the most readily available way of charging. It is ideal when you have a power blackout and had not taken the time to recharge the radio. The hand crank recharge is efficient. The solar panel charging is also reliable especially when one is out for camping or enjoying some time outdoors.

The multifaceted radio can charge smartphones. It comes with a 5V≈ 2.1A USB port that allows you to keep your phone alive. This makes it a pretty ideal tool. It also means that you will never run out of juice no matter the weather or power conditions. I found this port to be rather useful especially during blackouts. You can easily crank the radio even when it has ran out of juice and recharge your phone.

The Eton FRX5 is also fitted with a strong LED flashlight. This is really useful when camping outdoorsand blackouts in the home. The LED light can run for a really long time while the radio is playing making it handy. The Led light is coupled with an emergency beacon light. This is ideal for emergencies such as car breakdowns and when rushing someone to a hospital. It is a great substitute for life savers while on the road especially on dangerous bends at night.

The small compact radio also comes with a glow-in-the-dark locator. This makes it easy to find in a dark room or place. You do not have to use another source of light just to find it. The buttons it comes with are also illuminated making it easy to operate in the dark or outdoors in the night.

The Eton FRX5 does not limit the user to listening to radio. You can easily listen to your favorite tunes thanks to the AUX-IN jack. This can be used with the smartphone or iPod. TRhe headphone jack also makes it easier to listen in private. This makes it a power entertainment tool for outdoors.

There is an option of 3-AAA batteries for the radio. This gives it 3 good powerful sources making it a reliable tool. The batteries are not included with the item at the point of sale. You can, however, purchase these at your local store for a small charge.

Eton FRX 5 Hand Crank Weather Radio Key Features

Consumer reviews

The radio currently enjoys quite a number of reviews online with most having good things to say about the radio. Most people have bought it for outdoor reasons with good reviews to write about it. The most impressive part of the item seems to be the multifaceted nature. The favorite seems to be its ability to recharge smartphones. The fact that I use my phone for most of my business transactions makes this radio a winner for me. I have been able to keep connected no matter where I go for long travels off the grid. This has clearly been a challenge for anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors with their smartphones.


  • The pros are quite a number ranging from the advantages that come with its ability to do a number of tasks. These include providing entertainment, Weather alerts to provide essential services such as LED lighting, beacon lighting, and phone charging. The fact that the radio is small and compact seems to be a favorite for many making it an easy item to carry around most of the time. These have made it one of the many items on the must have camping list.


  • One of the cons that I found was that the inbuilt battery was not long lasting. This has been found in a number of reviews too. The manufacturing company has also been notified about the same. The fact that it cannot be replaced makes it even worse. The weak lithium battery will often call for a lot of hand cranking and solar recharging in extensive use. This is however not necessary for indoor use as you will not be draining the battery that fast. The radio also weighs about a pound making it a heavy addition when backpacking. It may not make a difference for most but will do for those that know that every pound counts. This is, however, an easy thing to overlook knowing that such a radio has to carry a heavy coil.

Eton FRX 5 Hand Crank Weather Radio Video Review


There are many other hand cranked radios in the market including the Ambient Weather, the Ivation solar and hand crank radio, the Gochange emergency solar and hand crank radio and the Top Alert HY. All these also come enable with emergency weather channels. The variation will come in the availability of the USB port, modes of charging and durability.


The Eton FRX5 is a good radio if you don’t mind the weak lithium batteries. They will do in non-intense situations and keep you well connected. The other features still make the Eton a winner/. Most of the other hand cranked radios will have the same challenge and so limiting your options.

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