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Best Steel Pocket Knife

When choosing the best pocket knife, pay particular attention to two major feature; the grip, and more importantly the type of steel use. It’s the essence of the how well you can cut things with the blade. Alloys of iron and carbon, or sometimes other elements for additional properties, the steel qualities vary from one blend to another. What I generally look out for when looking researching the knife’s quality is whether the steel is stainless or carbon. The first is more rust resistant while the latter is not, but are better in terms of strength. The shape and length of the knife also determine its main function, so consider your intended use along.

Here is a list of the Best Steel Pocket Knife

There’s also the grip handles to consider. It’s not simply an aesthetic choice, the right grip with the right blade improves your performance with the knifework. What’s the point of a sharp blade if you can’t even hold it properly? The handles are generally either made of metals, natural (e.g. wood) or Synthetic (e.g. carbon fiber). Different handles materials provide different “feel’ to them, whether due to the weight, or the shape. I would not mention about the lock system in this review much since they are all pretty solid for supposed function.

Long purchases history and shopping carts later, here is what in my opinion is the 5 best steel pocket knife currently in the market.

1. Opinel No8 Carbon Pocket Knife

The first impression is that it’s a really elegant knife made by the French, so you know it’s meant for cheese and wine related activities. I wasn’t wrong about it being a picnic knife. Since I don’t have a block of cheese lying around, I take it upon myself to stab an old deflating soccer ball. It pierces right through with no effort.

  • Blade - Opinel gives a big red warning sign on their site that the blade carbon. Damp environment should be avoided, regular maintenance using mineral oil, wipe dry after every use etc. Which is pretty troublesome since half the time you are going to use this to peel fruits while out in the picnic.
  • Grip - Looks aside, the wooden handles is comfortable to hold. Since the handle is longer than the blade, you will have good control peeling around an apple or pear, or in my case, deflating a ball.
  • Special feature - If you purchase this straight from the vendor, you get to personalize the pocket knife, i.e. adding names in the font of your choices on the handle and blade. I should consider this as an excellent present since the wood finish grip does offer it a luxurious appearance.

I would recommend going with this blade if you are looking for a picnic knife on a budget or an interesting present.

  • Weight - 1.6 oz
  • ​Size - 7 inches
  • Blade length - 3 ¼ inches

Opinel No8 Carbon Pocket Knife Video Review

2. Beautiful Stag Horn 6.5'' Handmade Damascus Steel Folding Pocket Knife With Back Lock 100% Prime Quality

Not going to lie, bought this on a whim just because of how cool it looks. The price tag is really steep, but it is worth it for the details. Staghorn cases, with the rippling effect of the Damascus blade. It pains my heart but I do have to test the sharpness as well. Well, it is still a knife and does leave a big gash on the ball.

  • Blade - Damascus blade is terrible against rust, so a lot of maintenance is required. Although, honestly speaking, will you ever what to use such premium looking blade to open boxes? The delivery comes with the cleaning oil as well, a little too much, but do appreciate it.
  • Grip - The staghorn lends an eye-catching ancient design. That’s the whole purpose of the material choice, aesthetic. Handle with care, however, since bone based handle can crack easily and can get pretty slippery.

This pocket knife is on the list because of how exquisite it looks. Never buy this if your main intention is to actually use it. The combination of stag horn handle with the twisting pattern of the blade is worthy of any knife’s enthusiast collection. Get this as an office ornament or give it away as a wedding present as I did. Do hope that he likes it.

  • Weight - 1.6 oz
  • ​Size - 6 inches
  • Blade length - 3 inches

3. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools FF3002-CP Fielder Assisted Folding Knives, 3.5-inch Straight Edge Blade, Silver and Black

It the classic fielder pocket knife, the same one I have been using for months. As an outdoor enthusiast, this knife certainly one of the best for your camping and first aid needs. Usually, I use it as a cutlery while cooking steaks on the field. It does the job extremely well. I did pummel the blade against some stubborn tree branches at one point, the knife stays locked solidly to the grip with no problem whatsoever.

  • Blade - Stainless steel so requires minimal rust maintenance. You might find it getting dulled faster but sharpening the knife isn’t really much of an issue.
  • Grip - Aluminum grip that feels comfortable in the hand. If you are trying to do some heavy duty chopping, do put your gloves one since I did find it a little slippery. Pocket Clip is attached to the handle, sturdy could be used to clip to your pockets without It loosening up.

I have not attempt dismantling carcasses with this knife, but I bet it should work out just as well, considering it could cut through steaks pretty easily. Still one of my personal recommendations for the go to outdoors pocket knife.

  • Weight - 3.7 oz
  • ​Size - 8 inches
  • Blade length - 3.25 inches

4. MTech Assisted Opening Rescue All Silver Hunting Camping Tactical Pocket Knife

I haven’t got myself around to give enough drive test for the full decision. It feels like a cheaper version of the SOG knife I usually use, but because it’s weightier it gives you more control. Also because it’s weightier and does everything the SOG knife does, I don’t really find myself veering into it. The main reason it’s on this list is because it is that good of a knife but I just prefer the usual one I use.

  • Blade - Stainless steel is again low maintenance. It possesses a thicker blade than the SOG so expect a more solid cutting power. The length of the blade is considerably long given its thickness so you can chop away with your heavy duty activities and expect little scratches for your effort.
  • Grip - The grip is either aluminum or a low-quality stainless steel. It feels too weighty to be aluminum, yet too poor a quality to be stainless steel. The broad shape gives a tighter handling. Although the knife claimed to be spring assisted, pulling out the knife in the first place can take a lot of strength, which can be good or bad depending.

The low price of $10 can be a good introduction to the pocket knife. It is, however, a little on the heavier side, but you get durability guaranteed in exchange. Also, it looks sophisticated and mechanical. Outdoorsmen, fisherman, or just for opening mails, consider this as your budget friendly option.

  • Weight - 4.5 oz
  • ​Size - 7.8 inches
  • Blade length - 3.5 inches

5. TAC Force TF-705 Series Assisted Opening Tactical Folding Knife, Half-Serrated Blade, 4-1/2-Inch Closed

Last on the list, although by no means worst, is the TAC Force folding knife. This thing is a beast! Although it also weights a ton. It’s another alternative to the MTech and SOG, although again, I haven’t tested it extensively enough to know how well it does in the long run. Our friends at BladeScout gave us a heads up on this special knife. 

  • Blade - Thick stainless steel blade with half serrated knives. With the weightiness of the pocket knife, the serrated knives make sense to help sawing stuff off with more ease. If you purchase the black knife, be aware that I see some scratches on the blade after sawing a tree branch as a test.
  • Grip - Sleek aluminum handles that create a good balance with the weight of the blade. Doesn’t get slippery as easily due to the paint coat, but I do suspect that those paints won’t last. Again with the spring assist needing too many strength to open or even close. Comes with glass breaker and a bottle opener for the emergencies. I haven’t tested the glass breaker, but you could probably use the hilt of the folded knife to do the same damage.

Another budget friendly knife at $12, the quality it offers is top notch. For some reason, cheaper pocket knives have to be heavier. This one is the same and the wait could be really inconvenient. Aside from that, for people who enjoys weightier knife would really love this one.

  • Weight - 7 oz
  • ​Size - 8 3/8 inches
  • Blade length - 3.25 inches

TAC Force TF-705 Series Tactical Folding Knife Video Review

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