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Best Survival Digital Watch

So why is a survival digital watch needed? Some stressful circumstances require a person to stay calm and concentrate. Examples are wandering away from the camp, answering the call of nature, or even just looking for food.  Apart from telling the time, these watches also have additional features such as displaying direction, offer a thermometer, an altimeter or a barometer for useful moments when you need the information. A good survival watch is also sturdy and can be used in any kind of weather condition.

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Choosing the Best Survival Watch

Survival watches offer a wide selection of different specifications and design, there are lots of factors involved in buying them. Most buyers decide between digital displays and analog display watches.  The decision on power involves comes down to whether you want it battery powered, solar powered or mechanical. Solar powered and mechanical watches are better suited to survival conditions. Solar power is easy to obtain especially during the daytime when plenty of sunlight is available. Mechanical watches need to be wound up to store energy which can be achieved by swinging the arm vigorously. Power also determines the accuracy since mechanical watches are more vulnerable to heat and shock than quartz watches. A rugged and tough construction is required to survive outdoor conditions and the deciding factor is the material which could consist of silicon rubber, metal or carbon fiber for the casing. Finally, the survival watch needs to be waterproof or water resistant and there is a difference between the two. A water resistant watch can get wet on the surface but may not function properly at depths. On the other hand, a waterproof watch can be completely submerged in water and still continue to function.

The Functions of a Survival Watch

Telling the time is the most useful function of a survival watch. Smartphones are hard to rely on in survival circumstances due to limited battery life. Survival watches also incorporate alarm and timer functions and sometimes special features such as different time zones.

The altimeter is useful in hilly and mountainous areas where measurements of altitude may be required, particularly if the use of a topographical map is necessary. It is also more reliable than GPS. Another important requisite of navigation is the compass and the compass on a survival watch can either be digital or the more traditional rotating needle. There are primitive methods available to determine the direction of true North but a compass will always be better. A barometer which measures atmospheric pressure will give you an indication of bad weather when it drops. A thermometer helps in tracking body temperature so that hypothermia can be avoided because body temperature can drop dramatically at night If a fire is not conveniently available. Finally, it should be remembered that GPS is exclusively available only for survival watches with digital displays.

Top 3 Best Survival Digital Watch

 1.  Casio Men’s PRW-2500T-7CR

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

Casio Men’s PRW-2500T-7CR is, in my opinion, an outstanding survival watch powered by solar power. The watch is water resistant up to 200 m with LC display, tide graph for tide levels and moon data. It offers a digital compass, altimeter, barometer and thermometer as well as auto backlight with afterglow, five independent daily alarms, and a stopwatch. The solar rechargeable battery has a battery life of approximately 5 months on a full charge. The watch is secured to the wrist with a titanium link bracelet and the duplex LC display provides maximum information. I was looking for a watch which could be used for sailing was yet stylish enough for more formal wear. I was impressed with the function which automatically turns on the backlight at night without the necessity of pushing any buttons. This watch meets all my requirements. However, there is a comment about the tide function which is for use only when there are two high tides and two low tides every day and not in areas where the tides are different.

Casio Men’s PRW-2500T-7CR Video Review

 2.  Casio Men’s PRW-2500R-1CR

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

Casio Men’s PRW-2500R-1CR is one of my most highly recommended survival watches because of its ruggedness which can withstand any possible weather conditions that can be encountered. It is water resistant up to 100 m and incorporates a stopwatch, mineral glass and screw lock back. It is made of stainless steel and is a quartz chronograph with a multicolored dial. The capabilities of the sensors on the watch provide awareness of the environment, accurate navigation and weather prediction capabilities. It provides, in addition to high-precision timekeeping, the functions of a built-in compass, barometer, and thermometer. I liked the gunmetal finish which provides the watch with a distinctive look in addition to the attractive color combination. It can be worn with casual clothes as well as more formal wear.

Casio Men’s PRW-2500R-1CR Video Review

 3.  Casio Men’s PRW-3000-1ACR

Rating: 4.9 / 5.0

Casio Men’s PRW-3000-1ACR is another survival watch which is well worth a look. It is made of stainless steel with a resin band. It has the capability of displaying compass details and measures altitude as well. The sunrise and sunset settings are quite useful. It is a solar power watch with multiple functions and is water resistant up to 100 m. It can stay fully functional for between 5 and 23 months without exposure to sunlight and can be recharged by exposure to any type of light. However, I found that the black face can be a little difficult to see, especially in low light, despite the fact that I have 20/20 vision. Moreover, in contrast to the general sturdiness of the watch, the band appears to be on the flimsy side.

Casio Men’s PRW-3000-1ACR Video Review

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