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Best Tactical Backpack for the money

As a boy, I would always accompany my uncle on weekends to the woods, where we'd camp and have rifle practice. At one point I had grown tired of the woods and saw it more as an inconvenience but since his passing I would like to return to the woods, as a way of reconnecting with him and relishing in the memories we had shared.

Here is a list of the Best Tactical Backpack for the money

From what I do remember about the woods, is there was something harmonious about the voices of every living thing communicating, that became my personal symphony; the pheromones of the creatures that marked their territory mixed with the oaky scents and flower-like tones, filling the air around me, as I welcomed it into my lungs. It's truly an experience one must grow to love, and I was intent on making it one I gave a proper chance. So the task getting new gear was upon me. Most of the basics I knew would have been easy to get, but getting a tactical backpack, strong enough, at a reasonable cost that had enough space to hold all my gear, was my main problem. So far I've found 5 Top contenders, each having an aspect that I like, with reasonable prices for any budget.

Some of the things I was looking for are:

  • Comfort - this is the first and foremost quality, if it isn't comfortable I won't be able to manage walking the trails without wasting time adjusting it. The entire build of a backpack adds to the comfort level of the user, Especially the areas with padding! Padding shouldn't be too soft, but soft enough to carry the weight of the backpack without cutting into your shoulders. Also the length and adjustability of the straps at the hip and shoulder straps. If at all possible, ask to try it before buying.
  • Ease of reach – My uncle always taught me to keep the tools/gear you use the most should be kept in the closer pockets or pouches. However, inner compartments are becoming a norm with backpacks. Are they easily reached? Ensure they aren't covered by a host of buckles or zippers.
  • Good organization – Now the more outer pockets and compartments your backpack has the better. This allows for better distribution of items. If too many things are in one place, it could slow down on your speed of getting to the desired gear. TIP: Practice your organizational skills till it's like second nature to you.
  • Expansion system – Ensure your chosen pack has MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) webbing, along with some extra strategically placed straps right around; this can help when you have other things you'd rather not put inside the bag but attach to it, for quicker access.
  • Durability – This is a serious one here, do your best to look at the materials list to see if your chosen backpack has high or military grade materials on it (ultra-strong nylon/ ballistic nylon/ YKK-Grade Zippers/ durable 500D corduroy fabric). Take your time and look at the bag closely. One of the most common things are having the threading start to come loose. So take some time before you choose to either check it yourself or read the reviews (if ordering online) with regard to the durability.
  • Extra features - These are not necessary but do add to the effectiveness of the backpack. Hydro compartments and water resistance.

So I'll start with from the one that is pretty good, just not considered the best tactical backpack for the money.

#5 Condor 3 Day Assault Pack by Condor

I wanted something that was pretty good on my pocket, especially as I was slowly getting back into "being one with nature" I wasn't quite ready to spend a whole $500. This one for the price is not bad at all! Comes in at a solid $82 which I think is pretty good also considering how spacious it is. The fit upon first try was good, straps were easily adjusted. No issues there.

Those were pluses for me, but durability is the issue here. After just a month of use, the zippers started getting jammed a lot and the stitching around the zippers eventually started coming loose. I wouldn't have made too much of a fuss if it was the side zipper, but being the main zipper, it sort of turned me off.


  • Good Price
  • ​Very Spacious
  • ​Easily adjustable for a comfortable fit
  • Decent Padding


  • Not durable

Condor 3 Day Assault Pack Video Review

#4 Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack by Maxpedition

So back to Amazon I went, hoping to get something a more durable. I decided to put out a bit more money and see what I found. This Falcon 2 came in at $133. First thing I noticed was, that it is a lot smaller than expected. So I just decided to pack main things first, anything else after.

Right off the bat I realized the padding for the back is the same teflon material the bag is made out of, apart from having no noticeable back support and poor shoulder support, the MOLLE webbing is placed so weirdly, I couldn't really attach anything to it; there are no side pockets, although I knew this prior to purchase, I assumed the MOLLE would have sufficed.


  • Quite Durable (strong Teflon Material & excellent stitching)
  • Decent Pricing


  • No proper padding for support. (Lack of comfort)Poor MOLLE placement (can't be properly used)

Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack Video Review

#3 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack by 5.11

First things first, the amount of space this bag has is amazing, the inner sections are perfect for my OCD organizational habits! With regard to fit, I'm a shorter lad, my brother who is a couple inches taller than I purchased this for around $156, but complained that the fit and ergonomic shaping is not suitable for someone on the taller end of the spectrum.

Outdoor testing went well enough, empty the bag has some weight to it, so I tried not to load it up too much, also the day I took it out, rain fell, I was sort of bummed at first, but realized that this backpack is pretty water resistant.

* Read our full length review of 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack here


  • Water Resistant
  • ​Excellent inner sections for Organization
  • ​Very Spacious
  • Good materials used! (Durable)


  • It's Pricey
  • Poor fit (padding wise) for Taller people (upwards of 5'8)
  • Can get Heavy quick on long trips

5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack Video Review

#2 Spec Ops T.H.E. Ultimate Assault Pack by Spec – Ops Brand

This beauty comes in 2nd at a hot $188 but is honestly worth every penny. This backpack is like an investment. If you're a regular hiker/hunter/Fisher or just a plain out hard worker this pack is for you! Love the placement of the hydration pocket and the ease of access to everything. I had very little issue with this backpack.


  • Spacious
  • ​The Molle is excellently placed
  • ​Has a good bit of space for patches
  • Durable, Stitching is perfect so far!


  • It's Pricey (Though, quality wise it is worth it)
  • ​The hip belt could be designed a bit better but is effective non the less
  • No padding at base of bag (in the event of fall)

Spec Ops T.H.E. Ultimate Assault Pack Video Review

#1 Camelbak Adult Motherlode by Camelbak

This one is by far my favorite, although it was a close run seeing how impeccable #2 was, what caught my eye at first was the price range. You can acquire one of these for anywhere between $140 - $225. If you're not a person about flash, then the former price would suit you. If you're all about looking good while doing what you do, then you may have to fork out a bit more, however this backpack is totally worth every penny!


  • Heavy duty
  • ​Durable
  • ​Excellent stitching and Zipper quality
  • ​Awesome for organizing your gear
  • ​Comfort on the straps with decent back support
  • ​Light weight when empty
  • ​Excellent Molle Placement (easy to attach containers/pouches)
  • Has more than enough space


  • None

Camelbak Adult Motherlode Video Review

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