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Best Tactical Flashlight for Self Defense

When it comes to self defense, particularly at night, a flashlight is actually one of your best defenses. Tactical flashlights are commonly included on stun guns and other self defense devices. Some are contained in long, durable cases that are designed to be used like a self defense baton. Additionally, a flashlight can be carried with you even if you opt not to carry a self defense device, or have a device that does not include a flashlight.

Here is a list of the Best Tactical Flashlight For Self Defense

Here are a few Best Tactical Flashlight for Self Defense:

1 - Fenix TK11 Tactical Flashlight

The Fenix TK11 arrangement highlights an intense, strong, solid, and waterproof outline expected for rough open air and military use. It's as strong as a tank. The TK11 can utilize either two CR123A batteries or one 18650 battery with a defensive circuit, and keeps up fabulous steady shine with two yield modes:

General mode, which can keep going for an entire night and can be utilized for general brightening, and Turbo mode, which can be utilized at whatever point powerful light is required inquiry and salvage, long-go target identification, and so forth.

A gathering of young fellows, energetic about fantastic light apparatuses, became progressively unsatisfied with the measure of average electric lamps available, second rate devices with substandard development and poor tender loving care. Disappointed by the lighting items accessible at the time, the young fellows set out to make world class brightening devices.

Looking for help, they sorted out a gathering of expert architects to head their machining, hardware and outline divisions and together they established Fenix Light Limited. The marriage amongst resourcefulness and craftsmanship make Fenix's unbelievable lights, devices that are held in high respect everywhere throughout the world. Since showing up available, Fenix Light Limited has created a remarkable product offering.

2 - 5.11 Tactical - Light for Life - LED Flashlight

5.11 Tactical is always looking for ways to make your job easier. Whether that's the creation of an entirely new product like their new Covert Dress Shirts or the rejuvenation and revolution of an existing product on the marketplace like their TDU replacing the old BDU - when 5.11 hears about a genuine new concept that has this potential, they listen.5.11 Tactical and Flashpoint Technology have entered into an exclusive partnership to bring this patented technology to you, and at a reasonable price. The new 5.11 Tactical Light for Life flashlights have a dramatically higher return-on-investment vs. other rechargeable lights and outperform competitor lights across the board.

The 5.11 Tactical Light for Life comes with a limited lifetime warranty and its internal components are rated for a life of over 50,000 cycles. (That adds up to more than 130 years if you use and recharge the light once a day!) The flashlights body is made from a state-of-the-art polymer that is impact, abrasion and water resistant to stand up to the intense duty we know you'll put it through.

5.11 Tactical Light for Life LED Flashlight Video Review

3 - Uniquefire 750 Lumen LED Flashlight

Is suitable size for people to take and the Compact sized and classical appearance make it even more demanding in market. With this Uniquefire T6 XM-LT6 3-Mode 750-Lumen White LED Flashlight, you can sort out the darkness problems. Suppose you are searching something and the lights gets off then there also this LED Flashlight can be very useful to you. The advanced craftsmanship done over the flashlight even makes it more attractive in the flashlight family. It’s the stylish design that gives an extraordinary look to the Uniquefire T6 XM-LT6 3-Mode 750-Lumen White LED Flashlight. You can use this LED Flashlight for self defense more so it can be used for climbing, camping, hiking and other sports field preferred tool. Suppose you are going to tour and there you have to climb on the mountain in night hours then there this Uniquefire T6 XM-LT6 3-Mode 750-Lumen White LED Flashlight can be very helpful to you.

4 - Blackhawk Night Ops Legacy XHR7 Flashlight

Blackhawk Night Ops Legacy XHR7 Flashlight

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The Legacy XHR7 represents an evolutionary next step in rechargeable lighting tools. This rechargeable, compact, high-intensity combination Xenon-Halogen bulb flashlight for tactical, duty, and general purpose use produces a smooth, intense, pre-focused, high quality beam of an amazing 350 lumen's of intense white light output.

Using a very unique combination of Xenon-Halogen gas filled bulb allows for much greater light output of any light comparable in size. This rechargeable lighting tool is designed with some very practical and unique features not available on any other rechargeable light.

The Legacy XR7 utilizes the latest generation Samsung lithium-ion 7.2 volt rechargeable battery that develops no memory effect allow the end user to charge the light at anytime during the life cycle of the charge. Recharging the light is simple and easy by simply rotating a protective collar (just below the bezel head) counter clockwise exposing the male end of the charging contacts.

Blackhawk Night Ops Legacy XHR7 Flashlight Video Review

5 - SUN ZY-309 3W 150 Lumens LED Flashlight

SUN ZY-309 3W 150 Lumens Flashlight

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This is a very powerful LED Flashlight in market that has been designed with lots of unique features. The latest technology used in the LED Flashlight even make it handier and more famous. This super bright LED flashlight has been designed in such a manner that it is popular among all the flashlight users over the world. This Small LED Flashlight produces amazingly bright light. SMALL SUN ZY-309 3W 150 Lumens LED Flashlight has anti-roll, slip-resistant body making it the very unique and attractive LED Flashlight. This AA LED Flashlight can perform under extreme conditions. The time you feel yourself alone on the road then there this SUN ZY-309 3W 150 Lumens LED Flashlight can be your real friend.


The moment you know how to handle a flashlight, all you have to do is train yourself to be alert. While traveling out alone in the dark, the best thinking is to keep your mind focused every time. In case of some spontaneous attack you must have the tendency of responding quickly by grabbing the flashlight and fending off the attacker. You can even make your move by inflicting a wound to the attacker with the help of the jagged corners. Screaming for help should be your last option in this scenario, as this will tell your position. As an alternative, try to call 911 for refuge. These were some of the ways to employ tactical flashlights for your self defense.

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