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Best Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun

Have you ever been attacked? Either by someone or a dog at night? Well, I am a victim of both the two. However, I couldn’t avoid coming home late due to some unavoidable circumstances. I wanted something that could help me stay safe from either attackers or stray dogs. Yes, I did get one.

Here is a list of the Best Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun

I bought a stun gun which I used to scare off anything that could have attacked me. Its bright electric light and electric shock helped me stay somehow safer. There are various types of stun guns you can choose from. However, for the best tactical flashlight stun gun, consider the following examples:

1. Vipertek VTS-880

I have been living in constant fear at my home. My neighborhood is surrounded with many security threats from attackers and even dogs. Therefore I decided to purchase a Vipertex Mini Stun Gun for my safety.

Jack pins

I read about it online and decided to have a personal feel. I loved this product due to the fact that it had no charging cords. Instead, I could press on a button at its bottom side and two jack pins emerged. I plugged these pins on my wall socket whenever I wanted to charge my stun gun.

Inbuilt battery

I rarely charge my stun gun. Its inbuilt battery keeps charge for up to a month. One day while walking back to my apartment from my friends party, I encountered an attacker. My vipertex saved me a great deal.

Switch buttons

This device has two switch buttons. First, I pressed on the first switch button to light the flashlight and see who it was. Realizing it was a bad guy, I hurriedly pressed the second switch button directing it on this guy.

Electric sound and shock

Both the electric sound and the high voltage shock were enough to bring him down while I took off.


I choose to buy a black vipertex mini stun gun for my love of black. However, these devices come in a range of colors.

Vipertek VTS-880 Mini Stun Gun Video Review

2. Sabre

Sabre Tactical Stun Gun

Rating: 3.9 / 5.0

When I was still in collage, I used to walk home very late in the evening after I had finished all my assignments. However, I constant walked into stray dogs that scared the hell out of me. My auntie had a good idea for this dog-issue. She bought me a Sabre Stun Gun.


The only thing I didn’t like about this device was its size. It was bigger and heavier than any other stun gun I have ever used.

Pocket clip and holster

However, this didn’t worry me as I could attach it in my pocket using its pocket clip. Alternatively, I wrapped it over my waist as it had a holster. This made it easily accessible for defense.

Bright light

Its 80 lumen LED flashlight produced very bright light. I could see that it really shone bright even during a bright sunlight day. I used this to blind all those dogs on my way.

Loud sound

More so, it could produce very loud and terrifying sound that no dog could have withstood. When my auntie purchased this device, I noticed a free training video manual.

3. Vipertek VTS-989

I have never been satisfied with using something for a very long time, say like a year. I do change from one product to the other just to make personal comparisons. I purchased a Vipertex VTS Stun Gun and used it for six months. My supplier delivered it to me at the address I gave them.

Charging cord

My VTS 989 stun gun came packaged with a charging cord and a user’s manual. More so, it had a lifetime warranty.


Carrying this device in my bag was unnoticed due to its small size of 6.5 x 2 x 1 inches. One day I tried it on my leg. It shocked me, paralyzing my limb for like 2 minutes.

Shock plates

My love for this device was due to the fact that it had shock plates with high voltage on its sides. This shocked anyone who tried to snatch it from me.

Ultra-sharp spike electrodes

One day my brother came home late from his usually bike races and tried to freak me off covering his face with a mask. Accidentally, I used my stun gun on him. What surprised me is that I penetrated through his thick motorbike suit to shock him. This was due to the fact that it had ultra-sharp spike electrodes that can penetrate thick clothing.

Inbuilt battery

Above all, I rarely charge it as its inbuilt battery keeps charge for very long time.

Vipertek VTS-989B V Mini Stun Gun Video Review

4. Terminator

After I finished my collage, we started going out to local venues and functions with my friends. The nights were very dark and scary that I couldn’t withstand. I bought a Terminator Stun Gun that gave me some sense of defense.


Actually, I went for this stun gun because of its low price, small size and yes, positive reviews I read about it. Personally, I have never tried it on an attacker since I have never been attacked.

Electric shock

But one day I tried it on my drunk brother. I punched it on him and the electric shock brought him down within no time.

Bright light

To be precise, this device produces very bright light that scared off any attacker.

Wrist strap

I walked around with it wrapped on my arm using its wrist strap.

5. Police 88000000

Before I purchase any item, I go for design, size and appliances coming with it. I used a Police 88000000 Stun Gun for over five months. Mostly, I used its flashlight while at my home.

Bright light

The light was very bright. Before I bought this device, someone used to disturb me at my house during the night. But after I bought it and shone it on this guy for some days, I never saw him again. The only problem I had with this device is the fact that I couldn’t use the stun gun and at the same time the flashlights are on. However, this was something minor that could switch between very fast. To be sincere, its price is just worth it.

Case and wrist strap

More so, when I purchased it, it came with a case where I used to keep it. Whenever I wanted to walk into a corner shop at night, I used to wrap it on my wrist where it was easily accessible just in case anything freaks me out.


In conclusion, I have written these reviews basing on my own experience with these products. No manufacturer nor supplier’s influence has affected my view about what I have written. More so, I bought the devices on cash.

Ever since I stated using stun guns, it is clear that they can scare off attackers. However, if someone really want to bring you down he/she could still do even if you have a stun gun. But its good to have one that could help by scaring attackers and stray dogs away. Besides, one can be used as a torch. You can check on the online market or visit a local store for the best tactical flashlight stun gun.

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