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Best Tactical Folding Knives in the World

If you are in the market for a high quality and efficient tactical knife, you are in luck. There are hundreds of knives available out there for you to choose from. However, there is a hierarchy of knives which includes the best tactical folding knives in the world. In order to have the best tactical knife, there are several things to consider. These include safety features, weight and ease of draw. From ease of use to durability, all of these knives are top of the line and available for your purchase. Here, I have written a detailed guide for you with reviews of the top five best tactical folding knives in the world.

Here is a list of the Best Tactical Folding Knives in the World

Top 5 Best Tactical Folding Knives in the World

Columbia River Knife and Tool M16-02Z Zytel Razor Edge Tanto Blade Knife

This knife combines a sleek design with a sharp edge. Created by Columbia River Knife and Tool, you can expect quality and durability. The features of this knife are many and include:

  • High quality blade materials
  • ​Glass filled nylon handle
  • ​Tanto blade
  • ​High carbon stainless steel
  • A razor- sharp edge

I was able to use this knife to cut through all kinds of materials including rope, plastic and other hard materials. I was able to also open this knife one-handed which is a plus for those scary moments of self defense. It was small enough to fit inside of my pocket. Perhaps the most important pro of this knife is the added safety system called the Auto Lawks system. This adds a secondary lock to your knife to aid in protection and safety when not in use. This knife is great for all uses including home improvement and outdoor sports like fishing and other tactical adventures.

CRKT M16-02Z Zytel Razor Edge Tanto Blade Knife Video Review

Cold Steel Hold Out Plain Edge Knife

If safety is what you are looking for in a tactical knife, this is it. Cold Steel is a company that strives to create top of the line knives with added safety for the user. The features of this knife include:

  • Overall length does not exceed 8 inches
  • ​Plain edge
  • ​Tri-Ad lock system
  • Pointed tip

This knife sliced through the toughest of materials. I was able to unlock this knife with some difficulty at first however this was a great safety feature. The Tri-ad lock system ensured I would not cut myself when not using the knife. The pointed tip was great for cutting smaller materials. I was also able to spend some time whittling with this knife as well thanks to the amazing fit that it has in my hand.

Cold Steel Hold Out Video Review

Boker Plus S2 Tactical Knife

This unusually shaped knife adds up to its name of “plus”. I was amazed at the shape of this knife compared to the usual shape of tactical knives. This knife was created by a former SWAT team member. Therefore, this knife was created to be used in all areas. This knife has several features and benefits including:

  • Wide blade
  • ​High quality stainless steel construction
  • ​Low weight of 5 ounces
  • Best grip

This knife is huge when opened which allows for easy sharpening and also the ability to use this knife on larger materials. Although the blade is quite large, this knife is so light at only five ounces! I hardly even noticed it was in my pocket. This knife has a great grip thanks to the specially made scales. This knife looks small when closed, however boats a huge blade when opened. I was able to use this knife for all kinds of uses. I enjoyed the lightweight and the sharp tip.

Boker Plus S2 Tactical Knife Video Review

Gerber Fast Draw Tanto

Gerber Fast Draw Tanto

Rating: 3.9 / 5.0

No top knife list is complete without a Gerber knife included. Gerber is known for high quality knives at great price points for all users. This particular knife is a fast draw with assisted opening. This knife is the perfect tactical knife due to the quick opening mechanism aiding you in a faster draw. Among the fast draw are these other features:

  • Safety lock function
  • ​Easy opening with one hand
  • ​Added pocket clip
  • Titanium coating

Once again, this knife is quick! I was able to open with knife open handed in one smooth motion, straight from the handy pocket clip. I was pleased with the overall size which wasn’t bulky or too large. It has a great grip which is needed for a fast draw knife. Perhaps the most important part of this knife is the titanium coating. This allows for a smoother draw as well as being corrosion free for life. A rust free knife is crucial for tactical gear.

JPT – 4 S Tanto Utilitac II

I am always looking for a less expensive option when comparing products. This Utilitac knife is priced low but you will not know the difference with the quality. This knife is made of high quality steel and is lightweight for easy draw. This knife has various uses due to the type of blade that is attached. This knife is great for those who are beginning as well. The other features include:

  • 8 Inch Open Length
  • ​Partially serrated blade
  • ​Lightweight at 5.4 ounces
  • Handy four position pocket clip

This knife was amazing for the price. I was able to use this knife for all the same types of projects as the others. It is lightweight and easy to use and easy to draw. The four position pocket clip is great for various uses. This knife is great for carrying around as an everyday knife as well due to the small size. The blade is incredibly sharp and capable of slicing all different types of material.

Overall, all of these knives are wonderful investments. If you are looking for quality as well as a great price point, any of these would be perfect for you. I am pleased with all of these knives and will be using them for years to come. Safety features, easy grip and weight are all important factors in a knife. These factors and more are included in these amazing products.

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