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Best Tactical Watch with Compass

Timex Men’s T49928 Expedition Rugged Digital Compass Watch

The Timex Men’s T49928 Expedition Rugged Digital Compass Watch comes in a low and affordable price compared to similar digital compass watches in the market. If you want the best tactical watch with compass, this could actually be the best option for you. Users hail it for: being time-accurate, having a screen that is view-able at night being highly shock and water resistant and definitely for its highly accurate and reliable digital compass. This watch offers great value for money, but for ultimate satisfaction there are a few additional insights you should have about it before you purchase one.

Here is a list of the Best Tactical Watch with Compass

A few additional insights you should have about it before you purchase one:

  • ​Chronograph and time related functions
  • ​Digital Compass
  • ​LCD Digital technology
  • ​Shock resistance
  • ​Water resistance
  • ​Strapping
  • ​Aesthetic Appeal
  • ​Pros
  • Cons

Chronograph and related timer functions

Knowing and keeping time accurately is the fundamental purpose of any watch. The timers of the Timex Men’s T49928 Expedition Rugged Digital Compass Watch are true to this role; they fantastically true in measuring, relaying and displaying time. The related timer functions work meticulously; the stopwatch works spot on and the digital calendar blends seamlessly with the timers to give you accurate dates and days of the week.

The alarm function adds credence to the positive attributes of the timer and calendar. Once set to specific times, and even dates, the alarm goes off at that precise point in time. Normally am quite forgetful so I reliably use this alarm quite often to keep to my schedules and appointments.

The digital compass

The digital campus is certainly the hallmark of tactical watches with compass; it clearly separates these watches from all other types of watches. A malfunctioning or unreliable compass compromises one of the key reasons why you opt for this kind of watch. The campus in the Timex Men’s T49928 Expedition Rugged Digital Compass Watch uses the digital for precision when it comes to determining direction. This digital compass has the reputation of working without raising any issues. Other users including myself have noted that the initial calibration remains absolutely faithful to the assigned measurements. This is quite reassuring when you are not very certain of the location you are in relative to the place you want to locate and vice. Using the compass while deep in the sea, I was able to accurately navigate my way out of the labyrinth of sea plants to the safety of my boat. In this case I had to sorely depend on the accuracy of the compass and the waterproof feature of this unique watch. Am glad I did.

LCD digital technology

This watch uses the LCD digital technology to light up its surface. However, this feature is remarkably enhanced by the in-built Indiglo light setting that makes it is pretty view-able at night. The Indiglo lamp does wonders by evenly lighting the surface of the watch’s dials making it absolutely easy and convenient to read in a variety of light settings. It ensures you experience no strain when reading the surface of the watch in the dark.

Shock resistance

Of course, other than keeping time, tactical watches are loved for their outdoor utility. The possibility of accidentally banging the watch on hard surfaces in the process of carrying out your outdoor activities is always there. Bang the Timex Men’s T49928 Expedition Rugged Digital Compass Watch against any hard surface and the result is, well, NOTHING! I have accidentally bumped it against my boat’s body as I dive into the water or climb back from the water, its resilience is simply unmatched. The watch is very resilient to shocks and always comes out of such ordeals unscathed.

The viewing window is a masterpiece. Just like the rest of the watch’s body, the viewing window is equally tough. Any impact leaves no marks on the high quality acrylic window; the watch retains its original sparkle despite the impact.

Water resistance

Granted, the manufacturer purports the watch has water resistance capability of up to 200m. It’s TRUE! Being a frequent scuba diver, I have done up to 200m below sea level just to test the authenticity of those claims. I have not been disappointed even after the latest, which was the tenth with this watch on my wrist. Diving deep into the water without the worry of having water seeping into your valued digital compass watch is a boon to this watch. Dive into the water up to the depth of 200m and on getting out you will agree with me the watch will still be working as perfectly as before. The convenience of getting directions and keeping time down there is a big plus for this watch. Whether it is in rain water, sea water or any other water the watch remains absolutely intact and functional.

Size and Strapping

This watch comes in 5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches, which is quite appealing specially to people with large hands. However the strap is adjustable and makes it ideal to any hand-size.

Aesthetic appeal

A watch also plays a part in one’s overall grooming; no one wants to look good and then have that watered down by a clumsy looking watch. The Timex Men’s T49928 Expedition Rugged Digital Compass Watch, has been lauded by users as being very nice looking. If the watch I have is any ting to go by, then I can’t dare to dispute those views.


There are number of compelling features in this digital watch compass that you will hardly find in other similar watches retailing at the same price. This watch has:

  • Round watch that features a digital compass and calendar functions
  • ​A lightweight 48.5 mm very durable resin case that has an acrylic window
  • ​Characteristic quartz movement with the accompanying digital display
  • ​A resin band that comes with a buckle closure
  • Water resistance to 200 meters (660 feet)

Customer reviews

As of this date there are 73 customer reviews in Amazon. Going by these reviews it is clear that the Timex Men’s T49928 Expedition Rugged Digital Compass Watch offers excellent value for money. It has beaten its main competitor the G-shock to become the preferred replacement.

A significant number of customers were thrilled by the performance of this watch. The accuracy of the compass and the time features in addition to the watch’s shock and water resistance are the key reasons stated by a majority of customers of opting for this watch.

Timex Men’s T49928 Expedition Digital Compass Watch Video Review


  • The timer and related functions are very accurate and work superbly.
  • ​The digital compass retains very precise and accurate after the initial calibration
  • ​Though other brands have the waterproof feature, none comes close to Timex Men’s T49928 Expedition Rugged Digital Compass Watch on the depth of water that this feature can handle. It makes it ideal too for divers and swimmers alike.
  • ​The toughness and hardiness of the body gives this watch unchallenged resilience compared to other similar models. Though this is not meant to make you reckless with the watch, it gives you reasonable latitude on the degree of caution you should attach to this watch.
  • The watch is stylish and visually appealing. This goes a long way to enhance your grooming. There are two colors to select from either black or green.


  • The major negative mentioned by a number of users of this watch is its size. It is apparently bigger than the expectations of some customers. However, since the watch has numerous vital features to display on the screen; a miniature compass, for instance, will not do you any good if you are lost and frantically look for directions. The adjustable strap is a big convenience if you have a relatively small wrist.

Anyone who needs the best tactical watch with compass that will effectively address time and compass concerns, this visually appealing, hardy and water resistant, Timex Men’s T49928 Expedition Rugged Digital Compass Watch fits the bill.

However, people are different and our tastes are diverse. There are other excellent tactical watches with compass with great and compelling features. My Amazon reviews of highly rated tactical watches revealed the following watches which I feel will give the user an excellent deal:

  • Timex Men’s T499509J Expedition Shock XL’ is the watch if you prefer the silence of a vibrating alarm combined with the superb features of the Timex brand.
  • Timex Men’s T49612’Expedition Trail Series’. Featuring a highly accurate digital compass with bearings that are based on 16 cardinal points, this tactical watch brings the compass feature to new levels.
  • Timex Expedition Global Shock is another trail blazer in this range of tactical chronometers. It features valuable pre- set time zones that make it ideal to the regular globe trotter or anyone who has overseas dealings and needs to know the time in various regions in the world.
  • Timex Adventure Tech Digital Compass is a master piece that comes with several time keeping features. Its functionality blends with style to give you an excellent tactical watch with compass.

With any of these watches you are certain to get the best tactical watch with compass.

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