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Best Tent Heaters

After a very long week working in that tiny office, the weekend is here with us and just like what any other person would love, you just want to hit one of the best camping locations out of town and have one of the best and thrilling camping experiences. Camping, can be great experience and rewarding, as well, especially if you are doing it a place where everything is great; that is from the people you are camping with to that dry yet cold weather.

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Here is a list of the Best Tent Heaters

However, if the weather is not that favorable; it is super cold, you might also want to go camping fully armed with a tent heater for you will need some warmth. After all, who would want to stay in that cold and simply unbearable environment? If you are currently shopping for a tent heater, but singling out the best has been a problem, here is a list of 5 best tent heaters. Personally, I love camping and it is one of the things I do more often, and during all this time, I have possibly come across quite a good number of tent heater.

What types of heaters are best for camping?

We recommend propane heaters for relatively small space (tents/shelters) for 2 reasons:

  • Gas is cost efficient.  Having the tent positioned to optimally heat up the tent will do a great job even with several persons in a tent.
  • Gas tent heaters are also a good fit indoor use. Heater is portable, energy efficient and works reliably when weather gets chilly.

Now, if you are camping in an area with electricity, using electric heaters will make sense. It's hard to turn down free energy and since it's available, might as well utilize it to keep warm. Since it’s the electrical approach is less common and isn’t considered to be a portable tourist option, we will mostly focus on propane powered best tent heaters.

1. Lloytron F2003WH 2KW Fan Heater Review

Told to describe this tent heater, I would say this is where convenience meets great functionality. This was my second tent heater after the one I had broke down, and from all the things I have been able to net from it, I would highly recommend to any one who is out there shopping for the best tent heater. Coming fully equipped with a carry handle, this tent heater is easy to carry. Plus it comes with other outstanding features like 2 heat settings, fan setting, and most importantly a thermostatic control and automatic safety cut out switch.

2. Allegro Industries 940150 Tent Heater Review

I currently own over 10 tent heaters, and Allegro industries 940150 tent heaters is one my recent acquisitions. I have used it only once and I like how it did its job pretty well. It is a high performing and one of the most durable tent heaters you could invest in today. Anther thing that strikes me about Allegro industries 940150 is its safety features. Seen as effort by designers to make one of their own the best, they made sure it comes fitted with features that will ensure your heater work without giving your any problems. It is also compact and coming with an overall weight of around 14 pounds, surely, you will not have any problem moving it around. Overall, with all you could do with heater, I would actually recommend it to any one who loves camping. It is amazing heating tool.

3. Comfort Zone Personal Heater Review

As the name suggest, Comfort Zone Personal Heater is another outstanding tent heater I have ever come across. As a matter of fact, this model is fast becoming a darling to campers and for valid reasons. I personally don’t own it but I have seen a friend used it before. I love how it did its job. This heater comes fully complete with two settings for heat. You can actually turn it on to fan if you need some cooling down. As if that is not even enough; it comes with an adjustable thermostat and a status light to indicate its current state. Another thing about this model that struck me is its silent operation. It is one of the quietest tent heaters and you can use it inside the tent without worrying about the fan noise. Its safety has also been taken into a whole level; its designers did add a high limit safety use to the design, making it one of the safest. At the end, if you are looking for the best camping gears, this tent heater should be on your shopping list. I’m also thinking of buying it next.

4. Mr. Heater Portable Big Buddy Propane Heater Review

Personally, I have not owned this heater, but I know a friend who often goes camping with it. If all that has been said about it is anything to go by, I wouldn’t have trouble going for it next. It is amazing heating tool and can make camping in one of the coldest locations more bearable and quite enjoyable. This heater is not only able to heat up an area with capacity of up to 400 square feet, but it also combines radiant heat comfort, as well as, fan powered convection heat for optimum heating efficiency. It is also one of the safest tent heaters you could lay your hands on today. In short, Mr. Heater Portable Big Buddy Propane Heater is a must have if you love camping in some of the coldest areas.


Even for an industry that has continued to see the best of the best being created before being made available for consumers; the above 5 tent heaters have managed to stand out from he rest. They have continued t receive praises and good ratings from different quarters and that alone shows the kind of work designers put into them. I have used each one of them and they way they do their job; I would actually use them anytime. Try one o them today and you will never regret.

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