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Best Trailer Hitch Carrier Reviews

For individuals and families who love to travel outdoors, carrying luggage sometimes becomes a problem especially if your vehicle does not have enough storage space for baggage and other travel equipment. There are many available trailer hitch carriers in the market that caters to your luggage needs. Important factors to consider in purchasing hitch carriers are storage capacity, price, durability and material.

Here is a list of the Best Trailer Hitch Carrier

The usual carrying capacity of trailer carriers is 300 to 500 pounds. This depends on the material and frame of the hitch carriers. Storage capacity, on the other hand, refers to the total area on the cargo carrier where items can be stored. In some cases, a hitch carrier can have a huge carrying capacity but a smaller storage capacity because of the size of the carrier. These are usually in cubic feet measurements. Other trailer carriers have a foldable feature to maximize space.

The price and durability of the products you wish to purchase depend on the material used to manufacture the trailer hitch carriers. Most trailer hitch carriers are made of steel and these types are usually the most durable. Aluminum types are also a good choice because the carrier will not rust. You should also consider the coating, as the epoxy coated steel carriers are the best options when it comes to durability.

Different Types of Trailer Hitches Available, Depending on Your Utility

1. Basket Style

The basket style cargo carriers have one thing in common: wall sides. Wall sides ensures that your cargo are safely put in place. Basket-types also have steel mesh to distribute the weight of your luggage. The mesh rails also make it easier to handle your cargo. However, the wall sides of Basket style mounted carriers limit the size of the cargo as you might have a hard time fitting large equipments inside the basket. This is good for light to heavy materials that are not too big.

2. Flatbed Style Carriers

If you have oversized baggage that cannot fit the basket type, flatbeds are the best options as it can fit inside. You have to be careful though, in purchasing cargo nets, strong ropes and bungee cargo chords that will carry oversized items. Flatbeds come in different sizes to satisfy the different sizes of vehicles.

3. Ramp Cargo Carriers

Ramp cargo carriers are good putting heavier items and for things with wheels. Usually, the ramps are foldable and have secure steel springs to put it in place while your vehicle is in motion.

Top 5 Best Trailer Hitch Carrier

 1.  Apex Aluminum Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

The aluminum material of this hitch cargo carrier makes it a sturdy material and rust-proof, while making it completely lightweight. This is perfect for heavier luggage such as campaign equipment, sports gear, and metal equipment and other supplies.

This product has a huge carrying capacity of 500 pounds and is available in class I, II, III, and IV vehicles. It features a 2-inch hitch adapter for class III and IV vehicles.

 2.  Rage Powersports UC500-XL Heavy Duty Cargo Carrier

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

The UC500-xl Heavy Duty Cargo Carrier is perfect for carrying heavy duty equipment for transport. It has a 500 pound carrying capacity and is made of coated steel which prevents it from rusting.

This product also has a foldable loading ramp that comes with a spring pull pin to ensure that it is in a flat position while driving it. Wheeled equipment such as baby strollers and wheelchairs can be easily loaded into the carrier. This product also features a large 60x33 inch tray with a deep 6-1/2 inch side rails so that you can put in as many items as you can.

 3.  E-Go Bike Steel Cargo Carrier Luggage Basket Receiver

Rating: 3.8 / 5.0

This product is made of steel and is a durable and sturdy. It is easy to assemble but the drill outs may sometimes make it confusing for users. It has a 500 pound carrying capacity and fots 2 inch hitch receivers.

The E-go Bike Steel Cargo Carrier also features a raised bar that lifts carriers for up to 8 inches in height. This product is also good for trailers and huge vehicles.

 4.  Let's Go Aero Geardeck Enclosed Cargo Carrier

Rating: N/A

This carrier is an enclosed type of cargo carrier which is the perfect carrier for RV and Travel Trailers. This product is perfect for carrying generators up to 5,000 watts, especially when you are at campsites where there is no electricity available. The product is water resistant with plastic and steel materials, making it a durable product.

This carrier has a huge storage space of 17 cubic feet. However, the carrying capacity of 300 pounds is less compared to the previous products mentioned above. A market price of $659.99 is expensive but is a long term investment especially for trailers and RVs which need portable generator systems.

 5.  Arksen 60x20" Cargo Carrier

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0

The Arksen Cargo Carrier is enclosed in heavy-duty black epoxy powder coating which makes it rust-free and resistant to water and other environmental forces. The market value ranges at $94.97 per unit. This steel cargo carrier carries big items for up to 500 pounds. This product also fits 2-inch trailers and has a distributed weight capacity which makes it easier to drive around.

However, despite the stellar product features, this carrier received mixed reviews from users. When you purchase this product, you have to be careful in driving it because it might scratch your vehicle. It is important to purchase the appropriate bolts and accessories that should come with this trailer.

There are many other trailer hitch carriers available in the market. The most important factors to consider of course are the material of the carrier, carrying capacity, storage capacity, and price. The products above are just some of the best reviewed items and are sure value for your money. You can visit forums and other review websites to compare hitch trailers according to your specific vehicle needs.

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