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Best Vacuum Chamber For Freeze Drying Food

Freeze drying food is a fairly recent and useful invention that has many applications. But what exactly is freeze drying food and how does it work? Well in the simplest terms, freezing drying food is the process by which all the moisture and water content with food is removed. This is significantly different from traditional freeing and here’s why.

Here is a list of the Best Vacuum Chamber For Freeze Drying Food

The Process

In order to complete this process, fresh or cooked food must be placed inside a freeze dry vacuum chamber, where it will be frozen to -40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Once the freezing process is complete, the dryer creates a powerful vacuum around the food. The food will then be warmed slightly causing the ice to melt and turn into vapor, which evaporates removing all water content. Once the process is complete the dried food will be placed into sealed moisture and oxygen proof bags to ensure freshness until opened.

The Reviews

Freeze drying is a very useful process especially in the home when it comes to storing food. It increase the shelf life of most foods which in turn lessen the amount of food you will have to buy in order to replace the food the spoils. This saves both time and money. But for those new to the concept, I’m this must seem a bit over whelming. Fear not, for I won’t just leave you hanging like that. At this time that I include introduced you to the process of freeze drying, allow me to introduce you t the best vacuum chambers available for freeze drying.

The NescoSnackmaster Pro Food-Dehydrator FD-75A

Available on for under $70, the Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro is among the most affordable products on the market. A perfect starter machine for anyone who’s not familiar with dehydrators.I was so surprised at how well this dehydrator works expected it to work okay but not this good! I put 5 pounds of beef to dry, expecting it to take at least a day. 5 hours later and it was done! And Let me tell you, those beef slices were not paper thin. Thin apple slice be able to take flanked by 12 and 18 hours to acquire a tough texture.

This I found to be a bit odd compared to the beef but after some research, I learned that different foods dehydrate at different rates, so I left that to science. After trying various foods such as banana, chicken, and various vegetables I was pleased with the results for each item.Now, regarding the hum and physical attributes. This unit is very quiet. Weight, appearance, height is very discreet and light. The older and fair marble end fits incredibly glowing in any space, like it's hidden away, hard to explain but when you buy it you will see what I’m talking about. Easy to clean. Dehydrated fruits go virtually no residue, they fix very unconscientiously to the trays in addition to can be easily pull out. Not a lone banana or one other fruit akin to apples get stuck in the trays toward the point that they couldn’t be uninvolved easily through the fingers.

The power consumption was very good but it does vary from start to finish. This is because the original hours take extra power as the machine is heat the trays so the thermostat rarely turns off. subsequent to a few hours, the thermostat only activate irregularly to liven up the heat, agreed that the trays are by at the moment heated and simply need upholding to be the warm air flow. In short, the shorter the run, the fewer competent it determine be.

Magic Refine Pro Countertop Food Dehydrator

Coming under $110 and available on, the thrilling Mill Dehydrator is the next entry on our list. It comes amid six stainless steel racks furthermore six plastic interlock nonstick trays. You could put things straight on the stainless toughen racks, excluding if you utilize the web, cleanup will be easier and you won't scratch the food.

Using the mesh actually has helped me to determine when my food is completely dehydrated. If the food it still sticking to the mesh, I know I need to leave it in there longer. When it is peeling off of the tray, it is easier to get off of it and normally the food is completely dehydrated.The machine handles an array of food from strawberries, bananas, a variety of peppers, potatoes, meats and even bread. Bananas took nine hours to dehydrate,with peppers only taking four and a half hours to become complete. Meat times varied with chicken taking between 12-15 hours and beef between 8-12 hours.

It comes with a clear door so you can see inside to check on the food. It has a digital display with eight different preset temperatures, though I find using the highest temperature of 158 the most effective. You can the time on it in 30 minute increments, but there's no harm in setting a higher time only to turn it off when the food is done. It has 360 air flow from the fan in the back and the one in the top. Perhaps the most impressive part though is that it never gets too hot to touch.That feature will certainly make a mom happy. There's no chance one of my kids will walk by it, touch it, and then get burned. It is completely safe.

The Labconco 7751020-FreeZone 4.5 Liter-Console Freeze Dry System

The little beauty is for our more experienced freeze dry practitioners. This 4.5 Liter-Console Freeze Dry System comes with a counter top water coolercan handle 4.5 liters of fluidsand is made mostly of stainless steel.It includesan automatic control system that makes the entire process simpler but if you require precision control, you can always switch to manual mode.

It’s worth noting that this great machine runs on a special kind of refrigerant that is both HCFC and CFC free. Great for the environment. On top of that, it includes an LCD display that shows all the relevant information about the process, but also come with a special RS-232 port that allows you to connect it to can laptop or desktop. I do advise you to refer to the manual or seek professional help before attempting this.

As stated earlier, this is a device for professionals and experts so some training is required in order to use it properly.However, before thinking about the training, you should think about the price, because it costs upwards of $11,000. But do not let that price discourage you because if you can afford it, it’s totally worth it.

Labconco-7759032 FreeZone 12 Liter-Console Freeze Dry-System

Now to our final entry, we have the Labconco-7759032 FreeZone 12 Liter-Console Freeze Dry-System with Stoppering Tray-Dryer plus Purge Valve. This is the biggest and most expensive entry on our list, coming in at a whopping $$34,000 going on is industrial grade,two door refrigerator/freeze-dryeris everything and then some when it comes to the best vacuum chambers for freeze drying food.

It can handle up to 12 liters of fluids, even though it only handles 8 liters every 24 hours, includes some of the features of the previous entry, such as the display and the alarm system, and also the RS-232 port and automatic control systems with override options, but on top of that include a lot of features and functions that make it feel more like a piece of laboratory equipment than as something that your average food drying enthusiast may have at home. But regardless of where it will be used, you can feel at ease knowing that it will get the job done.


I hope this little article has help shown you the wonders of vacuum chamber freeze-dryer. Online today you will find that every guide for freeze drying food at home includes dehydrators instead of vacuum chambers and the reason for this, is that the dehydrators are way more accessible, However, the quality is nothing compare to what you get with vacuum chamber freeze-dryers. So make the right choice and pick up one of these brands today. Thank you.

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