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Best Waterproof Combat Boots Review

Boots have a variety of purposes, fits, and uses. Anyone with a little wisdom gained through the pain of error will assess what they need for the mission well before the mission actually begins. One of the things that will keep you happy (well, maybe not happy but certainly comfortable) is the right footwear for the job. If you live in a temperate region, or are catching one of the last deployments to Afghanistan, you may want to consider getting yourself a decent pair of insulated and/or waterproofed boots. If you're headed to a winter class of mountain warfare, airborne, or Ranger School, you should definitely get yourself a solid pair of winter boots. I look forward to presenting you with our post on Best Waterproof Combat Boots Review.

Most winter boots will have some form of waterproof material. Generally, boots will either use an in house compound for waterproofing or GoreTex. GoreTex is the standard that all waterproof materials are judged off of, save for nylon. Nylon is the stuff used on your wet weather gear. Wrapping your feet in nylon and walk for a couple miles and you'll find the skin conveniently missing from your feet. GoreTex, on the other hand, is surprisingly breatheable. It may get a little hot in the summer months or in particularly arid climates, but it does well year round. However, adding GoreTex to a boot adds around $30 to the boot right off the bat. During the winter months, GoreTex is well worth the money since your feet will stay warm, dry, and you won't be wringing the sweat out of your socks at the end of the day.

Today we'll be presenting our top 6 picks for waterproof/winter boots, rated by comfort, breathability, and most importantly, how dry you'll stay.

Here is a list of the Best Waterproof Combat Boots

Here is a larger list of your favorite authorized combat boots

Best Waterproof Combat Boots Review

1) Rocky S2V Insulated/GoreTex – 5 stars

You'll notice that the Rocky S2V frequents our top 10 list, and for good reason. The winter model of the S2V boasts the same durability and comfort of the summer model, but this version is outfitted with GoreTex. GoreTex works by pushing moisture away from the foot while not allowing any in, and is ultra lightweight. You may be able to find these during the summer for a deal, but by the time you need them they'll run you a pretty penny. We recommend you grab these out of season.

Buy your pair of Rocky S2V Insulated/GoreTex here

2) Danner TFX Waterproof G3 – 4 stars

Danner is also a frontrfunner in tactical boots. They've been around since 1932 and have only sought to perfect their craft, bringing some of the most proven designs and innovations to the table. The TFX is already an established line of tactical boots for its proven comfort and reliability. The Waterproof TFX is also GoreTex lined, creating an extremely suitable boot for harsh winter environments. It's a great, less expensive alternative to the S2V and can be found in many on and off-post retailers.

Buy your pair of Danner TFX Waterproof G3 here

3) Danner Tanicus Waterproof – 4 stars

Again, Danner has fielded an excellent alternative to GoreTex, and its associated price tag. The Tanicus is very similar to the LFX, albeit with a slightly different shank and sole. The big difference is Danner's in house waterproof material, that may offer just a slight decrease in overall performance. The overall boot is still excellent though.

Buy your pair of Danner Tanicus Waterproof here

4) Garmont T8 Extreme – 4.5 stars

Though not necessarily waterproof, we just couldn't leave a boot like this off the list. The T8 Extreme is best suited for cool environments, like mild winters encountered in the South Eastern United States. The Extreme does well in shallow water crossings and snowy environments, but won't keep your feet dry in a monsoon. What this boot does boast though, is incredible performance in every terrain imaginable. The Vibram sole sheds dirt and mud rapidly, and the ventilation performs well enough to keep your feet comfortable even in the summer.

Buy your pair of Garmont T8 Extreme here

5) Belleville 775 GoreTex – 4 stars

Belleville is a brand rooted in heritage and proven throughout the years. The 775 is an excellent cold weather boot, featuring both 600g Thinsulate and GoreTex. We wouldn't recommend these boots for anything but extreme cold weather, and most school winter packing lists won't allow that much insulation. So, if you're in Alaska, these are the boots for you. Don't let that fool you though, if you really need the insulation, these boots will be hard to beat.

Buy your pair of Belleville 775 GoreTex here

6) McRae Temperate Waterproof – 4 stars

If this boot looks a bit familiar, you're onto something. The upper is nearly identical to BLACKHAWK's venerable Warrior Wear, which was featured on our most comfortable boots list. The Vibram sole is also a direct mold of BLACKHAWK'S original. The McRae has adopted a GoreTex membrane into their popular summer boot to create a cool weather waterproof boot. The McRae is ideal for more temperate climates where water is your main concern, but the GoreTex will do fine against sleet and snow. The price point is also a big draw; the McRae is an extremely reasonable option to the more expensive boots on this list.

Buy your pair of McRae Temperate Waterproof here

Cold weather and waterproof boots are somewhat of a rarity, because in most cases you really won't need them. In the wrong environments, wearing a waterproof boot can wreck your feet, and in our line of work that really isn't an option in the long haul. But, freezing cold, sleet, and flood conditions can really put a hurt on you. And that's when you'll need a waterproof boot. Take a look at your long range calender. If something like South America, the tropics, rainy season in Afghanistan or Iraq, or Central America pops up, consider investing in a quality waterproof boot. Your feet and your morale will thank you.

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