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Best Weather Radio

What is a weather radio? Why do we need weather radios? What is the use of a weather radio? What advantage does it have over other radios? If you have the answers to these questions, I bet we are on the same wavelength but if you don’t, then you better read this weather radio review article with a lot of keenness. You have a lot to learn and probably this will be your guide to choosing the best weather radio.

Here is a list of the Best Weather Radio

A weather radio is a gadget and a service. As a gadget, it basically receives weather broadcasts as transmitted from National Oceanic Atmospheric and Administration Weather Radio (NWR). It is also a service offered by National Oceanic Atmospheric and Administration abbreviated as NOAA. NOAA’s responsibility is to put out time to time stream of updates about upcoming weather events as well as other emergencies. Besides, providing time to time weather updates, NOAA through the weather radio also provides alerts about natural disasters like tornados, avalanches, earthquakes, landslides, public safety emergencies and other services such as 911 service outages as well as amber Alerts about abducted children . As you may be aware, weather disasters strike with little or no warning so a weather radio helps you stay ahead of events. In my daily routine as a sailor, I get timely information on upcoming weather events on the screen alert am able to plan before being trapped unknowingly.

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Important features about my weather radio

Frequency – Weather radios operates on seven VHF frequency reserved for them but not on AM or FM frequency. During my errands, I only need to pull the telescopic antenna integrated on it to get very clear signals at all time. The frequencies are so strong to stand any harsh weather condition and it enables me to get minute by minute weather updates without interruptions.

Battery backup - Most weather radios have plug-ins in to an electric socket. So what happens when there is power outage? My model Sangean CL-100 has batteries that can be recharged. Other models also have numerous charging options such as solar energy, self-recharge, batteries as well as other external charging options such as generators. I bet you won’t be disappointed even without electricity, you can switch to solar energy and stay updated.

Coverage area - Through the 7 channel frequencies, this gadget is able to cover large areas from the furthest point in the middle of the sea to the top of the mountain. During my journeys, I am able to get clear minute by minute broadcasts and all warning alerts regardless of the weather condition and most importantly, in the wildest place. You too can have the same experience.

NOAA Approved - I wish to advice that before you buy a weather radio, always check if it is NOAA approved. In that case, it should have the NOAA logo on it. If it does, be assured that it will have the best network and coverage. My own has so yours should as well have the logo on it. Besides, the weather updates, I also get non –weather updates on issues like Terrorist attacks and Amber Alerts.


  • Weather broadcasts  - The weather radio keeps me abreast with timely weather alerts and helps me prepare in advance for any upcoming disaster.
  • 7 Frequency channels - The radio carries 7 NOAA weather channels to help me and other users receive exact weather report for the specific locations as chosen.
  • Alert messages - The weather radio has alert message storage cap and ability to store up to 20 messages to ensure that minute by minute updates is received and stored if it not read immediately. The messaging service is supported by specific Area Messaging Encoding (SAME) technology to provide warnings and alerts as they come. I don’t miss any single one alert.
  • It has 3 LED indicators - This enables careful monitoring and tracking of events and warnings. I have always been up to date with events thanks to the NOAA weather radio.
  • Back-up battery - With a backup battery, I am able to recharge while on the move by either solar energy or my vehicle battery.
  • Size - The radio is small enough, very portable. In fact it, is a pocket size weather radio. I simply pocket it while on the move.
  • Antenna - With an antenna, it has the ability to receive clear broadcasts even during turbulent weather conditions. My own serves both as FM and AM radio transmitter to cover me beyond the weather broadcast.


  • Inability to recharge itself. This is the only shortcoming but it can be fixed anyway. When there is solar energy or whenever I am in my vehicle, I simply plug-in the charger and get going.
  • Small display - The screen size is very small and cannot be adjusted either. This makes it difficult to do the settings and similarly, storage is also difficult unless one is keen on voice alerts and siren. But having handled this gadget for quite some time, this is no longer a serious issue.

Some Awesome Features on the Sangean CL-100!

Other users review

It is amazing to read other users review of the weather radio. Below is what the users think about the weather radio;

“I appreciate that my weather radio automatically shuts down itself at the end of broadcast. It doesn’t wait for me to shut it down” This is one user of CL-100.

Another user of CL-100 also says that Sangean CL-100 isn’t just a wonderful weather radio but a powerful FM radio with quality sound. It also has Radio Broadcast data system (RBDS) compatibility which caters for additional information in text form about radio broadcasts and on top of that, it also functions as an alarm clock.

Well, those are the praises but on the contrary a few users also complain of the Sangean CL-100 as a bit technical to use. In other words, they say its technical support is a bit not up to scratch.


Well, I believe you enjoyed reading and hope you are well covered with every detail about the weather radio review. It is a must have radio especially if you dwell in an area with weird weather phenomenon. Remember, earthquakes, landslides and tornadoes give little or no warning when they strike so it is up to you to be prepared early to avoid any devastating impact. The weather radio keeps me on the alert at all times. I love my sangean CL-100 although there are other top notch weather radios like the Midland WR-300, Midland WR-120B, Midland HH54VP2, Reecom R-1630, AcuRite 08580. These are the top rated weather radios of 2016. Weather radios are not expensive, the prices range from $25 to $60 depending on the brand. They are affordable considering that they save lives. If you think so then it is a must have gadget. Don’t be caught out in the storm, buy one and save your life.

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