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Best Window Air Conditioner 2017

For this research report, we evaluate the best window air conditioner in the market.This time round, we had to find something to regulate the summer temperatures. We went out of our way and invested more than four summers carrying out tests for the most effective air conditioner. We are proud of the 20+ hours of testing that took place in an East Coast apartment that led us to the right choice. Our pick is the Frigidaire FFRE0833Q1. This machine’s performance proved to be the best and corresponded to its price. For you to carry away this super-quality conditioner, be ready to pouch out ~$239 dollars. We found this price friendly after having a taste of the appealing features that the machine brings to you.

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Here is a list of the Best Air Conditioner in the Market


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Frigidaire FFRE0833Q1


Honeywell MN10CES

Personally, I observed that this product performs better than any conditioner of its caliber in terms of size and price. It is easy to install and relatively light. We also had other options tested and approved for you, in case our pick does not match your requirements. Walk with me as the article unfolds for more details.

What We Picked

The Frigidaire FFRE0833Q1 is the product our team picked after fruitful hustles of identification, testing, and comparing. What attracted us more than anything else about this product is the fact that it is quiet, light, effective, and easy to install. I am sure you do not want to turn your house into an industry with vibrations of machines. Rather, every customer out there is looking for a machine as quiet as this one, which allows your baby to enjoy deep sleep with regulated temperatures. Other added advantages of this product are the remote and a sleep timer, offering you convenience in operating your machine.

  • 8,000 BTU
  • ​Uses standard 115V electrical outlet
  • ​Quickly cools a room up to 350 sq. ft.
  • Dehumidification up to 1.7 pints per hour

An Overview of the Appealing Features

The product is molded in a beautiful design, making it visually appealing as well as effective. It has a thermometer and a sleep mode that creates an environment conducive for you and your guests day and night. Additionally, you can adjust the settings without walking across the room by using the remote. This first-class segment of features allows the machine to turn your room into a comfortable zone that you will never want to leave. There is also the presence of a 24-hour timer, which enables customization of operations anytime. The timer is present in many other competing products, but a combination of a timer, sleep mode, and remote control features is what you will not trace in any other product.

The model we used for testing was the 8,000-BTU rating, which we found to be working exclusively well in a 300-350 square foot room. The space it serves best depends on the size of your machine. Therefore, if your room is smaller or bigger, you can get a different sized piece.

The Miss

We were also able to trace some shortcomings about this product. There is no machine in the entire market that is 100% silent, and this one is not exceptional. However, the level is not as annoying as that of competing products. In addition, it will help you recognize when your machine is not functioning normally. Another flaw is the fact that the airflow control may be slightly low, but not lower than any other product in the market. These are the only real flaws I found with the product, but I found it possible to live with them and I am sure you too will.

Our First Alternative

This is the sector where we take care of you who want another machine with the level of performance close to our pick. If you happen to be out of luck and the Frigidaire FFRE0833Q1 runs out of stock before you make your purchase, the most recent LG LW8015ER serves a great option.

  • 8,000 BTU
  • ​Uses standard 115V electrical outlet
  • ​Cools a room up to 340 sq. ft.
  • Dehumidification up to 2.2 pints per hour

In Comparison to Our Pick

This machine is as powerful and efficient as what we selected as our major pick. Though there are features present in it that are absent in our pick, you will trace disadvantages of buying this item over the Frigidaire.

Firstly, the machine has better control power of the air flow than our first pick. It also has minimal sound and you may find it lower than the rest. However, this machine lacks some qualities that are present in the machine we labeled as our pick, such as the remote and sleep mode. In addition, the machine is heavier and harder to install as than the Frigidaire.

Apart from those few facts, this machine will offer you almost the same extent of comfort as our pick. Go for this if you don’t mind a higher cost and the few flaws I have highlighted for you.

Our Second Alternative (A Portable Alternative)

Different customers have different preferences. I had a chat with some of my followers and they asked me about the portable units. This was when it hit me that you too could be looking for a portable one. Honeywell MN10CES is the portable piece we selected for you. This machine has better features than many other traditional machines and you will love the fact that it is easy to install. The noise it produces is also tolerable. Dealing with the ventilation and condensation is a lot easier when you have this machine.

  • 10,000 BTU
  • ​Cools areas up to 350 sq. ft.
  • ​Dehumidification up to 79.2 pints per day
  • .Powerful air flow 174 CFM (4.9 CMM)

Features & Performance vs. Cost

I must say I found it performing better than any of the competing machines in the entire market. You can purchase it at a fair price of $369. It might not be as good as the traditional window units, but there is no portable machine of its size that will do better than the Honeywell. If you check the online customer reviews, you will realize that the manufacturers made solid investments on the appealing features and the outcome is amazing, as long as you utilize the right usage practices.

How Reliable Are We?

We have been doing this type of research and presenting the most ideal products for more than four years now. Each product we presented to our customers turns out to be as great as we promised and I have not heard of any complaint so far. We have dealt with window air conditioners for exactly four years, and the portable AC for two years. We have gathered all the experience you need from us.

This year, our research was deep enough and we used solid sources. For experimental purposes, we involved 18 distinct window air conditioners and 26 portable conditioners. Part of my team included experienced conditioner users and representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency. We tested the samples we selected in different rooms, both upstairs and downstairs.

What Size Suits Me Best?

Identifying the size that suits your room is very easy. Firstly, you will need to take the measurements of your room in terms of square footage. These are the measurements you will use in the chart to check out for the British Thermal Units (BTU), the appropriate cooling capacity required.

How Do You Calculate the Square Footage?

The calculation involves simple arithmetic. You only need to multiply the width and the length. The results you get will be the square footage of your room, and you can find your size requirement. Second is the sunlight concept. If your room is exposed to direct sunlight, it is recommended that you add 10% to the BTU rating. However, if it is not exposed to a lot of sunlight, you can reduce 10%.

Apart from the sunlight exposure, there are several more factors to consider, such as the number of people that occupy your room most times and other heat generating accessories. For example, if your room is occupied by many people, I would advise you to add 600 BTUs per person. In case you need a piece in your kitchen and there are accessories such as an oven, which generates intense heat, you will need to make an additional of 4000 BTUs, for compensational purposes.

The Tracing Hustle

After making all the required calculations, the next thing is to trace and select the machine that will match your exact requirements. However, out of my own experience, I will tell you that tracing a machine with the exact features you are looking for might be nearly impossible, unless you are lucky.

What then should you compromise? Is it the model or the figures? Stick to the model you want, but select a machine with figures that nearly match those of your calculation results. Another question that many of my followers are always asking is whether to select figures that are slightly lower or those that are slightly higher. My answer is always, "Those that are slightly lower." You will definitely not like the experience of an overworking machine. On the hand, the underworking might be so minimal that you end up not even noticing it.

I have also run into customers who are after cooling several rooms, and they are tangled in the dilemma of whether to purchase several small units or one big machine. First of all, I know your reasoning is that the small units will end up being more expensive than purchasing one big unit. In addition, the electricity consumption may end up being higher with the small units and operating them will not even be efficient, as you have to attend to one at a time. However, on a second thought, you need to focus on your main purpose of purchasing the machine in the first place: to cool your room in the most ideal way possible. If your purchase does not meet this expectation, you are wasting your time and money.

To be frank, one big machine will not serve your multiple rooms with as accurate temperature control as several small units will. I’d rather spend a lot of resources accurately than waste the little resources I have. Go for the small units!

How We Selected

Our mission is to reach out to all customers in the most accurate way possible. Therefore, we had to be very sensitive with our selections . Our analysis indicated that the 8,000 BTUs window air conditioner is what most customers are interested in. This size has the capacity to cool roughly 300 to 350 square feet, which is approximately the size of a comfortable living room or a master bedroom.

However, you cannot squeeze all the customers into one size bracket. Therefore, we selected other sizes within the most ideal models to reach out to anyone out of bracket. Testing all the pieces may not be possible, but randomly selecting a large number of them will draw us to 99.99% accuracy.

Energy Standards

In our selection, the standards of energy were part of the major concepts. We realized that any machine ranking at around 3.0 or 3.1 energy stars proved to be great in terms of performance, and so we ruled out any of the machines that did not qualify. This dropped us down to 17 candidates after ruling out underperforming models.

Under this same bracket, we realized that some models were duplicates of well-known models, which means they have everything in common, except the name. This means their performance is just the same. We decided to drop these ones too, due to lack of consistency in distribution. If you analyze keenly, you will also realize that their features are not as appealing as those of the best models in the market. This was another reason towards our elimination act.

Prices vs. Features

A comparison of the features vs. the cost of the product led us to drop more models. This does not mean we are chasing cheap prices; we were looking for quality and not exploitation of our readers. If the price tag is high, then there must be features worth the amount.

Remnants on the List

After the rule-out game, we remained with two pieces in our list. We were to crown our major pick from the Frigidaire FFRE0833Q1 and the LG LW8015ER. The LG piece is the modernized piece of the ancient LG LW8014ER, which was our last year’s first option from our pick. The model was still available, so we considered it too in our comparisons.

Even from a far glance, the Frigidaire was way better than any of the competing pieces. However, we decided to take a test and base the verdict on evidence.

Our Testing Method

This time round we really had to upgrade our testing methods and offer the most accurate results. We decided to change from short-term accuracy to long-term accuracy. Our research led to information that remains true during your first usage period but also one that you will witness for the entire lifetime of the machine.

The Distinction

Once you take a close look at all the machines we had in our list, you will trace similar features and performance, even after you go ahead and test them. So what? Do I purchase them all? What is the major distinction?

If you listen to other reviewers, they will ask you to concentrate on the secondary issues, such as the design of the machine. That is so wrong! You want to know the naked distinction? I say live with the machine. They may all start at the same high note, but I can assure you that they will not all be in the same line of performance while at the finishing line.

While hoofing around for better testing ideas, we came across an Energy Star Program representative who told us that testing two units with the same CEER will give you similar performance results. But how long does this exclusive performance last? To determine this, we had to take a long-term test.

Additional Differences

Apart from the basic performance differences, there were other differences that we noticed immediately. These included complexity in installation and uninstallation, ease of maintenance, and additional features like the remote and sleep mode. We were also able to look at the level of noise, though it was generally tolerable in all the machines and the adjustments of the vents. Therefore, our entire testing method was based on the experiences you will encounter after purchasing the product.

Test Kickoff

We began by taking note on the basics that you encounter first. How easy is it to install? How heavy is this particular machine? How many holes will you need on your wall for stability? How noisy is the machine? How well-performing is the remote? What about the design? Is it presentable?

The noise test especially was undertaken seriously with the help of our audio-visual experts. We had to take measurements from one corner to another to make sure we accurately gave the scores. Obviously, the noise varied depending on whether the fan was set low or high. We tested all the levels.

Our Pick

The Frigidaire FFRE0833Q1 turned out to be the best product in the market with great features. It passed all the tests we made while selecting the most ideal machine to serve you greatness over a long period of time. Both the long-term and short-term tests gave us absolutely good results with this machine.


With this machine, installation is simplified as you do not require many screws on your frame to obtain firmness. In addition, the fact that it weighs less than the competitors (48 pounds, which is lighter than other 8,000 BTU machines) also makes it the easiest machine to install. If you have a house that requires fewer complications, go with this piece.While installing it, the only tool you need is a screwdriver. All other necessities, such as the screws, insulations, and the clips are included in the box. You start by attaching the bracket rail at the top by the use of 4 screws, and then sliding the plastic insulating curtains at the sides of the machine. According to our measurements, from the box opening part to the complete fixing, it took us only 30 minutes. You can therefore be sure of ultimate simplicity. Uninstallation is definitely equally easy.

Level of Noise

Another factor that we were looking for is the level of noise. For a machine to qualify as our main pick, it has to have a tolerable level of noise. Being our pick, this machine may not be 100% silent, but the quality of sound produced here is sound that you will not mind living with.

Note that this may not be the least noisy machine in the entire market. There are machines that produce lower sound with better quality than that of this machine. However, sound sometimes moves hand in hand with the level of performance. We were looking for a machine that maintains high quality performance even with a lower sound level. That is this machine right here.

The Remote Feature

This is one of the special features that you will not trace in any of the competitors. This machine comes along with a remote to help you with easy operations wherever and whenever. This remote has a thermometer built in for quality sensations, allowing you to control the temperatures in other areas away from where the machine is installed.Personally, I was happy about this feature, mainly because most of my readers have been complaining about the ancient products, which only regulated the temperatures around the machine and not around the rest of the room.

Other machines with this feature in the market are not as affordable as this piece, and they will not offer you such great performance. If you are looking for absolute comfort, I suggest you go for this machine.

In case you need to replace your remote, which rarely happens, the remote’s model number ends with the digits, L3Q1. This is the remote that will operate accurately with your piece.

Performance of the Machine

This machine offers you great performance and consumes less energy than other machines. This is achieved through some energy saving modes that will help to save a few watts every minute. Please make good use of them. It also has what you will find in most machines of its caliber: a 24-hour on/off timer. In case you forget, the machine will automatically switch off according to your timer. This again saves on the energy most users waste whenever the machine is accidentally left on.

The compressor and the evaporator are the major parts of functionality, which in this case are strong enough and covered with a warranty. In addition, if you have any trouble with the performance of your machine, there is the warm customer care team ready to offer you services day and night.

It is quick and effective in cooling a room of up to 350 square feet. You will experience a cool and comfortable room conducive for sleeping without being woken up by unnecessary noise. In addition, you can adjust the cooling levels. This machine has three distinct speed levels to control the multi-speed fan. If your room becomes too cold, you can lower the speed of the fan, and if it's not warm enough, you can adjust to a higher speed.You will rarely trace this kind of top class performance in the competitors of this machine. There is also an 8-way comfort control, which is designed to help you with different directions of cooling. This happens through the vents that shift from one direction to another. You can make these operations through the comfort of your remote.

This machine will not only cool your air; it purifies air to remove pollen and impurities using a clean air ionizer. These impurities are not only harmful to the allergic people. Dust particles could cause harm to anyone’s breathing system. Get yourself this machine and maintain your health.


There is a one-year full warranty for the 33Q1and a five-year warranty on the sealed parts of the system. These parts include the evaporator and the compressor. All you need to do is maintain your machine and you will enjoy durability.

Long-Term Test Activity

Like I stated earlier, the short-term tests are quite shallow when it comes to offering accurate results. We hence upgraded to a long-term test and I took part in the test for this machine by installing it in my bedroom.

I took two months and focused on the critical issues of the machine. Firstly, I checked on the accuracy of the remote sensor. Although it is of great help by detecting the room temperatures, the remote is not 100% accurate. With time, you will experience a 5 or 4 degrees Fahrenheit addition on top of the actual temperature of your room. However, I did not find this as a big deal. Other machines cannot even detect an inch, let alone this awesome machine that detects nearly the actual temperature. In addition, the conditioner has consistency in a way that you can always count on the additional mathematics to achieve accuracy whenever you need to measure the room temperature. It’s better than starting from zero.


With that realization, here is a small hint. Whenever you want to set your room’s temperature using the remote sensor, always add 4 to 5 degrees F on your figure. For example, if you want to set the temperatures to around 70 degrees F, make that 75 or 74 degrees. It will land you on the 70 degrees you were looking for.

I also had an experience with the sleep mode. I realized it is not just for everyone. It depends on the area you reside. The performance decreases with time so that at the end of the timed period, the whole machine will just halt. The issue is the decrease in performance reduces the speed of the fans, meaning the room temperature rises with time. In case you live in a really hot area, you will be required to set the mode accurately enough to make sure it does not stop functioning before the temperatures go down. Otherwise, this may lead to your room becoming stuffy in the middle of your sleep.

The setting leads to a temperature increase of 4 degrees every hour. In case it needs to cool the temperatures again, the on and off activity of this machine is loud enough to wake you up. Again, I am sure you do not want that sleep interference activity. This is why it is important to read reviews from customers who have used this machine. Someone else might have experienced what I did not experience. Check out for more usage tricks and tactics online.


Personally, I stopped using the sleep mode. If you feel it is hectic like I did due to unnecessary struggle with calculations, just avoid it and turn off your machine whenever you feel the temperatures are cold enough. On hot nights, you can just leave your machine running all night. Personally, I set temperatures that I know I will not reach so that there will be no noise with the on and off shifts.

Demerits with Less Impact

Demerit Number I

The demerit affecting this piece is the demerit affecting every other piece you will trace in the entire market. This machine will produce some level of noise and every other machine will produce even a higher level of noise. The only solution here is to go for the lesser evil: the quality of sound that will not be annoying.

Why Can’t We Have a Completely Quiet Machine?

We went ahead and approached the manufacturers about this sound issue. We really needed to know how expensive it is to manufacture a machine that is completely silent. From the feedback we got, we learned that there is a direct relationship between the sound produced by a machine and the effectiveness of that particular machine. As a matter of fact, it is true because there are many machines performing way better than this product but we had to drop them for their annoying level of sound. Rarely will you trace a noisy machine performing poorly. This is simply because the noise is caused by the moving parts that boost the cooling power. Hence, a stronger rotation equals better performance but higher level of noise.

Personally, I find it easy to ignore the volume of this sound; however, some people may find it harder to ignore. The sound quality too varies. That of this machine is not as annoying as that of other machines. You will not want to hear the sound of the cheap ancient machines that you will find in the same market. For example, the LG model is louder than this machine, but carries with it an advantage in terms of performance.

However, you will find differences in the level of sound when you check other 33Q1 units. The 8,000 BTU is the unit we checked out; there are smaller units with fewer sound effects. If you check the online customer reviews, you will see what users are saying about the unit of your choice. Upon reading these reviews, I only traced one comment that was specifically talking about this issue.

Again about the noise issue, I experienced additional noise during my long-term test of this machine. When the climates are very humid, you will realize that the 33Q1 produces sound like that of a small fountain. On making a deeper research, I realized that it is the sound produced by the fan while rotating through condensed water. Special fan blades that sling the water into the condenser cool the entire machine and allow functionality for a longer period. As the humidity increases, the noise may get louder. This is simply because the level of condensed water increases, causing the fan to struggle through the water. Again, the greater the noise, the more you are assured that your machine is functioning efficiently.

You might think that this demerit is only with the 33Q1 piece, but customer reviews of competing products indicate that noise conditions are far worse. I have seen customers complaining of a level intolerable in an office or a bedroom.

Demerit Number II

Another demerit without intense impacts is the one about the vents, which make it possible to blow air in different directions. According to what I experienced, the vents have a limited capacity of directing the air stream. You will realize that they direct the air forwards, left, and barely upwards.

We went deeper to find out the major cause of the demerit. Why is it in this machine? If you are keen to note, you are definitely aware that smaller machines with vents like in small cars do not experience this problem. This is because they use deflectors that are more effective. They use the fin deflectors, while the 33Q1 uses discs that only rotate within one axis. Some customers, including me, do not mind this flaw, but you will find others complaining in reviews online. In addition, you are not capable of controlling the directions that are set by these vents. You will actually find customers complaining about the machine blowing air towards them while sleeping. This can only be controlled through changing the direction from which you fix your machine. Otherwise, you might experience the problem for the rest of your usage period.

Other minor flaws you will find people talking about include the fact that the remote has too many buttons, making it too complex to quickly operate. To other people with no exposure of dust, the ionizing purifier sounds pointless. However, you need it if you reside in a town or a dusty environment.

The Bright Side

As many flaws as are there to mention, there is the bright side of the entire story. In an online comparison of flaws in air conditioners, this machine was ranked to be the best performing with least number of flaws. The only flaws you will trace here are general flaws available in all machines. Therefore, it has no extra flaws, meaning it remains to be the best machine in the current market.

NB: It is good to bear in mind that these air conditioners are very delicate even as you purchase online. Therefore, check your shipping services well to ensure you receive an intact machine. After delivery, check for breakages in case you run into careless services.

Our First Alternative

The New LG LW8015ER

In case you want to consider another piece, here is our recommended model in terms of performance and efficiency.

Comparison to our Pick

This machine is as powerful and efficient as our main pick, but there are several reasons why we did not select it instead. It also has better quality of sound that we have found our readers preferring over the machine we selected as our main pick. If you were keen, we talked of the 33Q1 having poor vents and distribution of the airstream. This LG option does it better. The direction of the air flowing in is shifted in a smooth manner all over the room, offering you more comfort.

The Miss

Even with all the advantages over our pick, this machine was dragged behind by the absence of several valuable features. Also, you will realize the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, which again explains the reason we did not consider it over the 33Q1.

Firstly, you will realize that the machine is heavier than our pick. This was perceived after making a critical comparison of pieces which were similar in price and BTUs. We found that the 8,000 BTUs LG machine is heavier than the similar 8,000 BTUs 33Q1 machine. Such a bulky machine brings about many inconveniences, especially whenever you want to make movements or adjustments. What if you ever think of shifting from your current residence? You will be in trouble.

In addition, with all the weight, it becomes complex to install and uninstall the same machine. This machine also lacked some additional features that you trace in the 33Q1. One of these features is the remote control that boosts the comfort and efficiency of your machine. The reason we found this feature important is because the main aim of making this purchase is to increase comfort. This is why we decided to consider the 33Q1, which turned out to be more comfortable right from the operations. Another appealing feature that we lacked here is the timer, another threat to the level of comfort this product provides.

Its cost is also higher than that of our pick. It is available to you from the Home Depot at $240, while the Amazon site avails our pick at $216.

Last Year’s Alternative

There is a machine of the same unit but a different model that was released last year. This is the machine we would recommend in case you are looking for a cheaper but effective machine, or if the new LG and the Frigidaire are out of stock. The LG LW8014ER is the best last year’s model that has still been selling. It is widely available and it comes with some benefits worth considering. Apart from being cheaper, it is also easier to find than the 2015 LG model and the Frigidaire.

  • 2014 Energy Star efficiency (11.3 EER)
  • ​8,000 BTU
  • ​Uses standard 115V electrical outlet
  • Cools a room up to 340 square feet

Its Storming Uniqueness

One unique feature about this ancient model is the fact that it allows wireless connectivity with devices. Anything that is plugged in its switch is capable of controlling the machine. This means you are capable of boosting comfort in your room better than when you are using the new LG model. In addition, you will experience better flow of air, as this machine is capable of distributing the air stream in 8 different ways, also increasing comfort.

It is because of these strengths that we still chose to consider the ancient model. There are many newer models in the market that are not performing better than this machine. Its availability and affordability also drew our attention. I felt it is what some of my readers out there are looking for.


If we also check on the issue of noise, we said the quality of sound produced by the new LG model is tolerable. I am starting to believe that the LG company has a way dealing with the noise because the ancient model also performs better than other machines in terms of level and quality of sound. Hence, you are welcome to carry this machine home as far as the level of noise is concerned.


If we consider the issue of weight, this machine performs just like the “brother model.” It is way heavier than the Frigidaire. They both weigh 59 pounds, while the Frigidaire weighs 48 pounds. An increment of 11 pounds is effective enough to make all the customers complain, as you will see from the online reviews. This also means installation and uninstallation of the piece is kind of cumbersome. Unless you do not mind the heavy weight, I would strongly prefer that you go for the Frigidaire piece.


Like I have stated above, the LG machines are cumbersome to install as compared to other machines. It is not just about the weight here. There are other complications that lead to this situation apart from the heavy weight factor. This machine requires more exterior support, and the bolt holes are also a few inches deeper. More exterior supports means you will need to have more screwing, more drilling, and many other complications making the process complex.

The Miss

There are several shortcomings that led to us not valuing this piece as the best, which also happen to be common in the new LG model. They include lack of appealing features that appear in the Frigidaire piece, such as a thermometer in the remote control, meaning no temperature detection occurs in the remote. However, the machine still has the detecting feature in the unit itself.

As much as we have talked of a better distribution of air, the machine has a weakness of not shooting the air very far from the unit. We experienced during our long-term test that if you sit far from the machine, your air might not be as cool as you want it to be. Hence, this machine is for those with smaller houses. In addition, this LG piece has no sleep mode, meaning you will experience some additional charges in the course of your summer. This makes it more expensive to run the machine overnight as compared to the Frigidaire.

If you check the customer votes, the LG scores a 79, which is a good score. The Frigidaire scores 80, which is the best score. There is no doubt that the LG pieces and the Frigidaire are part of the best machines you will access in the entire market.

What of a Smart AC?

The same Frigidaire company released a new AC for better summer services. This AC is smart in a way that it has internet connectivity, including WIFI which allows you to operate your machines anytime anywhere. We found this feature essential especially for the on and off operations.

Sometimes you will need to regulate the temperatures of your room while on your way home from work so you walk into a comfortable environment when you arrive. Other times you will need to turn off the machine when you are out for work already. All these advantages depend on the connectivity feature, meaning you cannot do this with other machines in the market that lack this feature.

On top of that, the connectivity allows you to set a weekly schedule for the on and off operations of the machine. This is where you set the time the machine will automatically turn on and off without you having to make any physical interference. This is the high level of comfort we have been looking for the past many years.

Another beautiful story is the fact that this app only increased $35 on the normal prices of the Frigidaire machine. This is fair bearing in mind the advantages and convenience this will bring to you. We have also seen it on some websites with a tag as low as $250.

However, we have not checked on the consistency of this app. We have seen other apps working well during the first operation period, but declining in power with time, which may occur with this app. That is what we have yet to confirm. All the same, the customers are still positive in their reviews about this app, meaning there has been no problem yet. If you find it really necessary, I would recommend you go for this efficient model.

A Portable Alternative

It is well known that portable air conditioners do not perform very well. If you compare portable conditioners to the poorest unit, you will still find that the unit will cool a room faster than the portable unit. In addition, these conditioners are more expensive and consume a lot of energy. This adds a penny to your usual electricity bill.

View Honeywell MN10CES 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner here

Who is it for?

As much as these portable machines are not any better than the units, they still suit customers whose window designs do not suit the units. This could be either because the windows are too small or too weak for the heavy units. Although some units are lighter than others, they are all generally heavy. In case you are this kind of customer whose windows are too weak for the units, you can have a piece of the portable conditioners.

Which Piece is the Best?

We took time to consider this kind of customer and we came across the best performing out of the available portable conditioners in the entire market. We are proud to present the Honeywell MN10CES portable conditioner. When we first set our eyes on the consumer reviews, the descriptions sounded a little too good to believe. We decided to carry out tests, which definitely confirmed all the good descriptions about this machine.


Personally, I found the machine convenient to move up and down with as it is quite light. As much as it is good to move around with, some customers still prefer installing it at the window stations. In case you prefer the same, this machine happens to be easy to install due to its simplified design. Since it is light, you will not require many screws or tools in fixing it.

Noise Level

This portable piece has a tolerable level of noise. Early in this article, we discussed how the noise is directly proportional to the performance level. Many machines of average performance level like this one are quieter than other machines that perform better. However, it is slightly louder than small units of around 65 BTUs.

Overall Performance

The overall performance of this machine is higher than any other portable machine in the market, but it is lower than the window units in the same market. This is because the machine is extremely light and the most of the heavy parts that boost performance are missing in portable conditioners. I like the way the ventilations perform and the way dealing with condensation appears to be simple.

Obviously, the cooling capacity varies depending on the BTUs of the entire machine. We had to test the best cooling portable machine and we found that a 10,000 BTUs machine is capable of cooling a 400 square foot room.

The Science Behind Lower Performance

Here, I purposed to help you understand the major reason as to why we are saying the performance of a portable machine is lower than that of a window unit. Firstly, I believe you are aware of the concept of how air conditioners work. The machines are meant to blow the warm air out of you room and absorb the humidity in the air. Then, they blow the cool, dry air into your room.

The window unit conditioners are capable of blowing the warm air out faster and easily through the parts of the machine that stick out of the window. What about the portable conditioners? It becomes harder for them to blow out the warm air as their parts stick in the room.

This exhaust part is responsible for blowing out the air, but it still remains a two step forward and one step backward exercise, as the machine is entirely indoors. In addition, this exercise also consumes a lot of energy, causing your bills to be higher than before.

How to Maintain Your Machine

The durability of your machine depends 50% on how well it is built and 50% on how well it is maintained. Hence, every owner of a window unit has a part to play in prolonging the life of their units. There are steps of maintenance you will need to prioritize during your usage. First and foremost, I would advise you not to ignore the guide that comes along with your piece on purchase. This guide contains useful information on installation, usage, and even uninstallation of your machine.


The care and maintenance of your machine begins at the installation part. First of all, you will need to critically check your machine before you go ahead and install it to make sure that it is in the right condition. Check out for any breakages that may be caused by unscrupulous shipping officers. If it is in the right shape and condition, then you can go ahead with the installation process.

While installing, make sure that you follow the information in the guide to the letter. Ignoring such information as “Make sure your machine is installed in the right slanting position”, may cost you a lot. The reason your machine should be slanting on that window station is to allow the flowing out of the condensed moisture. If this does not happen as it is supposed to, the machine may experience problems with time, shortening its lifespan. You will also not like the kind of continuous noise that is generated by the condensed water.

Cleaning Filters

Like we mentioned earlier on, every air conditioner has filters in it for the sake of purifying air, meaning less suffering for those with allergies. The filters slide out from the front of your machine allowing you to easily wipe the dust off. Whether you are living in a town or not, no matter how clean your residence is, please consider cleaning these filters at least every month. This will prevent dust particles from accumulating in your machine, thus prolonging the life of your machine. Do not underestimate the power of 10% accumulations after a long period. Modern units have a reminder for this activity in the form of light that shows up after every 250 hours. Please do not ignore it regularly.

At the End of Your Season

There are several things you will need to take care of at the end of your season of usage. Firstly, you will need to completely drain your AC, meaning you must make sure that there is no moisture in your machine before you mark the end of the season. I know I said that these machines should be set up in a tilted manner for the same reason, but over-tilting it will affect your direction specifications. Therefore, to make it more accurate, just conduct the exercise again at the end of your season by manually tilting your machine before storing it. Otherwise leaving a certain level of accumulation is not advisable for the sake of your machine’s life.

Secondly, at the end of your season, it is wise to uninstall all your air conditioners. This is not easy to follow as many customers find hard to embrace installation and uninstallation every now and then, but you must unless you are planning to buy another machine every season. If you leave your unit installed for another season without using it, hot air is temporarily likely to sneak into the inside of your machine. In addition, the gaps at the AC sector are unfortunately so big that debris is capable of sneaking through and damaging your machine. However, if you feel too lazy to uninstall your machine but do not mind covering it with plywood, that too helps.

What to Expect

With the current growth rate of the industry, we are expecting better performance with time. If you countercheck the reviews we made last year and those of this year, you will realize that there is intense progress in the entire market. However, manufacturers are weak in various sectors and we are expecting that they will concentrate on strengthening those exact areas.

These sectors include the functionality of the LG machines. We are expecting that the LG manufacturers will check on the flaws that have been consistent on all their pieces, such as the weight. If you refer to the LG reviews above, you will realize that both the last year’s and this year’s model have appeared to be a lot heavier than other pieces in the market that are performing better (such as the Frigidaire).

We also have better expectations with the portable pieces in the market. As much as they are portable, we are hoping that they will perform better than they currently are. However, we cannot say that they have been stagnant for a long period. They have actually been making progress, and that is why we have high expectations.

The good pieces that are almost meeting the standards of the Frigidaire in terms of performance should also embrace the additional features of comfort, such as the remote control system and the wireless connectivity present in the Frigidaire, so that they can match its standards of comfort.

There are strict regulations expected to come up, where new models will be required to have new refrigerants and larger evaporators. This will automatically improve the performance of these upcoming machines and the comfort in your house. This is the reason for you to keep purchasing: keeping up to date with the market. Designers have decided to invest in this updating act without making the machine uncomfortably noisy. However, it has been said that the machine’s prices will hype, a misfortune that will be taken care of as time goes by.

The Match Up

Like we mentioned earlier on, there are several brands of air conditioners that we ruled out automatically because they happened to be copy brands of other brands in the market. Verifying them would be like verifying one model/ brand twice. That is practically wasting our readers’ time. We realized that this was the work of one Chinese group, the OEM, and I am pretty sure that you have probably come across products manufactured by them. If you check keenly, depending on the model you choose, you might find these products up to $10 cheaper. What we are yet to find out is whether these machines work as well as the original pieces.

However, the fact that the machines are cheaper makes us doubt that enough resources were invested in the duplicates, potentially indicating a shortened lifespan. It is not yet a verdict though.

We also came across the Quirky + GE Aros which was great at first sight. This was actually a smart AC with wireless connectivity that allowed you to operate your machine with your Android phone from anywhere. However, even with the app, we realized that the piece had really poor hardware and software investments made, leaving us with an endless list of flaws. Shortly after then, the company proved to be bankrupt and that was the end of the problematic pieces.

For the case of the portable pieces, we dismissed several models due to high prices and others because of poor availability. Some of these models were from companies such as Frigidaire, LG, and Kenmore, among others.

Another brand that is well known for providing high quality products is the Friedrich brand. This company was also not left behind this time, as they had their Friedrich Kühl line, which was super-efficient, with limited noise and nearly the best cooling power you could find in the market. The piece sounds excellent. However, their problem was with the pricing; their 8,000 BTU piece was going for around $1,000. We found this unreasonably expensive for our readers. I call it exploitation because there are pieces performing equally well at lower prices.

Winding Up

The current cream of air conditioners is the Frigidaire FFRE0833Q1. Having done the thorough check up, I am not ashamed to present this piece to my readers. The pricing has been done reasonably and everything is well fixed. The performance of this machine is mind blowing, with a tolerable level of noise. Installation is easy, and the screws and insulation needed are included in the package. All you need is the screwdriver and your machine will be put in place.

In case you cannot go for this unit for one reason or another, there is the LG LW8015ER. This is another great piece with awesome performance. The difference between this and the Frigidaire is the fact that it has no additional features such as the remote control system and sleep mode. It is also quite heaver and harder to install than the Frigidaire piece. However, the cooling power of this machine happens to be higher than that of our pick and the sound quality is tolerable.

Could you be looking for a portable piece? We also have something for you. The Honeywell MN10CES is an ideal option for the customers whose windows will not stand the weight of the window units we have in the list above. To be precise, this piece is greater than any other portable piece, but as you know, no portable option will ever perform better than the window units. Hence, only go for the piece if you have no choice. Otherwise, I would recommend the window units.

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