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BlizeTec Survival Knife: Best 5-in-1 Tactical Pocket Folding Knife Review

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

The BlizeTec 5-in-1 Survival Folding Knife comes with multiple functions and uses. It has a built-in Seatbelt Cutter, Glass Breaker, Firestarter and LED Light, making it one of the best hiking folding knife to use especially if you want to bring along something useful for the outdoors.

For its 5-in-1 function, it comes with an affordable price that offers value for your money. You can use it as a tool to cut ropes and objects, prepare food as well as protect yourself from the dangers of the wild without taking too much space inside your pocket.

With the product getting recognition for its functionality and usefulness, it is important that you learn more about the BlizeTec Survival Folding Knife and determine if it fits your needs not just for hiking, but also for your all of your outdoor adventure activities. Here’s a detailed review about the item.

Specifications and Dimensions:

  • ​Entire knife length (when opened): 8.5 inches
  • ​Entire knife length (when folded): 5 inches
  • ​Blade length: 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 5.46 oz.
  • ​LED light component: battery cell (button-style)
    • ​Model no: LR621
    • ​Diameter: 6.5 MM
    • Quantity required: 4 pcs.

The Cutting Edge

The knife is made of serrated saw which makes it sturdier and sharper compared to knives with plain cutting edges. I find the jagged saw point effective when it comes to cutting thick and rough surfaces such as ropes, belts and branches.The sharp blade comes with a 20 -22 degree angle when used.

Needless to say, you can use the knife for a lot of purposes such as sharpening sticks, skinning animals in the wild (if you are into hunting), cutting small wood for fire and shelter or slicing ingredients for food preparation. You might need to secure it properly well with a belt clip or a pouch in order not cut yourself accidentally.I find the firm-lock mechanism useful when it comes to securing the blade in place.

The knife’s handle is also made of anodized aluminum, making it durable against scratches and abrasions.

Other Components Included:

  • Seatbelt Cutter: The seatbelt cutter is located on the opposite end of the main blade. It comes with a serrated edge, making it a good tool to penetrate and cut through tough straps common to all car seatbelts. One think you need to know is that the blade on the seatbelt cutter can be sharpened, but it cannot be replaced.
  • Glass or Window Breaker: In case you find yourself in an emergency situation where a window or glass surface offers you the only chance to escape, then you can count on the BlizeTec survival knife for help. I find the car window breaker as a great lifesaver tool especially if I am trying to rescue someone trapped inside a car.
  • Magnesium Firestarter: The firestarter is located just beside the seatbelt cutter. Made for starting a fire on the outdoor, this tool comes in handy every time I forget to bring matches or a lighter during my trip. The magnesium alloy fire starter creates a good spark which comes useful in creating a fire in the outdoors.
  • LED Light: The mini LED functions using 4 pieces of batteries. It is located just on top of the main blade, making it a good spot especially for lighting the surface while slicing or cutting something. It can last up to 12 hours especially when using new batteries. Replacement batteries can be bought in major hardware stores. The mini LED flashlight can be taken out on its spot to be used individually.

Pros and Cons:


  • ​Overall, the knife is very lightweight and portable. It fits my pocket perfectly fine and it has a lot of functions specifically made for outdoor and emergency situations. I must say that this is a sturdy tool with a lot of purposes in one place.
  • ​The LED light is removable, making it easier and lighter to use when utilized for individual purposes.
  • ​The car window glass breaker is an absolute addition especially for using during sudden emergencies and rescue operations.
  • ​The serrated end of the main blade makes the knife sharp enough to cut thicker materials such as branches and animal skin. I find this quality useful compared to ordinary knives with plain blade edges.
  • The seatbelt cutter is sharp and capable of holding up to its purpose. The blades can also be sharpened over time.
  • ​The blade can be sharpened with the use of a sharpening stone. It has a black oxide coating, making it safe for survival use.

BlizeTec 5-in-1 Survival Folding Knife Video Review


  • ​The LED light is located in a critical spot where the thumb rests especially when cutting something, hence, it might fall off to the ground when cutting something in the dark. However, taking the light out takes some serious.
  • ​The mini LED flashlight can only work up to 12 hours. You might need to purchase replacement batteries ahead of time especially if you will be spending time a little bit longer outside. It is also a wiser option to carry a bigger LED lantern for this purpose.
  • ​The magnesium fire starter takes some time to create a spark. Though this is not the knife’s main function but mainly an addition, a smaller spark can be expected out of this fire starter tool.
  • The knife is quite small especially when used by people with bigger hands. Though this can be a minor drawback, I think the size and length of the knife is reasonable enough for being stored inside the pocket without any complications.

Customer Reviews and Summary

The product has 4.4 stars out of a 5-star rating in Amazon with 1,045 reviews coming from its customers. The review mainly consists of positive feedbacks about the item with main opinions geared towards its usefulness and functionality.

Various clients have been impressed with the convenience offered by the BlizeTec 5-in-1 folding knife. Overall, it is suitable for people who love the outdoors as well as individuals looking for a survival tool they can use for multiple emergency situations.

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