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Bushnell Tour V3 Patriot Pack Golf Rangefinder Review

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

I have selected the product Bushnell Tour V3 Patriot Pack Golf Rangefinder from the different range of rangefinders within $400 in Rangefinders are required for the golfers, hunters, and adventurers. The product is compact and easy to use, and I can operate it single handed for its vertical operation. The product is legal for tournament play.

Features and Technologies:

The product Bushnell Tour V3 Patriot Pack Golf Rangefinder has a latest pin seeker technology which activates which is activated when the rangefinder is locked onto a Pin. The product also provides continuously updated LCD display when I can Pan across the Landscape. The Pin seeker can confirm that the laser has zeroed on the flag and it is accurate within few meters.

The product is very light, and it weighs only 6.6 ounces, and it can fit in my palm. I can adjust the eyepiece and its range in 5X magnificence which is perfect within 10 to 1000 yards. The product is unique from others as it does not depend on the reflections and it can produce clear visuals to the trees, bunkers, flags and any other objects within the golf course or the plains.


It has a Pinseeker technology which can operate in Invisible infrared light or a pulse which is safe for the human visual. The product is with a vast 24MM objective range and 5X magnification which helps in providing perfect performance within 10 to 1000 yards and 300 yards to flag and +/- 1 yard of accuracy.

The product is having various advantages over the other products as I have observed in Amazon and I am going to review the features and new technologies which are embedded within it. The product has set the standard for range finding technology as per the design, functionality, and grips. I have used and have observed that the JOLT technology provides vibrating and short light bursts which can lock on a distant object like flags. The product case provided with battery and 2 years of warranty from Amazon.

How to use it:

From my own experience, I can say that the usage of this product is so simple. While looking at the eyepiece what you need to do is that you have to press the fire button once. The LCD light after this can be lightened up. The next step is to position the element at least 5 yards from yourself. Till you are getting any kind of reading on the display button, you need to put down the power button. For understanding when the rangefinder is providing any signal you have to observe the crosshairs throughout the circle. Once you would pull your finger from the button, the transition signal will dissolve.

One thing one needs to remember that after activating the rangefinder the product will remain active during 30 seconds of the time limit. There is one advice I want to give you all who would want to use it is that, you continuously should not look at the lenses because it can harm your eyesight. When you need to visualize multiple objects, then you have to move the rangefinder from one particular element to another one. In this method, you can ensure that only those elements can be observed easily which near to the subjects.

Bushnell Tour V3 Patriot Pack Golf Rangefinder Video Review

Review of the product:

From, most of the reviews from my friends and different websites, I came to know that, many customers like this as the best product within that price range. This product Bushnell Tour has the very distinct feature of having pin seeker. This is the kind of product which is very easy to use, and almost it gives the accurate result. I have seen many of my friends who were using the GPS were tired of it because there is no guarantee that the app can give a proper idea regarding which club is required to be used.

After purchasing the product I have used this V3 for thrice and I got success. V3 with its Jolt technology helps to catch into the pin. For using the V3 one needs to hold the lesser till the pin is seen. Initially, I faced few issues while using it. After few attempts, it was easy for me to use it properly. The product also has full coverage of warranty and the details warranty policies can be downloaded while purchasing the product. Also the product is easy to maintain and easy to handle as I have observed.


  • The pinpoint technology with infrared and laser detection is the best positive point of this Bushnell Tour V3 Patriot Pack Golf Rangefinder.
  • ​The product can be used in the low light option.
  • ​It also ensures more stability in targeting within the fixed range.
  • ​The Bushnell Tour V3 Patriot Pack Golf Rangefinder can be identified as a useful product for the professional golfers also as this can pinpoint steadily.
  • The product uses a burst of lights to lock on the objects, and it can be removed slowly to the next object by pointing the same.


  • The product cannot be operated in broad sunlight and I have used in overcast weather, and this product is perfect for being used in the same.
  • ​The Bushnell Tour V3 Patriot Pack Golf Rangefinder can provide more range within the plain or the area which are not reflective by nature or which are not shiny. If the object is shiny then, the product is to be adjusted, and the range will vary.
  • ​I have faced difficulties to use in on the overly sunny day as the reflection, or the shiny attributes intrigue the range of the object.
  • ​The product cannot pinpoint more than one object accurately. Also, the product is having a problem with the steeper angle as more difficulties will be observed within the steer conditions.
  • The same reason is applied at the time of lighting, and the Bushnell Tour V3 Patriot Pack Golf Rangefinder is also not perfect for using in lighting.

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