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Carhartt Men’s CMS4100 4 Romeo Review

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0

If you're in the market for a work boot that is adequately elegant to wear in the workplace or essential social affairs, or you'd seize the opportunity to use them in the field, the Carhartt Men's CMS4100 4 Romeo would be a lovely assurance. Proposed for authoritative workers, artists, and warehouse workers, these boots offer segments to keep your feet comfortable and dry.

Carhartt is a top name work boot on our summary of the best, which is the reason we have expanded our review on this specific style to edify and train you more on what these work boots convey to the table the working man.


These are a light commitment work boot, not particularly for significant construction jobs, but rather are adequately extraordinary for outside road construction, greens attendants, and experts. They are in like manner a wonderful choice for the people who work all through the workplace, for instance, a brief worker, or configuration fabricate. In like manner, they are adequately comfortable to withstand hours on concrete or hard surfaces.


The boots are constructed out of a waterproof calfskin and waterproof film to keep your feet dry and comfortable. They are not a tall boot so we wouldn't endorse you use them for walking around streams for a drawn out extend of time as the water could spill through the top.


They are a decent looking work boot that is a slip on lower leg boot with a tab on the back to help with putting them on and taking them off. You can use them for nice wear and intense working conditions.


As effectively specified some time as of late, they are a waterproof boot that offers protection for direct atmosphere conditions. Moreover, the work boots are equipped with a slip safe, oil safe, and manufactured safe development. Satisfactory balance is outfitted with thick, dragged man-made sole. These are not security toe boots so they would not be recommended in occupations that require that extra protection. In case you require a prosperity toe boot.


These boots give sufficient comfort to someone who is on their feet a vast part of the day; they in like manner are an OK fit for some person with wide feet, as they don't crush. Additionally, Ortholite insoles give cushioning and comfort, notwithstanding flexibility.


Worked for medium to light work occupations, they can withstand the outside parts, for instance, rain, mud, and flimsy scene. The Goodyear welt construction is one of the best as to associating the outsole to the boots. Furthermore, a steel shank is participated in the work boot for support and durability.


The Carhartt Romeo is equipped with a fragile toe that is both plentiful and comfortable without restricting your toes.

The Pros

To experiment with the Carhartt Men's CMS4100 I took a two mile walk endeavoring to reflect my underlying school days when I would walk around uneven region to class and back. The speedy impression it makes is that of an extra wide size with a lot of space for the toes to squirm in. This is verifiably something worth being thankful for individuals who wish to wear their slip on boots for the duration of the day. As I started voyaging at the end of the day the slants on a country road, I felt the sufficient nature dillydallying back applying a slight weight on the lower legs. Coincidentally, they seemed, by all accounts, to be super comfortable even on the fundamental day. I'm sure more break-in will help them consent to the condition of my feet.

It handles water puddles well, never goofs even on bond and built up floors while being fittingly secured against significant work dangers to qualify as one of the best slip on work boots for men.

The Cons

Apparently the extra lightweight construction is its most prominent hindrance. Nonattendance of toe box protection and the comfort organized components make the Carhartt Men's CMS4100 a pleasant step by step reason work boot but not something you would ideally need to wear in dangerous work circumstances. Likewise, because of its extra wide nature, you may need to consider a size more diminutive than what you normally wear.

One of the best insults of this boot is the lightweight construction and nonappearance of prosperity toe. They would be ideal for general work, but not perilous circumstances. Additionally, these work boots tend to run broad and consistently fit a wide foot and thicker lower legs better, as they are not an adjustable boot and those with more slim segments may need to downsize. In any case, thicker socks might be the reaction to consuming up additional space.


If it is just about the looks and comfort consistently, I would give the Carhartt Men's slip on Romeo boots a flawless 5 out of 5. Regardless, taking everything into setting, this slip on boot is a typical work site performer but an undeniable prerequisite have lace for times when you don't for the most part require generous boots around. They are the ideal go-wherever boots.


  • Dark Brown oil tanned calfskin
  • ​Goodyear welt construction with blown flexible outsole
  • ​Ortholite insoles
  • Twin gut openings
  • Waterproof foot construction
  • ​Oil, invention and slip safe
  • Soft Toe


If you are a late riser or don't have space plan astute or resilience to tie your work boots in the morning, the Carhartt Romeo Boots are for you. The stretchy twin gut openings consider smart basic on, basic off get to. Its dull chestnut oil-tanned calfskin offers water resistance and adaptability.

Ortholite insoles incorporate shock ingestion and comfort. These insoles are made with open-cell foam which licenses air to hover around the feet, keeping them cooler inside the boot. This boot is worked with Goodyear welt construction where the outsole is solidified and sewed to the welt of the boot to make a strong bond.

This boot highlights an inside waterproof liner that keeps water from entering the boot and meanwhile allows the feet to unwind. Your feet will stay cool and dry through any wet conditions.

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