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Cheap Authorized Military Boots for Men Review

Good quality, rugged yet comfortable military boots are one of the most essential components of a soldier’s kit. Benjamin Franklin’s words about the damaged shoe of horse spelling doom in the battle is not forgotten by professionals and they know that being quick on their feet may mean the difference between life and death. Choice of weapon and ammunition may vary according to the operational requirement but superior quality shoes are a basic requirement for military worldwide. See below to check out my guide to Cheap Military Boots for Men Review.

Consideration for Selecting Military Boots

While selecting a pair of boots for your military service, you have to keep in mind certain pre-requisites that include:

  1. Dress regulations are applicable to the boots and this is the first consideration in choosing a pair of compliant boots.
  2. You may come across a pair of boots that is very appealing in terms of comfort, quality and appearance but if it does not conform to AR-670-1, you'll want to avoid them if you are apart of military services.
  3. For your reference, here is a brief summary of conditions specified about military boots in AR-670-1:
      • The boots are required to be made out of cattle-hide leather with a rubber or polyether outsole.
      • The overall height of boots should be from 8-10 inches (inclusive of sole) and the sole should not exceed 2 inches in height.
      • Toe and sole should be matching with the upper that is of tan shade. The sole should not be extending to the back of heel or top of toes.
      • The material can be all leather or leather and non-mesh fabric.
  4. Area of Operations is another factor to be taken into account since the same boots are not recommended for operations in deserts of Iraq and mountains of Afghanistan, particularly because of the pattern of sole and the comfort level. Just like you choose different treads of tire for different terrains, military boots also offer a variety of sole pattern to choose from.
  5. A careful blend of comfort, ruggedness and value for money is the ultimate requirement for the boots. Numerous brands of boots are available in market, boosting their own merits over other competitors and in the end; it all comes to the price of the product. An expensive pair of boots is likely to last longer compared to the cheaper variety but at times, it is the level of the comfort that determines price. So all factors taken together leads you to the best possible pair.

You can read the official excerpt here if you'd like to learn more about the optional wear compliancy

Best military boots for the Money

An expensive pair of boots is likely to last longer compared to the cheaper variety but at times, it is the level of the comfort that determines price. All factors considered simultaneously can help you to select the best possible pair.

The best military boots for your money will really depend on the following:

What environment are you going to be in wearing the boots?

Combat boots are designed to be worn in specific terrain chosen by the manufactuer. To be more specific lets bring out a few scenarios and list out boots that I believe are best fit for that environment.

1. One of the Best boots in desert conditions:

One of my favorite boots for desert climate have to be the Magnum Men's Elite Spider 8.0 Boot. The reason why these boots are great for desert climate is because of it's roomy toe box and moisture-wicking lining. The Elite Spiders keep your feet cool for maximum breath-ability from the Aeromesh vent and Spider-mesh lining. In other words, the boots have a great airflow in them.

QUICK TIPS: The Magnum Elite Spider 8.0 Boot are also known to be great boots for climbing due to the superior ankle support and durability. In terms of terrain, I think it fits the "all terrain" category with full-grain leather uppers and vibram outsoles for element resistance. Due to it's design, they are great for long distance running and climbing.

2. My favorite boot For Garrison Wear, Rucking, and Running:

    For active wear, hands down my favorite boot here is the AR 670-1 Compliant Nike SFB Field Leather Boots. They are great for garrison wear due to its light weight and double-stitch boot strap. What I like from a style perspective is the "militant look" it has with it's tread and improved grip pattern. Take a look below:

    Nike SFB Field Leather Boots

    *For more information on the Nike SFB Field Leather Boots, read here. 

    These are seriously one of my favorite boots because they are comfortable and look slick. Ever since they came out in September of 2014, they've been one of the best selling boots and are well regarded for its purpose. 

    You can buy your pair of Nike SFB Field Leather boots by clicking here. (Just make sure you click the tan color to get your compliant boots)​

    Best military boots under $200

    If you are looking for quality boots, compliant with AR 670-1, here are a few budget options:

    Danner Rivot TFX GTX 400-gram Thinsulate Boots. Available in tan color with a rubber sole and roughed out full grain leather, this remains a top choice among the soldiers. The leather is breathable with a plain toe and the shoe has a 400 gram of Thinsulate Ultra insulation, hence the name of the product. Made for particularly hot and tough terrain, the shoe offers an 8 inch support to the feet and is adequately warm and comfortable. The shoe has a rugged sole and waterproof protection.

    Rocky Men's 8 Inch S2v 101 Work Boot, Desert Tan. Made up of Suede leather, the boot comes in desert tan and supports a Vibram sole which is stable and shock absorbing. The sole is approximately 1.5 inches high while the 9 inches roll stop ankle support is particularly helpful in protection against injuries. Shoes are made in USA, triple stitched with advanced technology to make them airy and water proof. The shoes have Aegis microbe shield to protect against fungus and bacteria and are treated with PTFE to make them fire resistant. Equally suited for marine and land warfare, these shoes weigh 28 oz.

    Tactical Research Men's AR670-1 Compliant Transition Desert Tan Boots. Equipped with Vibram oil and slip resistant sole, these shoes are made up of a mix of suede leather and synthetic materials. The shoe is breathable and weighs less than 2lbs. Considered to be the transitional boots for warrior athletes, shoes have a hydrophilic lining and pull-on loop for easy wear. The shoe is comfortable, sturdy and still lightweight enough to be used for running. Top of Form

    *Read our full length review of Tactical Research Transition Boots by clicking here

    Rocky Men's 8 Inch S2v Cold Weather 101-1 Work Boot, Desert Tan. Made for the cold weather, these desert tan color shoes support a Vibram sole and have a roll stop ankle stability to minimize injury. The material is suede leather and contains a 400 g Thinsulate Ultra coating. It is breathable, waterproof and fire resistant because of the PTFE coating. These are manufactured in USA and contain anti-fungal and bacteria shield to prevent foot rot. The shoes are pricy but comfortable with a soft cushion at the base and a reliable choice for soldiers deployed worldwide, particularly during rains and winter.

    Best military boots under $100

    It is difficult to find a top quality shoe in this price range because most of the shoes in this category are used for casual wear and hence are not AR 670-1 compliant. With that said, i've done some of your heavy lifting to find a qualified list of sub-$100 category of compliant boots to help you with your purchase: 

    Danner Men's Desert TFX Rough-Out Hot Military Boot, Tan. Made up of full grain, roughed out leather, these shoes are supplied in tan color and are extremely light weight because of the rubber sole. The materials are fast drying, airy and ideal for hot conditions. The ankle support is about 8 inches high and the toe is plain. Lightweight and sturdy sole is great for uneven terrains because of support to your arches. Nylon used in the upper of the shoe is abrasion resistant and has a long life.

    Rocky Men's 8 Inch C5c Rkyc003 Work Boot, Desert Tan. This shoe is an imported variety, made from leather and comes in desert tan shade. The shoe is lightweight, water resistant and has a Vibram sole. It contains speed lace eyelets and NATO hooks along with a soft foot bed.

    Selecting a quality boots for the uniform is a challenging task that requires careful consideration of terrain of deployment, intended use and the money involved. A little attention to the design aspects of boot can lead to a comfortable and successful military tour.

    Interested in a broader list of ar 670-1 compliant boots?

    We offer our qualified list of AR 670-1 compliant optional wear here at Authorized Boots. The list also contains an interactive chart to help you sort/review as you decide on your best purchase.

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