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Corcoran Tanker 10 Inch AR670-1 Compliant Boots (Coyote) Review

The Corcoran 10” Coyote Fleshout Leather Tanker Boots are AR 670-1 compliant, military-approved boots that are sure to protect your feet during the most demanding jobs and missions when out in the field. One of the best features that stand out with these boots is the familiar double wide strap that prevents the boots to come undone or catch foreign objects, unlike laces. These tanker boots are paratrooper-friendly with heavy-duty straps that will give you a boost of confidence during extreme situations.

Here is a list of the Best AR670-1 Compliant Boots

What are AR 670-1 Compliant Boots?

As soldiers were previously allowed to wear military boots with synthetic uppers, the new regulation now requires that boots must be designed with an all-leather boot without any zippers as well as meet these given standards:

  • Made of tan cattle-hide leather
  • ​No mesh material or fabric
  • ​Boots must b 8-10 inches in height
  • ​Must have a plain toe style
  • Polyurethane and rubber sole to match the colour of the upper

Major footwear manufacturers are now updating or redesigning their boot style in order to accommodate the new rules and guidelines for military boots. Purchasing unauthorized boots that are not AR 670-1 compliant may cause you to be dismissed and sent home until changes have been made, in terms of appropriate footwear.


Goodyear Patented Flex-Welt

This adds longevity to the boot as this strip of rubber runs along the outsole of the shoe – to ensure long-lasting wear and tear durability.

Double strap

The extra-wide double strap close features rust-proof, heavy duty steel roller buckles for long-lasting durability.

Webbing reinforcement

To secure ankle protection, the webbing reinforcement circles the ankle where the straps wrap around the ankle for support.

Heavy-duty storm welt

To protect against unstable weather, the heavy-duty storm welt creates a seal around area between the mid and upper sole. It also offers great moisture protection.

High-quality Flesh out leather

The top quality cowhide leather promises uniformity, support and comfort to the feather. Tough leather makes them abrasion-resistant and durable for work use without sacrificing style.

Garrison Army Munson Last

This provides more comfort for soldiers as it creates a perfect fit with an adequate amount of space to move without sacrificing the much-needed grip.

Steel shank

The steel shank makes the boot paratrooper-friendly as it is part of the supportive structure that reduces the load between the insole and outsole of the boot.

DRYZ memory foam

For additional comfort, the DRYZ memory foams absorb moisture and expel it throughout the day. It offers a thick layer of memory foam to wrap the foot for ultimate cushioned comfort.

Exclusive oil-resistant polyurethane outsole

The oil-resistant polyurethane outsole provides protection and safety for the user. This is especially important in the work fields if the user is frequently exposed to materials such as oils, greases, and solvents. If the boot has inadequate oil protection, it can cause damage to the shoe.

Cushioned Falcon outsole

The Falcon outsole is very beneficial as it is non-marking and flexible. This allows the boot to provide a responsive fit, performance and feel.


Corcoran has high standards when it comes to quality, and these boots are the result of that. The quality of the thread design is appreciated as this gives the boot design a professional look. The materials look to be well constructed as expected with a great fit and appearance.


Corcoran provides ultimate ankle support as the webbed reinforcement surrounds your ankles with security and comfort.


No, the Corcoran Tanker Boots are not waterproof just as any other leather boot. Although you can try to increase the water resistance by applying wax or other water resistance sprays.


The straps are placed quite high, so you can actually use them in business-like scenarios. When properly maintained and waxed, most may not even notice that they are military combat boots, especially when wearing dress pants. These boots are definitely not designed for hikes and a lot of walking but users have said to have spent a good 12 hours wearing them without any problem.

Size & Fit

The fit of the boots is true to its size measurements which will most likely give you the perfect fit. Just be sure to go up a size as they may run small. If you have wide feet, these may feel to be a bit too tight for comfort.


The boots are well-constructed and will keep your feet protected due to the features these boots offer. These heavy-duty boots have a Goodyear welt with a strict down sole construction that offers smooth protection.

Best Environment for Use

These Corcoran Tanker boots are designed for military use for daily-wear and special missions. Users have also stated to use it for their everyday use such as weekend use, gardening and as motorcycle boots.


We like how these boots are purposely made for an all-terrain experience which benefits the user with the option to use for every day. We like the old-style military boot design with the option to add wax for leather protection and longer upkeep. Users have claimed to use them for as much as 5 years as an everyday boot.


The downside to these boots is that they are not designed for long treks as they provide minimal ankle support and the looseness of the boots can cause a series of blisters if you go for a long hike. Another thing to note is that the buckets do not have rollers which may cause you to pull hard on the straps or damage them. Users have also felt a sort of unease about the resilience of the treat as it feels a little spongy.

Overall Conclusion

Rated 4.2/5 Stars on Amazon makes it a pretty good boot to consider. User Reviews claim to have used the Corcoran Tanker Boot throughout their entire enlistment and have gone home to buy another fresh pair. Due to the high quality leather, they might take a while to break in, but this also makes they will take a lot longer to break through, thanks to its tough wear and tear durability.

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